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20.08.2022 01:44

Gaming phone – the most important features that a gaming smartphone should have

Smartphones and Tablets

What should a good smartphone designed for gaming offer? What to consider when choosing? What parameters are the most important? We will consider this issue below.

Let’s face it: mobile gaming in Europe is still in its infancy. Playing AAA titles in the style of Call of Duty or PUBG on a smartphone is not as popular as, for example, in Asia. However, this form of entertainment that is flourishing before our eyes should not be prematurely disregarded.

CoD Mobile - gaming phone
CoD Mobile has certainly earned a lot, but it’s not the game that has brought the most profits in the mobile gaming segment | Source: twitter.com/playcodmobile

Let the numbers speak for themselves, for example the mentioned Call of Duty Mobile. The premiere of the mobile version of CoD in 2019 generated almost $ 500 million in the first year of the game’s launch. It’s true – it’s a strong brand that attracts a lot of players, but its success will certainly affect other producers who want to cut a piece of the cake for themselves. Let’s move on to the merits and answer the question: what to consider when choosing a gaming phone that will allow us to play demanding titles in comfortable conditions?

Performance – processor and RAM

This is probably the most important aspect, after all, we will not be able to beat the demanding title if our phone does not meet the requirements set by the game. In the case of smartphones, things are so much easier (e.g. compared to assembling a gaming PC, where the performance is determined by more components) that the strength of a given model is determined by the processor (with an integrated GPU) and the amount of RAM.

Let’s look at the processor. This is an element that affects both the gameplay, and also – which may seem not so obvious – the management of battery resources. Which models are the best for gaming? The Snapdragon 7xx and 8xx series will be a good choice. The former will, of course, be more affordable. An alternative to Qualcomm’s products will be the Taiwanese line of Helio G9x or G85 processors. When choosing, remember that the number of cores is not the most important – it is the technology of execution that determines the power of the CPU.

Which gaming phone?
Mobile gaming can make a long and boring journey fly in no time

Operational memory? 8GB is the best option, but if you have a smaller budget, 6GB should also be satisfactory. However, going below this level is not recommended – demanding games may get too heavy on the hardware, which will translate into a deterioration of the experience of the game.

Capacious battery and fast charging

Gaming of the 21st century on each platform is resource-intensive – in the case of smartphones it will result in a faster drain of battery resources. When choosing a gaming phone, a very important factor will be choosing a model with the right battery capacity.


So what capacity should you aim for? I think the lowest threshold will be 4000mAh. Anything above this criterion will be a good choice. Nevertheless, even the most powerful battery will require charging – and here quick charging comes to the fore. It will work when we want to free the smartphone from the charging cable as soon as possible.

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It is the source of all sensations, so it is worth choosing one that will meet several assumptions. The first should be the size and the supported resolution – the bigger the better. Nevertheless, it is not a decisive factor when talking about this component in the case of gaming. Greater importance should be attached to the refresh rate and sampling rate. The former will positively affect the smoothness of the game – the more the better. 60 Hz is currently standard, but 144 Hz models are already available. The value that is the threshold from which to start looking for a gaming model will be 120 Hz.

The sampling rate tells you how quickly the phone responds to touching the screen. In mobile games, this is of the utmost importance – some of them require quick, split-second decisions. Here it is similar to the above, a higher value will always have a better effect – the value of 180 Hz sampling frequency should be considered as the limit. Anything above this value will improve entertainment.

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And finally, the type of screen itself – what to choose? Here, the choice should be limited to two types: AMOLED and IPS. AMOLED copes well with the reproduction of colors and their saturation or the depth of black color – however, it is currently used in the most expensive models. An alternative may be the IPS matrix, which, although a bit worse – does not stick out significantly. And it’s a cheaper choice.


Although they are not a vital part of a gaming phone, it is worth spending a while when choosing the right model. Take the presence of a 3.5mm audio jack as an example. Such gaming headphones will work much better than wireless ones – the reason is the lack of any sound delay, which would be noticeable when using the model that connects via bluetooth.

Other additions that are worth checking in advance whether they will fit the selected model are pads and handles. The vast majority on the market are universal models, but remember that there are also devices dedicated to given devices (e.g. ROG Kunai gamepad).

There are a few important factors to consider when choosing a model for games that will be your main game. We hope that our advice will be helpful for you and thanks to them you will choose the equipment that will meet your expectations.



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