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03.06.2022 12:37

Sexiest movies on Netflix – our recommendations

Movies and series

What are the sexiest movies on Netflix? Although they do not seem to go hand in hand, you will find many interesting productions on the platform, such as 365 days. Full of tension, overtones, carnal and sensual desire – sounds good? Check out what to watch!

Which movie or erotic series should you choose on Netflix?

If you are looking for a movie you will watch with a flushed face, you don’t have to look far. The Netflix library has a lot of sensual and energizing sexy movies. See which of them will interest you the most.

Sexify (2016) – an erotic series

Sexify is a Polish erotic series that intrigued, and certainly embarrassed, many viewers in front of the screens, not only in Poland. It climbed Netflix top lists by storm also abroad. It tells about three friends who are developing an innovative erotic app. Most importantly, the series is straightforward about sexuality, self-confidence and satisfying bed needs that we sometimes don’t even realize. After the success of the first season, viewers are waiting for the second season of Sexify.

365 days (2020) – a Polish film that conquered the world Netflix

Erotic film, based on Blanka Lipińska’s bestseller novel, aroused great interest and controversy around the world, breaking viewership records. The main characters in the production are Laura and the handsome and dangerous mafioso Massimo. Over time, their dangerous relationship turns into a passionate romance, during which they will awaken each other’s desires and find ways to satisfy them, crossing new borders. 365 days is intimidating with its bold scenes.

First Love (2017) – a great initiation

The Spanish film honestly tells about the fervor, but also the dangers of the first great love. The teenagers Laura and Carlos are the main characters. Their first love allows them to discover their desires and derive the satisfaction that comes from making love. They experience an extremely passionate and fiery romance that turns into an addiction and eventually an obsession. A perfect relationship full of passionate feelings will start to creep in jealousy and doubt.

Rocco (2016) – the confessions of the “Italian Stallion”

The only documentary on the list tells the story of Rocco Siffredi – the famous Italian actor of adult films. Action of Rocco focuses on the last year of the star’s career. Although Siffredi mainly talks about himself and his experiences, the camera, in order to reflect the realism of Rocco’s world, must also penetrate this world. The film dazzles with nudity, reveals the backstage of the industry and shows unsimulated relationships. “The Italian Stallion” tells not only about the industry with humor and prudishness, but also reveals its dark sides.

Eyes Wide Shut (1999) – a classic by Stanley Kubrick

A classic by world cinema master Stanley Kubrick, starring Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise. A film that combines what is attractive and exciting with what is disturbing and unexplored. The main characters are Dr. William and Alice. The spouses are happy with each other until boredom begins to creep into their relationship. Kubrick explores the topic of dangerous fascinations. The lust for gratification eventually gets out of hand. The eyes wide shut are charged with tension, which, however, mostly does not manifest itself directly, which may have an even more intense effect on the viewer.


Tattoo (2003) – Dangerous Lust

Jane Campion’s erotic thriller tells the story of Frannie (played by Meg Ryan). The woman enters into a passionate relationship with Detective Malloy (Mark Ruffalo), who is investigating a murder case near her home. Their contacts grow stronger, intertwined with a sense of threat and uncertainty caused by a murderer. Campion’s film is full of bold erotic scenes full of carnal passion. However, it is all streaked with mystery and mistrust.

New (2017) – Millennial Love

New is a movie about modern dating. The main characters, Martin and Gabi, get to know each other through a dating app. Although they are used to more open relationships, they form a deeper bond with each other and decide to enter into a relationship. To make the story realism, director Drake Doremus uses long and detailed shots of love close-ups. Nevertheless, Novelty is not just a film about it. It also touches upon the difficult topic of establishing interpersonal relationships. It talks about how difficult it is to find a balance between an exciting erotic life and commitments to partners.

Dry Martina (2018) – how to regain libido?

The titular Martina is an Argentinian singer after the highlight of her career. An almost 40-year-old woman is full of bitterness because she lacks happiness in love. She fears that the times of the greatest passions are behind her. Meeting a man, however, awakens her dormant lust and ignites her senses. The woman sets off on a journey to Chile to rediscover her body.

Addicted (2014) – a dangerous obsession

The addicted, despite having sensual and exciting erotic scenes, is primarily a film about danger and obsession. The story revolves around Zoe. The woman has many successes on her account – she has a good job, a loving husband and children. Still, she decides to put everything she has at stake and begins to sleep with painter Quentin. The woman loses herself in subsequent romances. This addiction begins to take control of her ideal life.

Netflix gives its viewers a wide selection of erotic movies. They show it from its natural and sensual side or expose its dangers. Check out the Netflix library and choose your movie for a long evening screening!



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