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30.04.2023 15:28

Netflix secret codes: Unlock tons of amazing films and TV series with secret codes for Netflix

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Netflix secret codes are an exciting hack that will allow you to unlock plenty of hidden movies and TV shows in a specific genre, style, or language on Netflix. If you, like most of us, tend to spend hours browsing Netflix in search for something that is really up your alley, Netflix codes are what you need! Thanks to this trick you’ll get access to the coolest hidden movies and series in your favourite categories! Find out more!

Netflix codes – what are they and how do they work?

Netflix codes are a smart trick, yet not many people know about them or take advantage of how they work! This feature helps you narrow down your search for films and series to categories that interest you the most, whether it’s romantic films, Korean series, true crime, or anything else that piques your interest. Knowing this simple method can therefore significantly facilitate navigating through the platform and its huge library, and spare you from falling into the rabbit hole of browsing films and series that aren’t exactly what you’re into. All you need to do is enter a given code in the right place. 

How to enter Netflix codes?

Before you start wondering, Netflix codes are completely legal and are not cheat codes by any means. They are a feature introduced by Netflix itself with the idea of making browsing and selecting the best titles easier. Entering and activating Netflix secret codes is actually very simple. First things first, it is worth noting that the codes will only work while using Netflix through the browser and not through the app. So, how does it work? All you need to do is slightly adjust the URL address. As you access the Netflix main page, you will see the following address in the address bar: https://www.netflix.com/browse. In order to unlock the content in your desired category, you need to click on the web bar and add /genre/ to the address, and follow it with the relevant code. An example of a correctly entered code should look like this: https://www.netflix.com/browse/genre/10499/. To activate your code, just click enter. Good to go? Now, see what secret content you can unlock with the best Netflix codes listed below!

netflix codes
Netflix is one of the most popular, if not the most popular streaming platform

Netflix secret codes – categories

What are some of the most interesting and exciting Netflix codes? Check out our suggestions below to see what categories are there for you to discover!

By the way, Netflix has more than films and TV series in their offer: now you can use it to discover video games! Missed that memo? No worries! Check out the best games currently available on Netflix and find out how to download them!

Crime movies and TV shows

You would have noticed that the Netflix library is full of crime dramas and investigation series, but not just that. A huge part of hidden films and TV shows are gripping true crime shows and documentaries revealing the secrets of cold cases, police investigations, disappearances, or biographies of more or less widely known serial killers. If you’re interested in those kinds of stories, use the 9875 code that will unlock a large collection of crime documentaries. If you’re more into crime dramas, the 6889 code will open up tons of titles within that genre. For those with iron nerves, thrill and excitement seeking, the 10499, unlocking crime thrillers, will be the best choice. Crime TV shows such as Money Heist or Narcos can be unlocked with the 26146 code.

Classic movies and TV shows

Although Netflix does not cease to release new original movies that often gain the recognition of both critics and audiences from all over the world, many viewers still prefer timeless cinema classics. So-called classics have been grouped by genre and assigned specific codes to unlock your favourite classic genres. Looking for critically acclaimed classic comedies? Enter the 31694 to unlock those. If you’re after highly acclaimed classic dramas, enter 29809. For timeless classic thrillers, go for 46588. The 46576 code will reveal the classics within the adventure genre. And, if you are looking to spend a cosy night in with some of the most romantic classic love films – take your pick with the code 31273.


Action and adventure movies and TV shows

Keen on action movies? Netflix’s got something for you too! With the 46576 code you’ll see a collection of classic action and adventure films, including such hits as Desperado, Jurassic Park, or Blade Runner. If you’re also looking for a bit of thrill and fear, go for the 43048 code to discover exciting action thrillers. With the 2125 code you’ll be able to unlock compelling war movies, including those produced by Netflix, while 1568 will reveal some of the best science fiction and fantasy films. For those who enjoy action with a hint of humour, there is the action comedy films category to unlock with the 13040 code.

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Family and children movies and TV shows

The Netflix library offers plenty of movies and TV shows dedicated to kids and perfect for family viewings. To discover those, you can also take advantage of specific codes. If you’re looking for films to enjoy with the entire family, use the 783 code, which will unlock a huge range of different types of family films, cartoons, and tales for the youngest kids. Among those titles you will find such favourites as Spy Kids, How to Train Your Dragon, or the Shrek saga. In addition, there are also codes that will select films according to the age of the young viewers. If you’re looking for titles appropriate for the youngest kids, use the 6796 and 6218 codes to choose from films for one or two-year-olds, and three and four-year-olds respectively. Those codes give you access not only to films, but also fun, age-appropriate educational and entertainment TV programmes and shows. For slightly older kids, go for 561 for kids up to the age of 10 and 6962 for teens up to the age of 12.

Anime movies and TV shows

The Netflix Library continues to add more and more films and TV series of the Japanese anime genre, so every enthusiast of Japanese and East Asian cultures will surely find something to their liking. To browse through the collection of the best and most popular anime movies, and not just from the Ghibli studio, enter the 7424 code. And wait, there’s more! Given that the existing Netflix library already includes a broad selection of anime, and the collection is growing at a rapid pace, you may want to narrow down your search by using more specific codes for specific anime subgenres. For example, with 2729 you will access fantasy and sci-fi anime series such as Cowboy Bebop or Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045. The 10695 code will take you to anime horrors, while 2653 browses through exciting anime action films. If you are after a laugh, enter 9302 to choose from anime comedies. Finally, for those looking for romantic, heart-throbbing anime films, the 452 code will unlock anime dramas.

Sports movies and TV shows

Sports enthusiasts will not be disappointed by the Netflix offer either. In the huge Netflix library there are a myriad of productions on the theme, from documentaries or docuseries about most widely known sportspeople, teams, or sporting events and competitions, to feature films on the backdrop of your favourite sport disciplines, to portrayals of the rise to the top of some of the most successful famous athletes, footballers, basketball players, wrestlers, tennis players, etc. in some of the most inspiring biopics. General sport and fitness films are accessible with the 9327 code. Here, you can also narrow down your search by typing codes to unlock content related to a specific sport discipline: 1208 goes for fans of football (soccer), 12443 is dedicated to boxing, and 12762 basketball (including the absolute classic Space Jam).

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Horror movies and TV shows

Netflix offers a broad range of such cult classic horrors as The Shining, The Conjuring, Planet Terror, or the pioneer 1997 film Cube. Those who are looking for a bit of thrill for their upcoming late night viewing sessions will easily be able to put together a watching list out of the films available on Netflix. The overall horror movies category is to be accessed with the 8711 code, while the 10944 takes you to the most acclaimed cult classics of the genre. But here also you will be able to access several subgenres depending on the themes and styles you are most interested in. If it’s films about blood-thirsty vampires you’re looking for, you’ll find those under 75804. Zombie apocalypse movies, such as World War Z or Cargo – go for 75405. Horror comedies, like Scary Movie or Day Shift 89585. Supernatural and paranormal horrors touching on the themes of rituals, exorcisms, or spirits – just tap in 42023.

Other movies and TV shows

Although we’ve given you a solid share of the Netflix codes to unlock the best movies and shows in the genres and themes you like, that’s not even half of what Netflix has got in store! What other Netflix codes are worth noting? We like 4814, sending you to miniseries – not quite series, rather longer stories divided into several episodes, which you will be able to watch over one weekend without feeling as if you’d over-binged. Just as interesting are reality TV shows, accessible with the code 9833. Here, Netflix really does enjoy a huge selection in every possible genre and on any possible theme, from Glow Up – a make up competition show hosted by Maya Jama, to I Am Georgina, following Ronaldo’s girlfriend Spanish-Argentinian social media personality and model Georgina Rodriguez, or Too Hot to Handle, a real guilty pleasure dating show. 

Fans of cinematography from particular countries or in a particular language should also rejoice in learning that pretty much every country has a corresponding code:

  • French films – 58807
  • British – 10757,
  • Italian – 8221,
  • Latin American – 1613,
  • Spanish – 58741,
  • Arabic – 61145,
  • Korean – 5685,
  • Japanese – 10398,
  • Chinese – 3960,
  • Indian – 10463, and many many more!

Those enthusiastic about comic books should make note of the 10118 code, which will unlock the collection of superhero movies.

These ready codes will come to rescue if you find yourself struggling with picking a film to watch and drowning in thousands of random Netflix suggestions. The algorithm will assist you in making the perfect choice based on your favourite themes and genres, be it action movies, horror films about zombies, culinary reality TV shows, or classic family comedies.



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