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13.06.2022 15:43

Oscars 2022 – winners and nominees. Who received the award?

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The Oscars 2022 are over. Who won? The Oscars results may come as a surprise to some, although looking at the winners from previous years, you might have been tempted to bet on the results. Here is the list of winners and nominees.

Oscars 2022 – the “most important” cinematography celebration took place at night from Sunday (03.27.2022) to Monday (03.28.2022). There was a lot of competition, but most of the results shouldn’t surprise anyone. Although one event will certainly be talked about for a long time to come

Oscars 2022 – who won? Who were the nominees?

At the Oscars 2022 academy awards, the statuettes were given in 22 categories. It can be argued that some are more important than others, but a positive movie-watching experience is made up of the work of many professionals who also deserve to be recognized. 

Best Picture Oscars 2022 – CODA

The film tells the story of Ruby, who is the only one in her family who can hear. When bankruptcy threatens her family’s business, she is forced to choose between helping her family or following her dreams. Her passion is music – something no one close to her can understand.

List of the nominees in Best Picture category:

  • Belfast,
  • Diune,
  • Drive My Car,
  • King Richard: A Winning Family,
  • Dog Claws,
  • Don’t Look Up,
  • Licorice Pizza,
  • West Side Story,
  • Nightmare Alley.

Best Director Oscars 2022 – Jane Campion Dog Claws

Montana, USA. Two brothers run a huge ranch in harmony until one of them secretly marries a local widow. Unfortunately, the other brother is not thrilled with the situation and this leads to a conflict that escalates over time.

List of the nominees in Best Director category:

  • Kenneth BranaghBelfast,
  • Paul Thomas Anderson – Licorice Pizza,
  • Ryûsuke HamaguchiDrive My Car,
  • Steven SpielbergWest Side Story.

Best Actor Oscars 2022 – Will Smith as Richard Williams in King Richard: A Winning Family

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences recognized Will Smith’s performance as the father of the Williams sisters, world-class tennis players. The film tells a story full of sacrifice, sacrifices and the fight against prejudice. The tribute to the father of Serena and Venus Williams shows how much he did for their success.

List of the nominees in Best Actor category:

  • Javier Bardem Being the Ricardos,
  • Andrew GarfieldTick, Tick…Boom!,
  • Denzel Washington The Tragedy of Macbeth,
  • Benedict Cumberbatch The Power of the Dog.

Best Actress Oscars 2022 – Jessica Chastain as Tammy Faye Bakker in The Eyes of Tammy Faye

Biographical film telling the story of televangelist Tammy Faye Bakker, who built the largest religious media network with her husband Jim. A media personality spreading views of neighborly love and kindness, she was destroyed by the financial problems of the organization she ran.

Jessica Chastain
Source: mytvonline.io

List of the nominees in Best Actress category:

  • Nicole Kidman Being the Ricardos,
  • Penélope Cruz Parallel Mothers
  • Olivia Colman The Lost Daughter,
  • Kristen Stewart Spencer.

Best Supporting Actor Oscars 2022 – Troy Kostur as Frank Rossi in CODA

List of the nominees in Best Supporting Actor category:

J. K. Simmons Being the Ricardos,

Ciarán Hinds Belfast,

Kodi Smit-McPhee The Power of the Dog,

Jesse Plemons The Power of the Dog.

Troy Kostur
Source: marca.com

Best Supporting Actress Oscars 2022 – Ariana DeBose as Anita in West Side Story

List of the nominees in Best Supporting Actress category:

  • Judi Dench Belfast,
  • Aunjanue Ellis King Richard: A Winning Family,
  • Kirsten Dunst The Power of the Dog,
  • Jessie BuckleyThe Lost Daughter..

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Other Oscars 2022 awards

Best Original Screenplay – Kenneth Branagh – Belfast.

Best Adapted Screenplay Sian Heder – CODA.

Best Animated Feature Film Encanto.

Best Animated Short Film The Windshield Wiper.

Best International Feature Film Drive My Car (Japan).


Best Short Feature Film The Long Goodbye.

Best Documentary –  Summer of Soul.

Best Documentary ShortThe Queen of Basketball.

Best Cinematography Greig Fraser – Dune.

Best film score Dune.

Best Sound Dune.


Best EditingDune.

Best Production Design Dune.

Best Song – No Time To Die by Billie Eilish – No Time To Die.

Best Makeup The Eyes of Tammy Faye.

Best costumes Cruella.

Who is hosting the oscars 2022

A trio of actresses and comedians were responsible for hosting the Oscar Academy Awards. Wanda Sykes, Regina Hall and Amy Schumer are veterans of the entertainment industry and are perfectly capable of building an atmosphere around such an event. Of course, hiring three women as hosts was perfect material for Schumer, who quipped that it was cheaper than hiring one man anyway. If it was frugality that drove the academy, it paid off handsomely for them as the ladies did a great job of running the event.

Oscar gifts for nominees – what have they got?

Gifts are a long-standing tradition at the Oscar party. As usual, they are also disgustingly expensive and exceed $100,000. What will the nominees wipe their tears with this time? Everyone will get their small plot of land in Scotland, which also entitles them to receive the title of nobility. 

They also receive a gift card entitling them to a twelve thousand dollar hand liposuction procedure. In addition, they are paid for a remodeling or renovation service for the mansion valued at twenty-five thousand dollars. In the bag there were a series of rejuvenation treatments, worth ten thousand dollars. Alongside this, they are guaranteed a four-day stay at the luxurious Golden Doors resort, worth fifteen thousand dollars. And also many more “smaller” gifts.

Will Smith slaps Chris Rock – setup or scandal?

The winner of the Best Actor award did not appreciate the joke of Chris Rock, who momentarily had access to the microphone. The comedian had the gall to make a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith’s appearance, suggesting that she could star in a sequel to G. I. Jane. Whether Chris Rock knew that Jada’s shaved head is related to the disease or not – remains an open question. What is worth emphasizing – the joke was weak in a double sense. Chris Rock is capable of mocking anyone to the core and, on top of that, inducing salvos of laughter – this comment did not achieve either of these goals.

Aware of the situation, immediately began to speculate that everything could have been a setup. From Chris Rock’s bad joke, through moderate reaction of the insulted woman herself, to Will Smith’s behavior, who first laughed and only later delivered a blow with an open hand. You’ll have to judge for yourselves whether this is a scandal or a set-up to boost ratings for the next awards show.

Did you watch the Oscars Academy Award? Was your favorite winner or who you felt that should win? Who was undeservedly overlooked? And what do you think, the situation with Will Smith and Chris Rock is a marketing ploy or the new norm of communication in Hollywood? Tell us in the comments.



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