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30.07.2022 17:42

Must-Watch Sitcoms – the Best Sitcoms of All Time

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Sitcoms are one of the most popular TV series genres in the world. What is characteristic of it and where were the first hit series created? Find out which productions you cannot miss – check out our TOP all time list.

Sitcom – what is it?

Sitcom is a type of comedy series that uses situation comedy – hence the name of the genre. In productions of this type, short fictional or animated episodes are characteristic, presenting specific problems in the comedy world. Usually we are dealing with the same heroes, and the action of the series takes place in one place.

The situations presented in each episode are short and usually explained at the end of a 30-minute session. Sitcoms have been popularized in American culture, and the good entertainment they provide has quickly become the medium for top productions. Viewers can be sure of watching the comedy due to the genre-specific recordings of laughter embedded in the background – soundtracks of this type are referred to as “canned laughter”. As strange as it sounds, we can assure you that it raises the parodic value of the series.

TOP 10 of the best sitcoms

The top comedy series of all time are available on streaming platforms. Meet the American classics of the genre and see that situational humor can provide a lot of entertainment. It’s also good to mention comedies straight from the island – although British humor may raise some reservations, many of us remember how Mr. Bean made the afternoons spent in front of the TV pleasant. Which titles from the best comedy series are worth checking out?


The American production of Friends presents the fate of a group of friends living in Manhattan – New York City. Although the whole series was recorded between 1994 and 2004, fans of the series keep coming back to their favorite episodes, and this sitcom will probably never go out of style. Friends is ten seasons of pure entertainment and simple humor, focusing on the life and love adventures of the main characters.

The Office

Comedy series The Office won the hearts of the British, then Americans, and then almost the whole world. Episodes of The Office were broadcast in Britain in 2001-2003. Its plot is about working in a paper trading company. The Americans sought the copyright to the script and from 2005 they created their vision of The Office. 

Brooklyn 9-9

A detective series in a comedy version? Definitely Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The plot concerns the work of detectives in one of the New York precincts. They do not take their tasks seriously, but the new commander forces them to adapt to different rules. The center character of the series is Jake Peralta, one of those for whom adherence to the rules is poor, but despite their laziness, they successfully continue their professional career. What consequences will a change of boss bring for employees? See for yourself and watch the sitcom – you have 143 episodes in front of you.



One of the cult American comedy series is Community, the main character – a lawyer – loses the opportunity to practice. We have the opportunity to observe the adventures of a man at the university he chooses to regain his rights. Juryst, to avoid the exhaustion associated with the absorption of knowledge, goes to a provincial college. Mainly the weakest, retirees and housewives study there. Jeff is involved in an active student life, not necessarily always related to the science itself. How is he doing?

How I Met Your Mother

The main character of How I Met Your Mother – Ted, an architect and professor at an American university – decides to tell the children the story of meeting their mother. The story begins when the man (then 27) lives as a single with two of his best friends who have been in an uninterrupted relationship for nine years. These circumstances make him think about finding the other half. He is assisted by a good friend, Barney. How are events unfolding? Watch over 200 short episodes.

The Big Bang Theory

The heroes of the series are four physics geniuses and a waitress who plans to become an actress. The satirical juxtaposition of great minds, not fully adapted in the social context (the proverbial nerds), and the resourceful, outgoing Penny – an attractive woman who arouses feelings in one of the scientists – guarantees hours of good humor. How will logically guided gentlemen deal with their emotional life?

The IT-Crowd

Sitcom The IT Crowd, a classic of British humor, is by far the best comedy series about the work of computer technicians. When Jen (a woman who doesn’t even have basic IT knowledge) becomes the new IT department head, Roy and Moss begin planning to exclude the incompetent supervisor. Will they finally achieve their intended goal? Check – the series is short, but you will not be disappointed.

Parks and Recreation

The makers of the popular The Office, Greg Daniels and Michael Schur, set out to create an entirely new sitcom in 2009. Parks and Recreation tells the story of Leslie, assistant director of Parks and Recreation, and her plans to relocate Pawnee Town. The woman is accompanied by a group of friends – freaks, in fact. What will come of it all? As many as 7 seasons of the series confirm that its popularity is not accidental. Despite initial negative reviews, which accused the creators of a lack of originality, the comedy became a hit.

Trailer Park Boys

The Canadians’ response to the popularity of comedy series could not go unnoticed. Trailer Park Boys tells the story of three friends living in the barracks estate. Each of them has a completely different character, but they have the same goal – get rich quick. They often choose illegal methods, such as theft or the sale of marijuana, and thus arouse the interest of the alcohol-dependent guardian. The series guarantees hours of good entertainment.

The Modern Family

Modern Family is a sitcom created by American producers. Learn about the adventures of everyday life of three families trying to deal with everyday problems. For example, a homosexual couple faces the challenges of raising an adopted daughter. All families are related and face together in their turbulent lives – in their own twisted way, of course.

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The best animated comedies

Recently, satirical animated productions have enjoyed considerable popularity. Characteristic characters are often drawn in caricature, and their image usually corresponds to the assumptions of the personality of the created characters. The characteristic feature of cartoons is that they can contain the craziest ideas, and cartoon sitcoms either implement typical “real-life” scenarios or the strangest ideas possible. What animated comedy series to watch?

BoJack Horseman

BoJack Horseman is an adult cartoon in which the main character, (man-horse) BoJack, who is the star of the famous 90s sitcom Horsin’ Around, lives an unpleasant life as an alcoholic. However, wishing to finally end his addiction, one day he decides to return to the path of fame, which is associated with many tragicomic events. The series has a lot of irony and sarcasm, which is why it has gained so many fans. You can laugh at unfavorable fate – check how the creators of the series handled the theme.


The Simpsons is an absolute hit on TV, broadcast continuously since 1989. It depicts the life of a typical American family of five. Filled with cultural stereotypes, the animated comedy is one of the most watched cartoons for older audiences. You can see as many as 32 seasons of The Simpsons, but the adventure doesn’t end there – they are still working on more episodes.

Family Guy

Family Guy is an animated sitcom in which a private worker in a toy factory has to rearrange the world for himself after he is fired. Although the plot revolves around the title Family Guy, the cartoon describes the life of a family of five, diversified by a talking dog-alcoholic – Brian. If you are looking for relaxation with an interesting, animated sitcom, be sure to check out this position.

South Park

Everyone has heard about South Park – and for those who do not know what the series presents: the characters of the cartoon are primary school students, although the subject of the episodes concerns sensitive issues, including religion or politics. Satire mocks all sorts of doctrines without favoring any of them. The creators use vulgar situations and unspeakable language with an attempt to explain real life situations. Anyway, at the beginning of each episode, you’ll see a message that the series shouldn’t be watched by anyone. Will you try

The list of sitcoms has certainly inspired you to discover new horizons of various kinds of humor. Which titles will hit the top of your new “watch” list? Regardless of the form of comedy you choose, the screening is sure to make you smile. Sitcoms are recommended not only for boring lonely evenings, but also for relaxing in good company.



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