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03.06.2022 12:38

Tinder – the app from the perspective of women and men. Is it worth using Tinder? Can you find love there?

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Opinions about the Tinder app are as plentiful as there are users, and not all of them are positive. Many men and women wonder if a dating app is a good place to find love. Check if it’s worth using Tinder!

Tinder – reviews about the application. Where did we get them from?

Making new friends has never been easier. Today, to meet someone, all you need to do is create an account on one of the popular dating apps. One of them is the hero of today’s article – Tinder, which has irretrievably changed the world of digital dating. As you can read on their official website, the app has helped to match already over 65 billion pairs.

To create an account, the user must download the application from the Google Play Store, the App Store or the official Tinder.com website (then you can use Tinder in your browser). The application is free to download and use, but you can purchase subscriptions that offer additional benefits – Tinder Plus, Tinder Gold and Tinder Platinum.

Over 4 million users have downloaded the app from the Google Play Store and rated it quite low – the average rating is just over 3 out of 5 possible stars. Among the opinions of users, there are many criticisms of Tinder’s functionality, objections to subscriptions and their prices, or problems with removing the application.

Tinder reviews

“Half of the profiles are fake, refreshed likes from a few months ago (inactive profiles) plus 10 men for 1 woman. A portal for narcissists to blow their ego plus a cash sucker machine. Stay away”.

“Limited likes…. Premium version is too expensive. Overall, a completely unprofitable application. “

“The basic functions work smoothly and flawlessly. It’s a bit of a pity that better options are stuck with expensive packages. I do not have such experience with other applications on a similar subject. The subscriptions would be more interesting if they were more affordable. “

However there are more favorable reviews:

“I think this is the best portal … They are really cool people”

“Great application. It gives you the chance to meet interesting people ”.

Tinder – men’s opinions

According to statistics, not everyone on Tinder has equal chances of finding a partner. Statistics revealed that over 90 percent of ladies only tried to match men who they found actually attractive. As a result, every woman on Tinder receives twenty times more likes than a man.

On many portals and forums you can read opinions saying that these “handsome” users attract the attention of almost all women. This thesis is confirmed by this article, in which the author shares interviews with a group of men:


“[…] an average-looking boy is more likely to “swipe right” on an average-looking girl. It is different with women, they often have high expectations, they only choose guys who present themselves really well. […] if you are very handsome, approximately 20% of Tinder users may be interested in you. If you’re “normal” that number drops to about one percent. “

Tinder logo

A post by a user appeared in the comments section, saying “This was a problem for most dating sites, even before Tinder came out. It is made worse by a cultural issue – the man is expected to be the active party. As a result, women are inundated with a mass of rather generic messages from men who don’t have time to make them better because the overwhelming amount of messages go without response. Women only match some of the most attractive profiles. The greater the “choice,” the more unequal the chances. Of course, you could do something about it with algorithms that limit your choice one way or another. But do these portals care about effectiveness? After all, when a partner is found, the account is usually deleted. “

This does not mean, however, that only the most attractive men have a chance to meet the other half on Tinder. Many online dating experts advise on what to do to attract potential users of the application to you. You can find extensive advice on the description on the profile, choosing the right photo, swiping strategy or how to talk on Tinder.

Tinder – Women’s Opinions

Based on the opinions of men about Tinder, one could assume that ladies should have nothing to complain about. According to these descriptions, their task is much easier – after all, the gentlemen have to fight for their attention. We did not find any opinions of women complaining about the lack of interest – which would confirm the thesis of men.

There are multiple internet forums where you can read many opinions of both women and men discussing dating via Tinder. Many women thought about opening an account, but were restrained by the fear that they would only find casual sexand not a lifetime partner.

“Tinder is different, and so are the people who show up there. After a few quite strange acquaintances, I can recommend it after all. I’ve been dating a really fantastic guy for some time now – officially, we are now together. Even there you can find someone nice and noteworthy. The fact is, there are people who only care about sex. And they belong to a large group, but you can also get to know someone who is sensible. “

tinder reviews

Other users on the same forum comment:

“I recently started using tinder. I did not add a description because I had no idea what to put in it. I reject guys flexing, because they usually care about one thing, and I got a lot of offers for one-time sex. There were also situations in which the guy at the beginning said that he was looking for something more, the conversation was great, and then after a few days he asked for nude photos and if I did not agree, he removed me “.

“I met a lot of cool people on tinder, including my current partner 🙂 I never mentioned anything matrimonial, I just wanted to meet new, interesting people and talk about the world (as luck would have it, I come across a suitable person :)”

Is it worth using Tinder? Tinder – sex or great love?

It is impossible to objectively say whether it is worth using Tinder. Those who found what they were looking for on it will certainly recommend it to anyone. Users disappointed with the functionalities of the application will strongly advise you not to use it. However, Tinder is available in 190 countries and in over 40 languages ​​- such enormous popularity suggests that it is worth trying and forming your own opinion. Maybe your other half is waiting for you there – who knows?

How to talk on Tinder depending on what we’re looking for

There is a general perception that creativity is what counts on Tinder. The very description of your profile should distinguish you from other users and attract attention. If you get matched and want to write to your potential significant other, analyze their profile first. Check what she/he is interested in or what song is her favorite. It will allow you to start a conversation in a more original way than the well-known “hey, what’s up?” and will increase the chance of getting a reply.

A description on Tinder to help you find what you are looking for

On Tinder, you’ll match with others if you stand out. Following this path, it is worth creating an interesting and visually attractive description – that’s why you should give up spam with emoticons. There are 500 characters including spaces to use. At the description stage on Tinder, you can indicate what you care about – are you looking for an adventure or a long-term relationship? If you have a passion, mention it. Maybe there is something that particularly bothers you? In the description, show that you have a sense of humor, list obvious facts about yourself, and finally encourage interaction.

Tinder undoubtedly took online dating to a whole new level (in the first place by using geolocation and a simple way to select potential partners). It cannot be denied that how many users – so many opinions. But it certainly doesn’t hurt to give it a try.



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