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21.08.2022 02:55

Miniseries – the best productions from Netflix and HBO, which you will binge in one evening!

Movies and series

Miniseries are short and engaging productions that have become an extremely popular type of entertainment. Services such as Netflix or HBO are constantly expanding their libraries with new titles of this type. Explore the best miniseries from their resources!

Miniseries – what are they?

Miniseries are a form of production that has several episodes. Such works usually have from 4 to 6 episodes. A small number of parts distinguishes a miniature production from both a regular series and a movie. The plot of the miniseries includes a specific story that is too long to be told in a two-hour filming. On the other hand, it is too short to be a saga lasting several seasons.

The best miniseries on Netflix

Miniseries can now be found in the library of many famous streaming services. They are very popular due to the possibility of watching all episodes almost in one sitting. Explore immersive screenings that are considered the best miniseries, especially since Netflix has a lot of noteworthy productions in its offer.

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The Queen’s Gambit – the hit with Anya Taylor-Joy

The Queen’s Gambit is an undisputed hit among miniseries. 2020’s production of Netflix won the hearts of viewers around the world. The miniseries is based on the novel by Walter Tevis and tells the story of a young girl who becomes a top chess player. The action takes place in the 1950s and focuses on the complicated life of the main character – Beth Harmon, played by the excellent Anya Taylor-Joy. At an early age, the girl ended up in an orphanage, where she became addicted to psychotropic drugs, but also discovered her passion for chess. Interest in the logic game revealed Beth’s extraordinary talent. As it turns out in later episodes, the girl has a brilliant mind and is able to achieve worldwide success. However, to do so, he must deal with his own weaknesses and the domination of men in the patriarchal world of chess.

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Unorthodox – how to get away from the Orthodox?

The list of the best Netflix miniseries is enriched Unorthodox, an extremely interesting production showing the realities of the life of a conservative Jewish community. Netflix’s mini-series was released in 2020. Its engaging storyline tells the story of a nineteen-year-old Jewish girl Etsy. Over the course of four episodes, a drama of a young girl who wants to free herself from the ultra-Orthodox community is played out in front of the viewer. Esther escapes from an arranged marriage and tries to live a secular life. However, escaping is not as easy as it may seem. The production perfectly illustrates the Jewish customs and absurdities of life in the community of extreme followers of Judaism.


When they see us – the true story of the wrongly accused

Recommended miniseries are often dramatic productions that engage the viewer with their emotional load. This type of realization is the miniseries How do they see us, the plot of which is based on real events. The four-episode production depicts the story of the famous “Central Park Five”– ​​teenagers wrongly convicted of rape. The miniseries by Ava DuVernay presents the 25-year-old drama of boys hailing from Harlem, the African-American neighborhood in New York City. The As They See Us illustrates their story from the first interrogations, through acquittal, to a settlement with the city of New York.


The Spy – for fans of intrigue

One of the most interesting miniseries created in recent years is the production of The Spy. The production was launched on screens in 2019. The Netflix miniseries is based on facts and tells the story of an outstanding Israeli spy – Eli Cohen. The drama is set in the 1960s . The work, directed by Gideon Raff, tells a great story about the main character’s service in the ranks of the Mossad – the Israeli intelligence agency. The infiltration of the Syrian government, dangerous assignments, and concealing a double identity are just some of the elements that create a rich storyline that can be swallowed up in one sitting.

The Cleaner – Based on Stephanie Land’s book

Miniseries often depict historical events or screen novels. In the case of the Cleaner, it was no different. The production script was inspired by Stephanie Land’s book Maid: Hard Work, Low Pay and a Mother’s Will to Survive. How to survive in America being a single mom working for the buck. Netflix’s miniseries created in 2021 tells the story of Alex – a single parent who, having broken free from a violent relationship, tries to make ends meet. In order to be able to support herself and her daughter, a woman undertakes to clean other people’s apartments. The story is shown from the perspective of a desperate but also strong woman. The cleaner combines the features of drama and comedy, thanks to which her message was appreciated as honest and natural.

The best miniseries on HBO Max

Although Netflix is ​​the leader among entertainment providers, you cannot forget about the interesting HBO Max library. HBO miniseries are attractive productions that have gained recognition in the world of filmography. We present the best screenings from the resources of this streaming service.

Chernobyl – award-winning drama

Speaking of the miniseries, one cannot ignore the undisputed hit of the genre, which is Chernobyl. The 2019 production tells about real events that took place in Ukraine 33 years earlier. The miniseries deals with the largest radioactive reactor disaster in history. The five-episode series focuses on both nuclear physicists and Soviet politicians and ordinary people who have been wronged by dramatic events. The miniseries is distinguished by a well-written script, as well as unusual shots. The drama was appreciated and awarded with over thirty awards.

Band of Brothers – a legendary war series

Under the slogan “the best HBO miniseries” you can also find slightly older productions. One of them is Band of Brothers, a war drama produced in 2001. The mini-series, which is a screen adaptation of Stephen Ambrose’s book, tells the story of the E 101 Company – one of the American battalions of the Airborne Division. During 10 episodes the viewer accompanies the soldiers in preparatory training and the most important battles of WWII. The heroes take part, among others in operations Market Garden or Overload. The production is distinguished by a realistic presentation of fights and human stories. The series, produced by Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks, includes topics related to suffering – both physical and mental.

Pacific – a nightmare of the war in the Pacific

The best miniseries in the subject of war are also enriched by the Pacific. The production, produced by Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks and Gary Goetzman , was created in 2010. The miniseries consists of 10 episodes and is produced in a manner similar to the Band of Brothers. Its action takes place during World War II and tells the stories of three members of the US Marine Corps. In each episode, you can see the fate of American soldiers fighting the Japanese to conquer the Pacific islands. The series is refined – detailed weapon mapping and interesting shots reminiscent of hand-held documentaries.

White Lotus – fighting stereotypes

White Lotus was produced in 2021. The mini-series takes the form of a social satire in which Mike White leaves a dry thread on stereotypical representatives of various social groups.spend their holidays a group of wealthy tourists. Among them there is a dominant successful woman, a husband with self esteem issues, an “activist” teenager, a horny gay and many other expressive characters. The accumulation of stereotypical figures creates a grotesque atmosphere with a hint of sarcasm and black humor. The creator’s penetrating gaze makes the production great to watch.

Watchmen – comic science fiction

The HBO library will also include a Sci-Fi miniseries. Watchmen is a nine-episode production from 2019. The miniseries is a continuation of the cult DC Comics comic book Watchtower. The work of Damon Lindelof has an intricate storyline, in which, in addition to the main plot, there are many side stories. The action of the miniseries takes place in the 1980s and is set in an alternative world. Humanity plunged into war, the attack of a giant squid from space and outlawed superheroes are just some of the elements of the series puzzle that draws the viewer in and engages with its mystery.

Miniseries are an attractive form of entertainment that is gaining more and more followers recently. Instead of delving into a multi-season story, we prefer a succinct story captured in several intense episodes. The miniseries we recommend take up a variety of topics and are completely captivating. Comedy, drama or Sci-Fi? Everyone will find the right species for an evening marathon!



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