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18.12.2022 15:20

Facebook Dating – how does it work, how to use it? Is Facebook the best dating app?

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In October 2020, Facebook launched Facebook Dating. From the following article you will learn about the possibilities of this application. How does dating from FB work? How do they differ from Tinder and Badoo? 

Facebook Dating – what exactly is it?

Facebook Dating is a secure dating portal that allows you to meet other people and strike up a conversation with them. Using this portal starts with setting up a profile. You need to set your age, photos and your preferences. It is a good idea to put your description under the photo. This will help you establish more conversations. Setting your location is also an important option. With this feature, you can easily find people in close proximity to you. Facebook Dating works on the same principles as Tinder and Badoo, the most popular online dating apps to date. 

Facebook Dating – a detailed description of the functionality

Facebook Dating is the latest option from the social networking hegemon. You don’t need to download the application, as Facebook Dating is an additional tab, available next to your profile. To turn it on, you just need to go into Facebook account options and create a profile. Name and age show up automatically by downloading data from the main profile. The next step is to set your location and preferences, such as gender, zodiac sign, interests. Then you import photos from your Facebook profile. Finally, you put a description under the main photo.

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Now you can start browsing the proposed people. You are guaranteed that your friends will not appear among them. You will immediately find out who has liked your profile – this works the other way too. If the selected person reciprocates the liking, you will be able to start a conversation. Dating on Facebook also has a like list option, which you can create by indicating who among your existing friends has caught your eye. These people won’t know about it until they themselves add you to their like list.

Facebook Dating - date app
Will Facebook Dating be able to convince Tinder and Badoo users?

Facebook dating vs. Tinder, Badoo and other apps – basic differences

Facebook dating differs from Tinder in several fundamental ways. Facebook’s proposal is a fully free tab built into the world’s most popular social network. Tinder is a separate application. Facebook Dating does not have a premium version, Tinder does. In the basic version, Tinder gives the possibility of forty likes per day. Additional options, such as moving profiles without restrictions or the ability to undo profiles that have accidentally been rejected, are paid for. Tinder has more useful options, however, they are hidden behind a so-called pay-wall.

Badoo is the second most popular dating app in the world, next to Tinder. It works on the same principles as Tinder. The first difference is an expanded interest option. User who search profiles can find people on Badoo who like the same things. Badoo also has an option to write to people who have not liked you, i.e. you have not been paired by the app. However, only one message per day is possible.


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Badoo has a tab where users can find active profiles from the same city. Badoo, like Tinder, has paid options. The premium version offers four subscriptions.

FB Dating App
Finding FB Dating in the Facebook application is not a particularly complicated operation

Datezone is a dating portal and also a dating app that was supposed to work on the same principle as Facebook Dating, Tinder and Badoo. Unfortunately, Datezone is mainly used for sexual dating. Announcements, videos and photos ranging from typical dating to sex ads described in the ugliest ways are posted there. Currently, Datezone is an erotic portal. The application itself is free, although only one message per day is possible. Subsequent messages require the purchase of a subscription. 

Facebook Dating – user reviews

The advantage of Facebook Dating is certainly the fully free access and lack of ads. This distinguishes Facebook Dating from apps such as Tinder or Badoo, which have a subscription purchase option. Another advantage of Meta’s proposition is that you don’t need to download this app from stores such as Google Play and the App Store. To use dating from Facebook, all you need is to have a profile on this portal and the willingness to click the Facebook Dating tab. When using this dating app, no ads are displayed, which definitely distinguishes it from Tinder and Badoo. A final advantage is that profiles are screened for sexual solicitation. Competing apps are filled with fake profiles and accounts of users who only want to date for sexual intercourse.

Does Facebook dating have any drawbacks? Yes, one, which stems from the fact that they have existed the shortest in the dating market and are currently unable to compete with either Tinder or Badoo. Reviews of Facebook’s service are good, albeit weaker than those of Tinder and Badoo. After the initial hype and ridicule of this dating tab, users have accepted the newcomer to the field of dating sites quite well. A fact that supports this thesis is that more and more people are joining every day.



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