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30.07.2022 16:45

The Best Dog Movies of All Time

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The most beautiful movie about dogs is…? A question to which it is difficult to find an unambiguous answer. Most of the productions with the participation of our little ones will be remembered forever. However, there are a few items that everyone should see.

A Review of the Best Dog Movies

Getting a ranking of the best dog movies is a really tough job. Anyone who has seen at least a few productions, where the main role is played by human four-legged friends, knows perfectly well how difficult it is to pass by them indifferently. Films about dogs can bring out a whole range of emotions from viewers – regardless of their age or gender. From being moved by the beauty of dog devotion, through sadness or anger caused by the injustice faced by these unique pets, to joy when everything ends well.

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In our review, however, we single out a few of the best dog videos worth seeing. These titles are perfect for a weekend family marathon or a romantic evening for two. For years, they have been connecting generations, attracting children, parents and grandparents, laughing together at their crazy adventures, and their caretakers.

Hachi: A Dog’s Tale (2009) – the story of a dog honored with the statue

Once Upon a Time in Japan… this is how you could start the story of Hachiko, an extremely faithful Akita Inu dog. The film My Friend Hachiko tells the true story of a friendship between a man and a dog born in 1924 in Tokyo. Its hero, apart from the wise Hachiko, is a university lecturer, Parker Wilson. One day he adopts a fluffy puppy, which is opposed by his wife, who is skeptical about “furry puppies”. This does not prevent the professor from establishing a true human-animal love between the professor and the dog.

The uniqueness of this relationship lies primarily with Akita’s seemingly constantly smiling. Every day the dog shows its owner to the train station, accompanying him on his way to work. It does not escape the attention of the professor and other people around the man. Hachiko continues to wait for her master even after his death – for the next 10 years she visits the station. The community celebrated this extraordinary bond by erecting a monument to Akita Inu where he awaited Parker’s return.

Lassie (2005) – a touching tale of dog’s longing and affection

Lassie from 2005 is a perfect remake of the cult movie from 1943: Lassie come back. As mentioned, it is a refreshment of the first one, very faithfully reproducing its plot, including preserving the time and place of action (times of World War II, Ireland and Scotland). Lassie tells the story of an extraordinary dog sold by a poor family due to financial problems. She was transported from Ireland as far as Scotland, but this distance did not prevent her from trying hard to return home.


The film beautifully presents dog’s love and affection for their guardians, as well as human longing for a lost friend. The female dog travels hundreds of kilometers to meet her beloved owner again. Along the way, she faces many dangerous adventures, in which her survival is helped by her boundless love for her master. If you’re interested in touching dog videos, Lessa .

Beethoven (1992) – a funny story about how coincidence led to a great friendship between humans and dogs

The title Beethoven is an extremely energetic and clumsy dog ​​due to its huge size. His story begins when he was still a puppy, and the family that embraced him did not expect his future shape. The little Newtons loved Beethoven from the very first meeting. The father, who suspected problems to come, did not want to accept the puppy.

Although Mr. Newton initially allows Beethoven to stay for only a few days, the pooch eventually falls in love with him and becomes a true member of this loving family. And not just any, time proves that the new owner was right: Beethoven is a troublemaker! Due to its powerful figure, it causes a lot of damage, which, however, is the least of the family problems.

Bernardine ended up in the Newtons after escaping from the cruel veterinarian, Vernick, who conducted numerous experiments on him. After some time, the evil doctor manages to get Beethoven back, and the family makes every effort to save their sluggish friend. Its history proves that family films about dogs can awaken a whole range of emotions in viewers, from sadness to joy, during one screening.

All Dogs Go to Heaven (1989) – An Unconventional Animation

Undoubtedly, many of those watching BoJack Horseman, Netflix’s adult animation, have wondered at least once: I wonder what this series would look like in the children’s version? The answer to that question is precisely the 1989 classic: All Dogs Go to Heaven. This is a surprising, perverse story about the German Shepherd Charlie, who is far from the classic Disney candy character. 

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The animation begins with Charlie’s escape from prison accompanied by his friend Itchy Itchiford. The main character ended up behind bars for running a gambling club, and this is what he returns to after “regaining” his freedom. Prison has in no way changed the shepherd’s playful lifestyle: it still focuses on alcohol and money. Until his business partner, Grimace, decides to kill him in order to enjoy the wealth himself. The sinful Charlie goes to heaven after death, because all the dogs go there.

The German Shepherd, however, does not intend to indulge in a heavenly peaceful life. He steals his Life Clock, allowing him to return to Earth to take revenge on the treacherous Grimace. His target is a girl who understands the language of dogs: Anne-Marie, held by Grimace. This is where the actual plot of the film begins: the company of a child leads to Charlie’s slow transformation. All Dogs Go to Heaven is an amazing journey through a world of corruption on the way to redemption.

Togo (2019) – a story about sacrifice and a race against time, based on facts

Films for children about dogs are associated primarily with comedies or dramas in which the pet is a member of the family attached to him, or about the friendship between the pooch and the child. Togo breaks this pattern a bit by presenting a true story from 1925. The title husky, together with Leonhard “Sepp” Seppala, must deliver medicine to the inhabitants of the village of Nome infected with diphtheria. The action takes place in winter in Alaska, which guarantees the viewers extraordinary views, and the characters a difficult, frosty wandering in a raging snowstorm.

Husky Togo, the leader of the dog sled and commanding Sepp’s dogs, have to face extremely low temperatures, frostbite, cracking ice and many other obstacles. Without a doubt Togo is a real tearjerker. There are also funny and scary moments in the film, so it provides a full range of emotions. It is the most beautiful of all adaptations of this bold, suicidal expedition. In the same year, another one appeared: The Great Alaskan Race, which was rated much lower by viewers.

Turner & Hooch (1989) – friendship with a huge dose of…dog’s saliva

If you like dog movies the most, during which you first laugh until you cry and at the end you shed a few emotional tears, Turner & Hooch will surely be a great fit for you. It is a beautiful, extremely warm story about the friendship of a well-mannered, calm and order-loving young policeman (played by Tom Hanks) with a not too clean, a bit aggressive dog (a dog from Bordeaux). Characteristic features of the animal are: beautiful red color, long, flowing in the wind lips…and uncouthly sprinkled with liters of saliva.

Turner adopts a thick-skinned dog after finding him at a friend’s old gentleman’s house. Unfortunately, the dog is guarding his body. The policeman undertakes two extremely difficult tasks: discovering the reason for the departure of the former owner of the dog and the position of the character of Hooch. Along the way, he constantly repairs the huge damage done to his apartment by his new friend. By the way, he meets a beautiful vet, with whom he begins to associate a bit more. Turner & Hooch is a must see for all pet lovers, both older and younger.

Dog movies are made for both children and adults. They teach empathy in a unique way and remind us how great the love of these faithful little ones can be for their accompanying people. It is certainly worth adding a few classics from this list to the list when planning a movie night. The above proposals can undoubtedly be called the most beautiful – be sure to meet their heroes!



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