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18.12.2022 15:00

Bike tracker – which one to choose? Best free applications for cycling fans

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A bike app that offers bicycle navigation, maps with routes and monitoring of traveled kilometers is essential software for every cycling fan. We will help you choose the best free bicycle app for your phone!

Bike tracker – a must have for cycling fans!

A good bike app greatly improves getting around on a bicycle and planning trips. Among other things, it allows you to check maps or set up navigation. Most traditional GPS-enabled apps are designed primarily for car drivers – they may not show roads that are only accessible to cyclists and pedestrians. However, this is not the only advantage of bicycle apps for iOS or Android.

What features should a good bicycle app have?

It’s hard to determine what are the most important features of a bike tracker – it all depends on your individual needs. However, there are some basic functions that a good bicycle software should have, including the free ones. With such a smartphone app, you can not only preview maps and set navigation, but also check the number of kilometers traveled, the speed of your ride and the number of calories burned. 

Bike tracker application
A well mdde application will lead you to the best routes in the area

The best cycling apps for Android

The first Android bike app is Cycling – Bike Tracker. It allows you to watch all your workouts on bike maps, check statistics and set navigation. This bicycle app allows you to set a specific goal for a workout – such as distance, time or also the number of calories you intend to burn while riding. You’ll get an audible notification when the task is complete. This app also records your results, so you can check if you’re managing to make progress. 

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EXA Bike Tracker: Best Bike – Bike and Cycling is a free bike tracker for anyone who loves cycling, including mountain biking. The program measures your cycling speed, distance and altitude. It also has GPS bicycle navigation. In it you can record and mark routes on a map and view full statistics of your sports activity. You don’t need mobile internet access to use this bike app – all you need is a GPS. Do you want to share your achievements? Do you like competition? With the sharing function and add friends feature, you can compare results with friends, organize sports competitions and other forms of cycling competition. 

With Komoot’s simple GPS app for bicycles – Cycling, Hiking & Mountain Biking Maps, on the other hand, you can see which hiking trails are popular in each month and check their parameters, such as road angles. This allows you to plan your trip with more detail – alone or with friends and family. Another advantage is that the navigation and bicycle maps also work offline. You can quickly decide on the destination of your next trip, thanks to the marked points on the map – from mountain peaks, parks and forest paths to single trails.


Whether you’re a beginner or a professional cyclist, an iPhone bike app called Map My Ride has the features and tools you need to stay motivated to ride. For every kilometer you ride, you’ll get feedback and statistics to help you improve your performance. In this bike app, you can analyze your pace, distance or duration of your ride, burn calories, set up bicycle navigation and map your routes.

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Map My Ride will also provide you with a social aspect – connect with friends and other athletes to get motivated, share workouts, join challenges to compete with others. You can even enter contests and win prizes using it. The app is available for all systems. 

Strava is probably the best app for cycling. It’s the perfect training panel for both those training on the road and those racing on mountain or forest trails. Using the Strava app, you have access to maps created by other cyclists. You can monitor your physical activity, record it, add a name and photo, and then share everything with your friends to compare results or encourage them to get active together.

Using this app, you’ll find out how much time you’ve spent on the bike, learn your results, and see how many cyclists are following the same route. This bike tracker works on both iPhone and Android.

Which app for stationary bike?

It’s worth knowing that exercise on a stationary bike can also be monitored using an app. Which program should you choose? Among the best stationary bike trackers you’ll find Exercise Bike Workout. You can choose from six different workouts. The app sends you prompts and informs you of your exercise progress. If you give it access to the Voice Assistant, you can listen to your trainer’s tips and motivate yourself even more that way. This is an easy way to burn calories and improve your fitness even in your own home. This stationary bike app will support both iPhone and Android phones.

Which bike tracker will work offline?

Most of the described programs allow you to use some of the functionality without an Internet connection. Naviki’s offline bike app is at the forefront of this usage. Its main feature is that it allows you to optimize routes for your vehicle. If you own a road bike and select this option, the bike tracker will guide you along roads with good pavement. When you want to avoid the streets or feel like riding among nature, the mountain bike option will do a great job.

You can also choose recreational riding, in which case the app provides a route along quiet roads and paths for cyclists. Maps and navigation also work offline, so you don’t have to worry about lack of internet connection while riding. You can plan routes on the road, as well as at home, at www.naviki.org. The app works on both Android and iOS. 

The developers of the app offer a great deal of solutions to improve your cycling activity. Route mapping and map analysis will make it easier to plan trips, and functionalities such as heart rate recording and the number of calories burned will help you properly manage your training.



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