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06.06.2023 02:03

How to use mods and cheat codes in The Sims 4?

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Discover the best of the Sims 4 mods and expansion packs for free furniture, clothes, career, love, and plenty of other add-ons

The Sims 4 cheats do not only mean free clothes or furniture packs. Many of the expansions can enhance the overall gaming experience and make it more diversified and therefore entertaining.

So, how do you take advantage of free expansions to your game? How to enable cheat codes and commands in The Sims 4? Which modifications should you definitely try? Read the article to find out!

The Sims 4 mods – what are they and what do they do?

The Sims 4 mods, expansions and cheat codes are files or commands that enable a whole lot of various add-ons in the game, making it longer, more exciting and more diversified. Among those, you will find things like extra items, furniture, outfits and hairstyles for your Sims, as well as more elaborated expansions such as being able to change the parameters of certain house appliances and devices in order for them to work better and more efficiently without breakdowns. With The Sims 4 mods, you can even impact your surroundings and, for example, have the next door neighbours of your Sims work, forge relationships, and actively participate in the game as if controlled by another player.

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Best mods for The Sims 4

The Sims 4 cheat codes and mods can be divided into several groups depending on their purpose. Some allow you to simulate your game on completely new storyboards and in extra spaces, others modify the Sims universe in such a way that it resembles the set of popular films or TV series. Among the mods and expansions you will find those which add interesting modalities and increase the player’s control in terms of manipulating specific parameters of the Sims or their surroundings. Other content will diversify the game by adding customised content, modifying glitches, or enhancing the reality of the game. 

So, which of The Sims 4 mods and expansions are best?


Mods that enhance game reality

An invaluable cheat mod that will increase the playability and make the game significantly more realistic is MC Command Center (The MCC Sims 4). This modification will make your closest surroundings vibrant, thriving and bustling with life. You will see the neighbours of your Sims actively working, forging relationships, moving houses, etc. – as if they were being steered by another player. To enhance it even more, install Brookheights Open Worlds – a mod created to cater for those players who wish to take their Sims into a genuine open world. 

mody the sims 4
The Sims is the best life simulator

Here are a few additional mods which will increase the realism of The Sims 4 life simulator:

  • Go to School – if you are interested in the school life of the Sims, you’ll be delighted with this mod. From now on, you’ll be able to actively participate in the education of your Sims.
  • Srsly’s Complete Cooking Overhaul (SCCO) – the mod improves the cooking system so that it becomes much more realistic. 
  • No Mosaic / Censor Mod – this mod will enhance the visual experience through removing the censorship that would normally appear when the Sims are naked. 

We are strongly recommending trying out also some other exciting  The Sims 4 mods such as:

  • Functional E-Cig – this addition introduces a wholly new concept: vaping, or smoking an e-cigarette. The creators went as far as designing several different animations of blowing out the smoke!
  • Have Some Personality Please – enough with the dull automatic conversations and empty talk! From now on, Sims are maintaining engaging and logical dialogues and discussions. This improvement of interaction and communication applies even to pets: after entering the mod, their behaviours and reactions are so much more realistic. The expansion also ensures that the personality traits and qualities of the Sims have a bigger impact on the way they act and behave. 
  • Shaving Mod – this expansion impacts the game script in such a way that allows shaving facial hair. 

Mods that increase the control levels of various parametres within the game

There are several mods that enhance the playability through increasing the influence the player has on various parametres. The most interesting of those are: 

  • Playable PetsThe Sims 4 in its basic version has seen significant limitations in terms of controlling pets. Thankfully, installing this expansion will ensure that the player will have a much greater power to steer the behaviour of cats and dogs.
  • Turbo Careers – from now on, the player can accompany their Sim to work and have a greater impact on their professional life and career development.

Some other mods worth trying out:

  • Better Babies & Toddlers – the mod adds numerous functions and features related to parenting. Installing this expansion will turn playing with Sim babies and toddlers a truly fascinating experience. 
  • Social Media Career for Teens – this interesting mod is quite topical, as it allows adolescent Sims to become active on social media. Apart from actively posting and sharing, young Sims can even start working as social media specialists.  

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Mod that fix glitches and diversify the game

The most popular mods that rectify various glitches and errors within the game or add new exciting options are: 

  • No More Culling – this modification will change the default option of removing the excess number of Sims.
  • Normal & More French/Spanish/Polish Names – this expansion will add hundreds of names and family names in your desired language, including also access to correctly translated pet names. 
  • Teen and YA Romance – the mod changes the game script in such a way that teenagers and young adults are able to flirt and go on dates.

Other interesting mods to try:

  • Canning Station / Cotton Candy Machine – an essential mod for the enthusiast of culinary art. Using it enables the player to create their own food products, much like the Farmland and Cottage Living packs.
  • Eat at tables – this modification removes the glitch which causes Sims to be reluctant while eating at a table. 
  • No Disappearing Relatives in Family Tree – the expansion will stop disappearing dead family members and relatives from the Sim’s genealogical tree. 

Mods which improve gameplay

Here are some of the most recommended mods to improve gameplay in The Sims 4. 

  • Always Start Lots Paused – This modifies The Sims 4 lot loading routines to automatically pause the game whenever your Sim enters a new place or property, so that they can take their time to have a look around. 
  • Daily Save – automatically saves the game’s progress, which proves particularly useful in certain circumstances such as internet connection problems or electricity issues. 
  • Eternal Youth & Immortal – these mods make the Sim immune to aging or to death respectively. 

Other interesting mods worth trying:

  • Stuff Breaks Far Less Easily – this addition will ensure that house tools and appliances will be much less prone to breaking down. 
  • UI Cheat Extension – the mod improves using cheat codes. Instead of typing long complicated commands, you will be able to do nothing more than, for example, right-clicking the mouse. 
The sims 4 mods
Mods for The Sims 4 are a great way to spice up your gameplay

The super fun mods and expansions related to popular films and TV shows include: 

  • The Simpsons Mod – the expansion is a real treat for fans of the cult animated TV series The Simpsons. Thanks to this mod, you will be able to impersonate some of your most favourite characters from the series. 
  • Zombie Apocalypse – if you are into post-apocalyptic themes, this mod is perfect for you. The expansion turns the Sims into bloody zombies, just like in the deadly popular TV show, The Walking Dead. Wondering how to handle a zombie apocalypse? In order to survive, you’ll need to provide your Sim with firearms and plenty of ammunition. 

These two mods will definitely add some more fun to your gameplay: 

  • Explore Mode – installing this expansion will enable your Sims to visit new, fascinating places such as Disneyland or Jurassic Park. 
  • Genie Mod – with this mod, your Sim will be given a lamp that will enable them to summon a genie who will readily grant their wishes. Watch out though, the genie can be malicious. Keep in mind that calling him may turn out to be quite costly, so doing it is at your own risk! 

Other interesting mods drawing on themes from popular films and TV: 

  • Haunted Mirror Mod – the expansion brings around a whole new character: a rotting bride. Let’s just say the woman will undoubtedly help you to get rid of unwanted or persistent visitors – quite literally! 
  • Fairies Mod – the mod adds a touch of the fairytale mood to your gameplay, allowing you to turn your Sim into a real fairy!

Mods which unlock access to additional content

Some of The Sims 4 modifications can also help you unlock access to additional content, such as extra rooms and spaces, or items. Here are some of the coolest examples:

  • BuildBuyMode – the mod unlocks the access to all items available in The Sims 4. Now you can buy them all at once (as long as your Sim can afford it).
  • Ownable cars – this extra enhances the game by adding five fully drivable cars. 
  • Tropical Getaway – this modpack adds a stunning tropical island Palm Falls to your Sim world. In order to explore the destination, the following add-ons are required: Seasons, Outdoors, Retreat, and Jungle Adventure. 

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Mods enhancing career and professional life

The Sims 4 creators have considered your Sims’ professional life and career as well! Here are some of the most interesting expansions: 

  • Electrical Engineering Career – from now on, your Sim will be able to pursue a career in electrical engineering.
  • Ministry of Magic Career – this expansion is the ultimate treat for Harry Potter fans: the Sims can now be an employee in the Ministry of Magic! 
  • Ultimate Dancer Career – the mod opens the opportunity of pursuing a career as a professional dancer. 

Also worth checking: 

  • For The Horde Career Path — bored with traditional occupations? Go ahead and test your strengths in the Horde army from World of Warcraft. 
  • Road To Fame – the expansion modifies the basic version of the game in a way similar to the Get Famous mod. The Sim gets the opportunity to become a famous celebrity, give interviews, and get invited to the coolest and most glamorous events! 
  • Private Practice – this mod introduces a whole new medical career path, leading the Sim through medical studies, the first internship opportunity, all the way to a full-time job in a hospital. Even if your Sim does not dream of becoming a doctor, they can still take advantage of this feature by being able to regularly visit their doctor for medical advice and routine checks, such as measuring the blood pressure or body mass analysis. 
  • Turbo Careers – this exciting mod allows for even more impactful enhancing of your Sim’s careers. Instead of working for someone, they can now launch their own business, open a store, a detective agency, or a café. 

Custom Content – cheats for adding customised items

What is Custom Content? What distinguishes Custom Content from regular The Sims 4 mods? In short, Custom Content (or CC) is an addition of elements otherwise not available in the game, such as new clothes, hairstyles, accessories, or everyday objects and items. As for The Sims 4 modifications (or mods), those are expansions which adjust or enhance the gameplay, changing the game script in such a way which allows the player to have more control over certain actions or elements within the game. An example of Custom Content is, for example, Lemingstone Garden, which introduces several new objects, namely furniture and accessories, that will diversify the home interior or garden spaces. 

Sim in the garden
Source: Electronic Arts

Other Custom Content expansions include:

  • Argentina World Cup Shirt – if your Sim is a football fan, they will be over the moon to be wearing the t-shirt worn by the Argentinian national football team during the World Cup.
  • Pet Cat Sweater – the expansion introduces a collection of brand new outfits for pets. 
  • Pufferhead Stuff Pack – a super interesting set of accessories referring to the Harry Potter universe. 
  • The Kitchen Stuff Pack – the expansion includes dozens of various tableware items and kitchen utensils, not available in the basic version of the game. 

An interesting addition to The Sims 4 is also the clothing line created by the artist going by the name of Luumia. The collection is full of Retro Cartoon Thrift Tops, Rustic Romance Stuff, or Famous Skinnies. These expansions will be great for changing or enhancing the appearance of the Sims. Rozszerzenia wprowadzają wiele modyfikacji polepszających wygląd Simów. When it comes to stylish furniture, Veranka’s TS4 is a great example of interesting unique pieces. The designer’s website shows plenty of eye-catching designs created specially for The Sims 4 players. 

Custom Content offers also totally new sightseeing and trip destinations:

  • Old Square Market – the expansion puts on the map a completely new shopping centre. You can either enjoy a fantastic shopping spree, or relax in one of the trendy restaurants.  
  • Rumanov Castle – a real treat for the enthusiasts of medieval castles. Book a room in a charming old castle, and enjoy an unforgettable discovery!  
  • Windenburg University – your Sim is now able to visit the Windenburg University campus, and explore its impressive library and charming cafes. 

What about security? Is downloading mods safe? 

Before going all in and downloading all the possible Sims 4 cheats and modpacks, it would make sense to get  familiar with the security side of these hacks. You should know that any tampering with the gameplay scripting may end up in a fairly serious crash, so it is absolutely recommended to download any additional content exclusively from trusted sources. Make sure to double check the reviews of a given modification and try not to go over the board when it comes to the amount of expansions you add to your The Sims 4 game. Excessive additions to the game might overload your device and cause the game to freeze, glitch, or completely crash to the point you won’t be able to run it at all. 


How to check if a mod you have downloaded would negatively impact the game? Well, you should be able to identify any potential glitches while playing. If The Sims 4 does not run or the interface doesn’t load correctly, it could be an indication that the issue might be resulting from an installed modification. What should you do in such a situation? Your best bet would be deleting all of the modifications you have installed and re-install them one by one, running the game after each download. Once you have determined which of the mod affects the gameplay, you will be able to delete it immediately. A fair follow-up would also be notifying the gamers’ community that the specific mod causes technical issues.

It is good practice to regularly create and store a backup copy of the folder in which The Sims 4 game was downloaded into. We strongly recommend doing that before any interference with the game files. The backup copy can be stored on a USB stick or an external drive, as long as it has enough storage space. This will save you from having to reinstall the game from scratch in case you encounter a crash, and all you’ll need to do is back up the initial files.

Where to download The Sims 4 mods from?

Now that you know everything about the coolest and most entertaining The Sims 4 mods, you might be wondering where to look for them and where to download them from. Look no further! You will find plenty of free stuff on websites such as Mod The Sims. It is one of the largest resources of additional and custom content for The Sims 2, The Sims 3, and The Sims 4 video games. Each of the mods available on the website is easily verifiable: you can find out how many times it has been viewed and downloaded, and whether it is recommended by the gamers community. One of the features available on the website is also an online forum, where you will find the answers to plenty of different matters related to the game. 

Another website we recommend is Sims 4 Downloads where the additional content has been clearly divided into various categories. You will find hundreds of furniture items, DIY and home improvement items, everyday use objects, mods enhancing the gameplay, myriads of cool clothing for Sims, houses and pieces of land, workplaces, manuals and handbooks, tools and equipment, and plenty of other stuff. Every mod is provided with a short and concise description, and downloading them is super simple: all you need to do is click on the bright coloured ‘Download here’ icon. 

Not yet satisfied? For more content, head to The Sims Catalog. This huge database of Custom Content add-ons, including clothes, houses, hairstyles, accessories, makeup, and tattoos, also includes plenty of interesting mods for improving the realism of the school system, or allowing to control pregnant Sim females, to name a few. You will find a suitable mod if you are interested in developing your Sims’ career, or one introducing vampires into the game. On top of that, the website offers a complete set of brand new behaviours and personality traits of the Sims. 

Sims Dom, an interesting website with The Sims add-ons, will appeal particularly to those players who care about the appearance of their Sims. The resource offers plenty of different clothes, shoes, and accessories, as well as cool eye-catching tattoos and hairstyles. The expansions can be categorised according to current trends, the popularity and number of views and downloads, or the  creator. An additional advantage is that the website does not require you to create an account in order to download content.

One other resource of thousands of exciting downloadable add-ons, including outfits and accessories, hairstyles, various items and gadgets, and even pets, is The Sims Resource. One of the most popular mods available on the site is one changing your dog into a panda, or an expansion which will tune up your cat so that it looks like a wild puma. The website makes sure you won’t fall short of stunning leashes, collars, harnesses, or other pet accessories. Artists sharing their content on The Sims Resource enjoy very good reviews and the website publishes a ranking of the best creators. 

The Sims 4 mods are also available to download directly from the websites of artists who create them. This is the case with, for example, the designer Veranka, mentioned previously. The artist creates The Sims 4 add-ons and shares them through various online channels, namely Pinterest and Tumblr. The same is true for Luumia: the teenage mod creator has launched his own website where he shares custom content. 

How to download and install The Sims 4 mods and expansions?

Finally, we figured you might need a practical guide on how to download and install The Sims 4 mods and expansions, especially that not all of the available mods have the automatic installation module. If you find yourself struggling with the manual installation process, or simply are afraid that you make a mistake and accidentally cause the game to crash, these tips will surely be of help.

Oh, and one more thing to remember: you will only be able to install custom content on a PC, as consoles do not support mods. 

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to correctly install The Sims 4 add-ons:

  1. Download your mod or custom content of choice
  2. Open the Documents file, then  Electronic Arts -> The Sims 4 -> Mods.
  3. Place the downloaded mods in the Mods folder (bear in mind they must have a .ts4script or .package format)
  4. Open The Sims 4 Main Menu
  5. Open the Options, then go to the ‘Game options’ tab and select ‘Other
  6. From the list, check the ‘Enable Custom Content and mods’ and ‘Script Mods Allowed’ options
  7. Apply changes and restart the game

In the case that the mod files have been compressed, you will need to extract them before installing. You can simply use one of the specially dedicated software for this purpose, such as WinZip or WinRAR. As for .py or .pyo files, you will have to move them into the Mods folder still compressed (without extracting).

Good to know: some mods are characterised by their own specific installation instructions attributed by their creators. In that case, it might be necessary to move the files in a folder other than Mods or to substitute the catalog. This action should not pose any technical issues as long as the mods have been downloaded from a trusted source.

As you can see, installing The Sims 4 mods is not so complicated at all, provided that you rely on secure and reliable sources. There are plenty of fun and interesting mods created by talented fans of the game, so go ahead and try out those we mention in the article. Thanks to that, you will experience even more joy and excitement during your gaming sessions with The Sims 4 which, despite being certainly not recent, has already proven timeless! 



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