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03.06.2022 14:30

Downloading music from YouTube – which program to choose?

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YouTube is one of the most popular places on the internet to listen to music or podcasts. However, not everyone likes to use this site, which is why they decide to download music from YouTube. How to do it? Which program to choose?

Downloading music from YouTube can be made easy with special programs. You can find many applications on the Internet that allow you to download files from this site free of charge. Among others are aTube Catcher, Free YouTube Downloader or ClipGrab. Let’s take a closer look at these popular tools. However keep in mind that although it is possible, it might not necessarily be legal. That is why we included the copyright aspect as part of this article.

Free YouTube Music Downloaders

There are many ways to download content from YouTube. Multiple portals allow users to do that and totally for free, so we won’t be mentioning any paid solutions. Here are the top three ways to download anything uploaded to YouTube that we found.

aTube Catcher – music downloader with loads of additional options

Downloading music from YouTube for free is possible with aTube Catcher. It is a tool that allows you to download files from many different online platforms. Among its functions, it has the option of recording an image that just appears on the device’s desktop. This means you can record music videos of the songs you are viewing. Files downloaded using aTube Catcher can be saved in any format suited to the device on which you plan to play them. This option allows you to modify the files to your liking.

aTube Catcher - downloader from Youtube
aTube Catcher / Source: atube.me

Another free program that allows you to download your favorite songs to your own device is Free YouTube Download. With its help, you can download not only songs, but also movies. Visual recordings are saved in very high definition – in Full HD and 8K video options. If you want to separate audio and video from a given downloaded file, the Free YouTube Download application will allow you to do so. You can save music and video as two separate files without any problem. 

This program also allows you to download multiple recordings at the same time. Videos or songs can be downloaded automatically one by one if you select the option to save according to a specific list, e.g. favorites or recently played recordings. 

Using Free YouTube Download is simple and intuitive. You only need to put a link to the selected song or movie in the program, and then specify the file format in which the material is to be saved.


ClipGrab – Light and fast music downloader and more

ClipGrab is one of the easier programs to download YouTube music. This tool can do a lot more than simply download a file. You can save a downloaded recording in a format of your choice. ClipGrab obtains videos in both low and high quality, so here you have a choice too. In a situation where you do not want to download the full version of the picture and movie clip, you can use the extraction function of these two layers.

ClipGrab - YouTube music download program

ClipGrab has its own search engine that allows you to find the files you are interested in. Just enter the name of the recording or the associated keyword. You no longer need to paste the link to the selected file yourself – ClipGrab will do it for you. The program can handle formats such as Mp3, Mp4, MPEG-4 or OGG Vorbis without any problems.

Downloading music from YouTube and copyrights

Before you decide to download music from YouTube, check what the regulations say about it. Usually the legislature allows for downloading files, but stipulates that they may only be for personal use. The user is not only not allowed to charge for their distribution, but also is not allowed to distribute the material at all.

YouTube itself stipulates in the regulations that people who publish content on their channels agree to the widespread use of files by the recipients. Another point of the regulations also states that website users may not duplicate, download, distribute, transmit, display, sell, license, change, modify or otherwise use the content of YouTube materials. Such behavior is allowed only to the extent that the legislator allows it.

Youtube copyrights

Even though YouTube is the most popular place on the Internet for music from all over the world, using the site can be a bit of a pain if you don’t have a premium account. Then the user is deprived of many functionalities, such as the ability to listen to music without having to watch ads. Therefore, many people choose to download Mp3 music from YouTube to a computer or other device. However, doubts may arise as to the legality of such procedures. Internet users usually do not break the law because it is completely legal. Specially designed programs for downloading music in Mp3 and other formats allow you to listen to your favorite songs wherever you want, without the need to connect the device to the Internet. This is another reason why YouTube users choose to download music from the platform.

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The people with technical knowledge met the needs of Internet users, thanks to which the market of applications enabling downloading music from YouTube is very wide and offers many free tools. Each program is equipped with several additional functions, so choose for yourself which one will meet all your requirements and enjoy using YouTube’s resources without connecting to the Internet and watching ads. Files downloaded on your own device are a real comfort in the 21st century. 



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