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11.07.2022 01:16

Explore the Best Dating Apps & Portals of 2022

Online Software & applications

Dating Apps aren’t just limited to Tinder, there are a lot of cool options available – we’ve decided to show you a few of them. The list also includes the best dating sites – what exactly to choose? We advise.

The online dating market is constantly evolving, so each person can choose from many applications and dating sites. Some of them are free, others paid, but regardless of that, each one is tempting with its uniqueness. There are many options in Poland, tailored to the needs of users. People who are dynamically looking for new friends will probably log in to Badoo, on Tinder or choose Bumble.

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All applications or portals have one thing in common – you might as well find potential partners who are looking primarily for a permanent relationship, as well as users who are only interested in an overnight adventure. Do you want to take the first step?

Dating applications – features and benefits 

Dating applications are a more convenient and practical mobile version of internet portals. They are easier to use, and by installing them on a smartphone, we have easier contact with other users. They are available for download on Android and iOS, so anyone can download and use them. One of the advantages of mobile applications is working on your shyness as well as assertiveness – the ability to say “no” is useful in any relationship. 

Basic mobile dating apps are free, but access to more advanced features requires payment. Dating applications are most often used by men: on average, there is 1 woman for every 3 men. That is why many of them decide to purchase additional options that increase the possibility of viewing photos or simply making contact.

The Best Dating Apps – List

Want to find out what are the most interesting dating apps? Below we have compiled the most popular apps for meeting new people. Check if you know them all!


Tinder is an American smartphone app created in 2012. The popularity of this application is growing all the time, but it arouses mixed feelings and a lot of controversy among people. The account is created by entering and verifying the phone number for iOS, Android or browsers. The latter also allows you to log in via a Google account. Candidates are selected according to their preferences based on age, sexual orientation and geographical distance. If we don’t like someone, we move their profile to the left, rejecting the candidate. 

tinder app prices
If you want to know subscription prices, you need to login to the app | Source: tinder.com

When we like someone, we move the photo to the right or give him a heart. If we also catch someone’s eye, we will find out when they like the profile in return – then the “It’s a match” notification appears and from that moment we can start a conversation with the person. Tinder resembles the so-called quick dates, which are also focused on instant candidate selection. In addition to the basic free account, we can also buy Plus, Gold or Platinum subscriptions.

Badoo – Tinders worthy competitor

A list of dating apps could not do without Badoo. This is a popular app that was created from a website started in 2006. This dating site is similar to a social network like Facebook. You will be able to meet friends but also lovers. This is another application that allows you to establish interpersonal relationships. Thanks to the attention to detail and constant development, the portal quickly gained the opinion of the best dating site in the world. Registration consists in completing the data about yourself and adding a few photos. The application allows you to search and view other users’ profiles, in accordance with your preferences, such as: age, origin, interests or place of residence.

Signing up for an account on Badoo is completely free and safe. A very interesting option is to use the private mode – we hide our profile, but we can still view other users’ profiles. The application allows you to communicate via text messages and video calls. Offers a “nearby” tab so you can reach singles in the same geographic area as you. A handy feature for people who want to meet users in real life. There is a “meeting” tab, which makes it easier to find profiles. You can search by criteria selected in the search bar.

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Bumble – Make a date or make a friend

Bumble is an app advertised as the perfect solution for women because this is where the woman makes the first move. It is a free and safe mobile application that was established in 2014 and was founded by Wolfe Herd, starting his career in another dating site – Tinder. The smartphone screen scrolls with profiles adjusted to the category selected by the user. Each of them can be confirmed or rejected. 

If there is mutual consent, the connection is established and a discussion can begin. In Bumble, however, the woman must speak first, and she must do so within 24 hours or the pair will disappear. The app has become an extremely popular brand in the world despite competing in a crowded market. Currently, Bumble also offers services beyond dating, including professional networking and finding new friends.

happn – nearby dating app

There are plenty of programs to meet people, but the dating apps are different and happn is the app that stands out from the rest. Like most programs of this type, happn is completely free, and has been on the application market since 2014. The strength of the app is the fact that the verification of a new user is quite detailed, so the number of potential fake accounts is significantly reduced.

Source: dailymail.co.uk

Happn works in an area and gives you people from more or less of your area, so you can even meet a character you know. It is difficult to say whether it is an advantage or a disadvantage of the application, it all depends on what we expect. It is worth saying that after some time the dating app will run out of free matches, and this will force us to pay for the package.

The best dating sites – features and benefits

Using dating sites, it is much easier to find a person ideally suited to your requirements, which is difficult in reality. One of the main advantages is the fact that we do not have to leave the house to make new friends, which is a great option for shy people who find it difficult to start a conversation with a stranger in real life. Communication via text messages can be much easier than talking face to face

Registration is very simple and quick, and you can often even log in using Facebook basic data such as age, location and photos will be automatically imported to let you start using the application immediately. In the age of technological progress, it is normal to use dating applications or websites. In an extremely competitive market, however, it is not easy to choose an option that will meet your expectations.

We’ll help you by introducing the most popular dating apps as well as the best dating sites where you can meet singles no matter where you are. The mobile dating market is crowded with hundreds of apps trying to compete with each other in terms of ingenuity to attract you. As you can imagine, not all of them will prove to be as effective as you wish. Here’s our pick, so don’t waste your time!

The best dating websites – list

If you want to do a proper job searching for love you can’t rely only on apps. Your internet browser has your back in this case too, so check out the following dating websites. Below you will find the most popular portal for .

eDarling – one of the leading dating sites

eDarling is one of the best known dating sites. It has been in existence since 2009 and still enjoys great popularity and a growing number of users. eDarling is a so-called premium dating site where access to the main features is paid. When registering, you must complete a long personality test, the information from which is processed by the algorithm. As a result of this action, you will be presented with people who match your profile. The functioning of the website is based on a system developed by a team of psychologists. 

eDarling logo
Source: edarling.pl

The platform is reliable and its users are primarily looking for serious relationships. An option to consider if you are focused on finding people with specific personality traits. Registration on this portal is simple and safe. This online dating site also has its own mobile application, which allows you to more conveniently contact new people. Additionally, it has a customer service department and includes security features to protect user data and privacy.

Dating application or portal – what to choose?

If you still have doubts about setting up an account on an online dating site or in a mobile application, you have nothing to lose, you can always make new friends and have a great adventure. We definitely focus on applications, because registering there does not take time, you can use it anywhere and at any time. It is much more practicalat a time when the telephone plays a very important role in everyone’s life. 


However, the best choice would be to download a few apps, such as Badoo and Tinder, and then check which ones suit you best. Some dating applications or websites set as their goal the pairing of people who are only looking for a serious relationship. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t find love with a more general dating app.

However, it is worth remembering that in such places there will be people with different attitudes and different expectations. When starting an acquaintance with a potential partner, it is worth defining them clearly and discussing them so as not to waste each other’s time.

Did you meet the new dating app? Or maybe you have already checked all of them? What are your thoughts on dating apps? Let me know in the comments.



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