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21.07.2022 17:21

Free Fortnite vBucks – How To Get Them?


Free vBucks in Fortnite? It is possible. In the article below, you’ll find out what you need to do to receive in-game virtual currency. A word of caution – generators and reward sites are a scam! 

If you play Fortnite, it has probably crossed your mind more than once if there is any way to get free vBucks. Well, there are many methods of obtaining free currency in Epic Games production, and some of them you probably already know. Unfortunately, there is a small catch – new players must get by with the taste. Why?

Free vBucks – How To Get Them?

Free vBucks can be obtained in Fortnite in 8 different ways. Unfortunately, 6 of them only work in one case – when you are the donor. What does it mean?

Founder is the person who decided to purchase Fortnite: Save the World before the game left Early Access. Therefore, as previously mentioned, new players will unfortunately have this solution locked.

Here are all the other ways to get your free vBucks:


In Fortnite, vBucks can be earned by completing quests and increasing your Battle Pass Tier. Unfortunately, when it comes to the free battle pass, only 300 will accumulate over 100 levels. Therefore, it is worth thinking about a one-time investment in the pass, because thanks to it you can get as much as 1500 vBucks!

Fortnite: Saving the World 

If you are one of the lucky ones who have the status of a donor, there are as many as 6 ways to get free currency. All earned “coins” are also transferred to battle royale:

  1. Daily tasks (from 50 to 100 vBucks)
  2. Daily login ( up to 10,000 vBucks per year)
  3. Limited Time Missions
  4. Main Story
  5. Side Quests
  6. Special
Although the Save the World mode is still available, unfortunately it does not offer founder status | Source: press materials

Fortnite Events: Save the World – How to Become a Founder?

Unfortunately, it’s officially no longer available to become a Fortnite founder and thus earn tons of free vBucks. After all, there are two more ways new people can obtain this status.

The first one is against Epic Games policy. It is about offers or auctions with accounts that have this status. You can try your luck, but we strongly advise you not to do so – it may end up with Epic blocking the account at any time.

Unfortunately, the second way is not the cheapest. There is a special Fortnite Eon, thanks to which you can also become a founder. What’s the catch? Currently, it is an expense of a few hundred dollars, so you need to be very careful when buying, because it’s not difficult to cheat.

vBucks Generators and earning rewards – Fraud and scams

While searching for ways to get free vBucks, you have probably come across alleged vBucks generators or sites that claim that you will receive in-game currency for completing specific tasks. 

How simple and beautiful life would be if it worked. Avoid these types of suspicious sites like the plague! No generator will give you free vBucks. This may be different with the “reward” sites, but due to the proliferation of these sites it is currently difficult to verify which actually work.

vBucks – price. How much does Fortnite Virtual Currency cost?

If you are not the founder, and the number of vBucks from the subscription is not enough for you and you simply decide to buy them, there are several options before you. You can buy only the currency – four packages are available:

  • 1000 vBucks – $7.99
  • 2800 vBucks – $19.99
  • 5000 vBucks – $31.99
  • 13 500 vBucks – $79.99

In the Epic Games store you can find packages that, apart from e.g. skins and other elements, also have additional vBucks. Each season there is, inter alia, the so-called The Starter Package, which costs $3.99 and with all cosmetic accessories, you get as much as 600 vBucks.

If there are any new ways to get free vBucks, we’ll let you know immediately. At the moment, these are all available methods.

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