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28.06.2022 01:19

The Sims 5 – when will it be released? What do we know about the new Sims?


Are you excited to play The Sims 5 when it is going to be released? Fans of the best-selling life simulator are making theories about when it will appear and what will be in a new version. Check out below what is known about The Sims 5.

The Sims series is one of the longest running in the gaming industry. What began as a moderately complicated game with house design and controlling household members turned into a complex and robust game that expanded the possibilities with every iteration. It is no wonder that players all over the world are anxiously awaiting the follow up to The Sims 4 that was released in 2014.

The Sims 5 – when can we expect a release date?

The release date of The Sims 5 is unclear at the moment. The amazing fact is that all the other parts were released at roughly 5-year intervals, but now the break is significantly longer. The world expected The Sims 5 to be released in 2019, and in return there are still new additions, but to the part 4 of the cult series.

Nevertheless, there is a light in the tunnel. In the winter of 2021 there appeared a blogpost from the Maxis Studio – the creators of the series – that they are looking for new talent to help with their current projects. Most presume that these are new downloadable content for The Sims 4 and the base version of The Sims 5. Fans hope that the premiere will take place in 2023. However, the suggested date may turn out to be only the guess of game fans, so it’s better to be patient. It is not known why the creators do not provide any more information – there are assumptions that the delay and a longer break in the release of the next part may also be caused by a global pandemic. One thing is known for sure, a complete abandonment of the next installment would be too much of a loss that EA – the publisher – could not afford.

Are the trailers on the web real?

A trailer appeared on the web for The Sims 5, which looks like one of the films announcing the new series. You can see in it amazing, modern graphics and smooth animation of characters, which aroused great hope among the fans of the game. Unfortunately, all trailers are only fan-made – not EA productions. While they look professional and promising, it’s worth noting that there was no official TheSims 5, so the first trailer for them hopefully will be released in the near future.

The Sims 5 – System Requirements

The hardware requirements may be much higher than those in the rest of the series. The Sims 5 is to be adapted to the game on various platforms, which means that you will be able to enjoy the game on smartphones, tablets, computers and consoles. What’s more, information has also been released that it will be possible to play in online multiplayer mode, so the hardware requirements should be appropriate for the proper operation of the game and the smooth running in such a game mode.

The Sims 5 – Price

The price of The Sims 5 is also not known yet. Earlier prices of the previous versions of the basic parts of the game oscillated around $50-60. Therefore, it can be assumed that the new version, which has been worked on for several years, will be one of the most modern and the best-improved ones, which means that the price may be significantly higher than the others. There were also multiple add-ons to the base game at different prices, however some came with the $40 price tag. We can guess that The Sims 5 will cost between $60-80.


What can we expect in The Sims 5?

Even though no one knows when exactly The Sims 5 will have its release date, it is more or less known what to expect in the new version of the game. Some time ago, unofficial information appeared in the media that The Sims 5, as in The Sims 3, is to feature an open world. The creators are currently working on creating one sim world map, which will include: the main city, its suburbs, forests and huts. There is also a chance to play with other players, using one map for all active users, which will be an absolute novelty in the Sims. In the fifth version of the classic game, the way of conveying the mood of the sim using messages known from The Sims 3. Sims will receive additional bonuses according to their mood.

While there is little official and confirmed news about the Sims, one thing is for sure – when The Sims 5 hits the market, it will be one of the greatest premieres of all time.

Classic childhood game – The Sims

Do you know how The Sims became one of the most iconic childhood games? It all starts with Will Wright, an American computer game designer. He loved creating his own levels, and that passion grew into SimCity, a simulation that made it possible to build and design entire cities. 

The game turned out to be an absolute hit and is considered one of the most influential productions in the history of electronic entertainment. It contributed to the idea of ​​creating The Sims. Wright, apart from the design itself, wanted to focus on the experiences of virtual household members. The plan was born in 1991, but work on the game took several years.

the sims 5
The next parts of the series were released at regular intervals – fans agree: it’s time for The Sims 5

Ultimately, the first part of The Sims was developed by Maxis and released by Electronic Arts on January 31, 2000. The game doesn’t have a specific goal that you need to achieve. Your task is to control the lives of Sims, i.e. three-dimensional, multi-polygon objects. You organize time for virtual people, help them achieve life goals, acquire new skills and personal development. Characters carry out commands such as reading a book, cooking, exercising, playing or talking, in the order you wish. However, you need to make sure that your Sims’ happiness bar is full, if you do not take care of it, the virtual human will be in a low mood and will become depressed.

In 2002 The Sims was hailed as the best-selling PC game in history. It was popular not only among young people and male computer game enthusiasts, but also among girls and women. Children and teenagers at school exchanged information and all extensions and additions related to the legendary game. What is its phenomenon really? Think about which person in the world would not like to have the power to control life? This simulator makes it possible, you alone can be the master of Sim’s fate. The success and great interest in the game contributed to the creation of its subsequent and improved parts.

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How have The Sims evolved?

After the huge success of the first, basic part of The Sims, the developers decided to diversify it with additions. In this way, from 2000 to 2003, extensions to the game appeared in series such as:

  • Livin’ Large – an expansion that added more objects, events and the possibility of having multiple neighborhoods,
  • Unleashed – gives Sims the opportunity to take in and care for various animals, growing vegetables and expanding the residential area by adding the old town,
  • Vacation – allows Sims to take vacations to a variety of vacation spots. Sims can be sent on vacation to the beach, lodge or winter camp. You can create, for example, hotels and various new items and attractions, such as an igloo or a tent.
The Sims 5 - when will it be released? - screen from the game
Thanks to the Sims, we can be who we want and do what we want

On premiere in Europe The Sims, in just a few days, broke sales records. Unlike the first part, The Sims 2 had an extensive interface, better graphics and additional options, such as: choosing the zodiac sign, determining the age of the sim and choosing the right clothes for the occasion. After some time, add-ons were also created for this version of the game:

  • Open for Business – Sims have the opportunity to start their own business, e.g. a restaurant or a flower shop,
  • Seasons – an add-on introducing the seasons and weather phenomena appropriate to them,
  • University – thanks to this add-on, Sims can go to study as well as earn high academic grades and live on campus.

The third installment of The Sims was released on June 2, 2009. The main change in this version is the open world. Sims can move outside their home without loading the rest of the map. Fears and desires, i.e. functions known from the second version of the game, have been removed. Instead, there are temporary needs, for which the player receives life happiness points. Additions that have appeared include:

  • Pets – Sims can breed pets,
  • Island Paradise – the main theme of the add-on is the sea. Sims can build houseboats, stationary houses on the water, and even exclusive beachfront hotels on a paradise island,
  • Into the Future – in addition, the player can move to a city from the future.
Sims woman carry baby
When our Sim’s offspring grow up, we can also control their fate

The next, and also the last, released part of the game is The Sims 4. Unlike the previous parts of the series, Sims have the ability to experience emotions such as anger and joy that affect character development. The creators gave up the possibility of moving around the area without the appearing map loading screens. This is due to the high computer overload that accompanied The Sims 3 when the world was open. In this version, you can download all accessories and add-ons from the Origin store, where you can find, among others:

  • The Sims 4: Spa day – the player can visit a spa, gym or massage center,
  • The Sims 4: Jungle adventure – the player gains access to the new city of Selvadorada inspired by the tropical jungle of South America and a number of activities related to, for example, treasure hunting,
  • The Sims 4: Realm of Magic – Sim can play the role of a magician or wizard,
  • The Sims 4: Journey to Batuu – the player receives a new world, which is the inspiration behind the world of Star Wars.

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The fans of this franchise have a lot of original and interesting content to choose from. From starting their own business, enjoying being a vampire to traveling through the galaxy. Are you waiting for the newest installment of The Sims series? Have you played any of the previous games and if so, which one is your favorite? Share with us in the comments!



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