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22.06.2022 22:03

Horror Movies on Netflix – TOP 10 recently added horror movies on the platform

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Do you like horror movies? Then Netflix has something for you. If you’re using the platform, check out our list of the best horror movies on Netflix. Which thrillers will chill you to the bone? What are the best horror movies added recently?

The best horror movies on Netflix – what can we find on the streaming platform?

Until recently, you would not be able to find many horror movies on the Netflix platform that would not have been produced by the company and the quality of the movies varied significantly. There were some interesting titles, but there were also a lot of simply boring ones. Fortunately, this has changed and you can find more and more non-Netflix horrors on the website.

TOP 10 horror movies on Netflix

Which of the horror movies recently added to the Netflix library are the best? Which movie will scare you but you won’t be able to turn away? Our proposals include both some of the newest and older titles. We present Netflix’s ranking of horror movies, hoping that the variety of positions will allow every thriller fan to find a movie that will keep them awake long into the night.

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The Possession

The first proposal is The Possession. One of the main roles is played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan – known from The Walking Dead series. Em, the youngest daughter of Clyde and Stephanie, buys an antique box at a yard sale. Soon after, the girl’s behavior alerts the freshly divorced parents, who must once again unite to help their daughter. The cause of Em’s aggression turns out to be the dybbuk – a demon from the Jewish tradition freed from the box. Interestingly, the spells spoken by the demon are in Polish.

Us – a socially moving proposal

Us is the work of Jordan Peele, the director who also created another famous horror movie – Get out! The main characters in Us, together with their children, go on a family trip outside the city to take a break from their daily responsibilities, but their plans are disrupted by…their own doubles. Doppelgängers are definitely not friendly to the family. In addition to the frightening plot and dark humor, this title prompts reflection on society. 

The Rite – exorcisms with a good cast

Another type of movie loved by many horror fans is one with exorcisms. There is usually a complication of some sort when they are performed. It is no different in the case of The Rite, a 2011 horror film about a young priest entering an exorcist school. However, to be able to cast demons out of others, he must first face his own. 


The film is very well rated by critics. Anyway, it is not surprising – it has a star cast. Anthony Hopkins plays one of the lead roles as father Lucas, Colin O’Donoghue plays Michael Kovakand and Alice Braga plays Angeline. With such artists, the screening will surely be a pure and terrifying pleasure at the same time. 

Witch. A New-England Folktale

Action of Witch. A New-England Folktale is set in a 17th-century colonial settlement. The main characters are members of a family of seven exiled by the church, who live in a house on the edge of the forest. One day, Katherines and William’s newborn son disappears. At the same time, the crops begin to deteriorate and the tensions between family members rise. What turns out to be the cause of the drama? It is worth noting that the title received as many as five awards, including the Empire Award.

Hush – a crazy fight for survival. 

Hush is one of the proposals that will please fans of titles such as Bird Box. The main character of the film is Maddie, a deaf writer who lives far away from people in a small house in the woods – a perfect horror setting. One evening the peace is disturbed by a masked man with a crossbow in his hand, trying to take the woman’s life. He would do anything to kill her, she would do anything to survive. 

It is a horror film directed by Mike Flanagan, one of the most popular representatives of the genre, while the main role is played by Kate Siegel, also known from the titles like The Haunting of Hill House or The Haunting of Bly Manor. The film may not be outstanding, and the plot is not especially original, but it must be admitted that the creators know how to build tension and keep the viewer in front of the screen for an hour and twenty-seven minutes. 

Lights Out – a childhood horror

Many of us were afraid of the dark as a child, and in adulthood, darkness can be scary. The creators of horror films know this well, so they eagerly use this element in their works. This is also what David F. Sandberg did, although in the case of Lights Out, it can be said that darkness plays one of the leading roles

The younger brother of the main character, just like her, begins to see a mysterious figure in the darkness more and more often. Together, the siblings discover that the apparition is somehow related to their depressed mother – played by Maria Bello. However, we will not reveal anything more. You have to see for yourself if you are still afraid of the dark.

The Dead Don’t Die – zombie theme for relaxation 

A small town, happy people, life goes by slowly…Jim Jarmusch offers us this openly in the comedy horror film The Dead Don’t Die. All this, however, is interrupted when those who have died return to the world of the living, forcing the inhabitants to unite against the danger. On the screen you will see Adam Driver, Bill Murray, Tilda Swinton and many other great actors whose presence guarantees high level entertainment. 

Things Heard & Seen – one of the few netflix positions 

Things Heard & Seen is a Netflix proposition worthy of attention. The main role was played by Amanda Seyfried, winner of several awards, who appeared in the musical Mamma Mia! The movie starts innocently – Catherine and George leave Manhattan and try to find peace in a small town. As it turns out, it is not so peaceful at all. It hides dark secrets that slowly begin to emerge. Despite the simple beginning, an unexpected twist awaits. 

In the tall grass – for fans of Stephen King and Joe Hill 

The Canadian horror movie In the Tall Grass was also produced by Netflix. The main motive, as you might guess, is grass – very tall grass from which a boy’s voice calls for help. In an attempt to save the child, the main characters – Cal and Beckey – get lost and separated. The brush turns out to be a complicated maze with dangers lurking at every turn. A thrill perfect for fans of bloody screen adaptations. 

Cam – the work of young talents 

Cam is a psychological horror film depicting the story of Alice – a young student who, while making Internet videos, became addicted to popularity on the Internet. One day a girl notices that someone is impersonating her. The creators raised many important social issues, showing the person in the trap of addiction, determining their every (even most irrational) movement. 

These are the best horror movies on Netflix that we have prepared for you. We hope you will find something to watch, and if not, check out the streaming service yourself. There are many more interesting, thrilling items – not necessarily Netflix productions. When you choose something for yourself, start the session, but think about whether you really want to turn off the light… 



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