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28.06.2022 22:49

Red Dead Redemption 2 – RDR2 cheats and codes. Make your cowboy life easier!


Life in the Wild West is difficult and if you are fed up with these hardships, cheats and codes will be extremely useful to make it easier. Here’s a list of Red Dead Redemption 2 – RDR2 – cheats!

Red Dead Redemption 2 cheats – what do you need to know before activating?

Some RDR2 cheats to make playing Red Dead Redemption 2 easier can be found in the game itself! They can be found in newspapers that we can easily buy during the game. It is also important that some codes only work if we have the appropriate newspaper. So you need to be interested in what’s happening in Valentine or Saint Denis, right?

The very typing of cheats is very simple: Just enter the Menu during the game, then go to Settings, press the triangle or Y on the pad (depending on the console you have), and the left Shift on the keyboard. The menu of codes itself is clear and easy to use – after entering the cheat we are interested in, we can decide whether it should be active or disabled.

How do the codes affect the gameplay?

There are limitations to the use of cheats in RDR2. First of all, after entering the code , we won’t be able to save the game, so it’s worth doing it before making the game easier for yourself.

In addition, cheats disable the ability to earn achievements in the game, so trophy and platinum hunters cannot count on easy maxing out of the game. 

List of the most useful codes:

Below you will find a list of all available codes in RDR2. All cheats work on both the console and PC versions of the game.

The most important codes

The most important Red Dead Redemption 2 cheats are mainly those related to our character’s statistics, his ability to craft items…and, of course, wealth! Here are the most important RDR2 cheats:


– “Greed is now a virtue” – we get $ 500,

– “Vanity. All is vanity” – unlocks all outfits available in the game,

– “Eat of knowledge” – unlocks all recipes,

– “Share” – unlocks all camp upgrades,

– “The lucky be strong evermore” – infinite Stamina (newspaper required after completing Chapter V),

– “Guide me better” – Deadly Precision, Level 1,

– “Make me better” – Killer Precision, Level 2,

– “I be better” – Lethal Accuracy, level 3,

– “I still seek more” – Lethal Accuracy, level 4,

– “I seek and I find” – Lethal Accuracy, level 5,

– “Be greedy only for foresight” – infinite Lethal Accuracy ,

– “Seek all the bounty of this place” – increases the levels of Health, Stamina and Deadly Precision bars,

– “You flourish before you die” – refills the Health, Stamina and Deadly Precision bars,

– “You seek more than the world offers” – fills the bars and strengthens the cores of Health, Endurance and Deadly Precision (newspaper dos after completing the quest “The King’s Son” in Chapter VI),

– “My kingdom is a horse” – increases the bond with the horse,

– “A fool on command” – immediate intoxication.


Weapon Codes

Cowboy without a gun in the Wild West would rather not live long … Therefore it is worth knowing the weapon codes in RDR2:

– “Abundance is the dullest desire” – infinite ammunition (New Hanover Gazette No. 27 required, available in Valentine Chapter I ),

– “A simple life, a beautiful death” – a set of basic weapons,

– “Greed is American virtue” – a set of heavy weapons (newspaper required after completing the quest “Advertising, New American Art” in Chapter III),

– “Death is silence ”- a set of assassin weapons,

– “History is written by fools” – a set of gunslingers weapons.


Travel codes

Wild West is vast plains, towns and wildernesses away for many days’ driving. The following cheats can help, especially if for some reason we lose our mount in a hostile place:

– “Better than my dog” – unlimited summoning range,

– “Run! Run! Run!” – summons a racehorse,

– “You are a beast built for war” – summons a warhorse (newspaper required after Epilogue is completed),

– “You want more than you have” – ​​summons an Arabian horse,

– “You want something new” – summons a random horse,

– “The best of the old ways” – summons the stagecoach,

– “Keep your dreams simple” – summons the cart,

– “Keep your dreams light” – summons the carriage,

– “Would you be happier as a clown?” – summons a circus car (newspaper required, available after completing the Epilogue).

Codes for being prosecuted

Hardly anyone in the Wild West wanted to deal with the sheriff…But there were exceptions. The following cheats will allow you to freely adjust the level of the pursuit in Red Dead Redemption 2:

– “You want punishment” – increases the level of the pursuit,

– “You want freedom” – reduces the level of the pursuit,

– “You want everyone to go away” – completely eliminates the pursuit and rewards for the head of our character.

Other RDR2 cheats

Here are a few cheats that are less important for the game, but also useful :

– “You long for sight and see nothing” – reveals the entire map (newspaper required after completing the quest “Blood disputes, old and new” in Chapter III),

– “Virtue unearned is not virtue” – maximum honor level (newspaper required, available after completing the quest” Urban Pleasures “in Chapter IV),

– “You revel in your disgrace, I see” – minimum honor level,

– “Balance. All is balance” – neutral level of honor.

Looking at presented RDR2 cheats, do you think you’ll be using any of them? Which one would be the most useful to you? Let us know in the comments below!

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