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13.06.2022 16:10

Google Dinosaur Game – offline game in Google Chrome – all about the best game when the Internet connection is down

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Bored with no Internet? Google Dinosaur Game available in Google Chrome could be your salvation. What is it? Why has it gained such fame among search engine users? All you need to know about it in a nutshell.

Google Dinosaur – what is this game?

One of the most irritating phenomena nowadays, which probably irritates you too, is the lack of the Internet. Game Google Dinosaur offers a great solution to this problem. It does not restore access to the network, but it makes the time you spend waiting more pleasant. In short, it’s a pre-built plug-in for Google Chrome, introduced for people who feel bored after losing their online connection. Today, the add-on is very popular practically everywhere.

google dinosaur game

Game looks inconspicuous, but it can make you addictive for a long time!

The Dinosaur Game is a lot of fun, although it has a simple operating principle. The prehistoric reptile is constantly running and encountering obstacles such as spiky cacti and flying pterodactyls. You control the animal by jumping it or lowering its head with the appropriate keys to avoid the naturally occurring obstacles. Controlling the creature shouldn’t be too difficult, because you only perform the action with the up / down arrows, so it’s easy to understand the rule.

During the game, you can see the distance covered at the top. Achieving better and better results speeds up the steps of the main character, so you should be as focused as possible. To diversify the fun, the creators programmed modifications of the scenery after achieving good results. The Dino Game changes colors alternately, imitating day and night. You lose when you touch a plant or an enemy person. If you want to make it to the end however, you will be disappointed because it would take millions of years.

Google Dinosaur – how to play?

Are you going to try the add-on when you lose your internet connection? Your monitor should display an illustration of the dinosaur. Viewing this picture indicates that the embedded software is ready. You can run it by pressing the spacebar or the up arrow key. A moment later you will see the graphical menu and get the option to start the run of the prehistoric creature.

Importantly, the popular Chrome Dino appears on a variety of devices. You can turn it on in your desktop computer or mobile equipment. It is enough that you have the Google Chrome browser installed and use it to visit your favorite websites. The difference is in how to activate the offline game. When you use a smartphone or tablet, the program opens when you tap the Tyrannosaurus thumbnail. The plug is compatible with both Android And iOS – the brand of the accessory is therefore not relevant.

How to play the Google Dinosaur with a working Internet?

Is there an option to run the add-on when the internet connection is working fine? Yes, it’s just a matter of using the appropriate link. The developers provide access using two addresses – chrome: // dino or chrome: // network-error / -106. Pasting them in the right place, visible at the top of the screen, displays a scenery filled with cacti, pterodactyls and, of course, the main character. These links only work in Google Chrome.


What if you want to try Google’s iconic game on a browser other than Chrome? The huge popularity of the internal application has led to the creation of many external pages that offer the possibility of checking what the struggle to avoid the barricades that obstruct the run of the dinosaur looks like. Typing the phrase The Dinosaur Game or the phrase Chrome Dino allows you to find dozens of sites with a similar software plug thanks to the search engine. Graphically, all versions are the same.

Google Dinosaur – story behind the creation of the game

Although the history of the creation of the built-in program for Google Chrome is not spectacular, the behind the scenes of its creation is interesting to millions of users. Despite the uncomplicated characteristics, engineers worked on it for a long time and finally released it in September 2014. The originators of the project wanted to positively surprise young people who spend a lot of time online. The authors of the add-on knew well that people surrounded by modern technology from birth are easily irritated by the lack of an Internet connection.

First, the IT professionals involved were intensively planning the application structure and competition rules. Initially, it was intended to come up with something special, so that the title creature would roar loudly or make it flip-flop before the start. However, the focus was on simplicity, i.e. the previously known platform runner genre – the main character simply starts the run. Why is there a dinosaur in this role? The game humorously refers to the prehistory when the world functioned offline.

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Alternative offline games for Dinosaur from Google.

Currently, more and more programs resemble the iconic Chrome Dino. An extremely interesting alternative is the new edition of The Dinosaur Game called Dino Swords. It has a slightly more extensive world, and in addition to jumping and crouching, it offers the possibility of collecting special weapons. Another option is even Avatar Jumping Game, where you can choose your character from several available variants. The virtual struggles themselves also involve avoiding certain barriers.

You already know what the Google Dinosaur is and you know the history of its creation. Thanks to the internal app Google Chrome games without the Internet have gained immense popularity among users. The iconic title adds variety to the waiting time when you lose online connectivity, which is often very frustrating. A moment of fun in concentration can soothe your nerves. The software works on all devices – be sure to try it out for yourself.



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