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15.08.2022 23:44

GIF making – how to make a gif?

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How to make a GIF? Here’s a tutorial on how to easily create a birthday GIF, series GIF, or GIF from your own photos. This is the best way to express emotions that cannot be put into words.

How to make a GIF – what is a GIF?

GIFs are popular formats that are widely used on the Internet. They are graphic files in the form of short animations. They owe their popularity to a small format – unlike movies, they take up little space, and this affects the quick loading of the page or sending messages. Moreover, they are often an indispensable element of communication. Users use them to express emotions or refer to their favorite motifs.

How to make a GIF yourself? Contrary to appearances, this is not an activity reserved for professional graphic designers. For this purpose, many tools have been developed; these are both advanced graphic processing programs and simple phone applications in which you can create your own file in moments. Since there are plenty of free generators on the market, anyone can create their own animated picture. 

how to make a gif

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How to make a GIF – online generators

Using private photos or videos, you can create your own GIF. Online generators are distinguished by the fact that they offer the possibility of designing an image from the website – without downloading the application or installing any programs. At the same time, they are very intuitive, contain only the necessary modification options, and they allow you to create an animation really quickly. You can save your works on disk or immediately share with friends, e.g. on Facebook or Twitter. 

One example of a generator is page gifmaker.me, which allows you to create a moving GIF from both images and videos. You choose the file format in pixels and display speed, and then load the files. To create an animation you need to add at least two images. The tool also provides the ability to paste text and draw. You will get the most interesting effects by using burst photos, which will form a seamless whole when combined.

How to make a GIF on your phone It’s

time to go to the phone application. How to make an animation on your smartphone? Just download one of the free tools – eg. Gif Maker, which is available on both Google Play and the App Store. It offers the possibility of creating gifs “live”. All you need to do is record a few seconds (minimum 5 and maximum 25) movie or take at least 2 photos, and then immediately save the file in GIF format. The application also offers the classic creation process, i.e. loading selected images from the phone gallery and combining them in a sequence. 


If you are a fan of the series, you are probably looking for tips on how to make a GIF out of video. Tools that allow you to create animated pictures are based on two types of sources – they can be video files that you have on your computer disk or in the phone’s memory, and movies shared on the Internet, e.g. on YouTube and Facebook. 

An example generator is makeagif.com. Upon entering the website, all possible crafting actions are displayed. If you want to create moving GIFs based on a specific clip from the movie, just paste the link to its publication. The clip will be loaded and your task will be to define the exact time from which you want to take the cut (e.g. start – 01:25 and end – 01:30). At a later stage, you will also be able to determine the display speed or add a text. 

making a gif
Source: x.photoscape.org

Free GIFs

Maker Photoscape X

W With Photoscape X, you can not only create gifs, but also enhance the look of your photos. The app is famed for clear interface and ease of use. When creating a movie from photos, you use the convenient timeline option – it allows you to freely move individual frames. The program also offers the possibility of selecting the display time of one shot, changing the transition effect and adding subtitles. 


W GifCam you just record a portion of your screen, which is then saved as a GIF. It is an application that provides basic editing capabilities, and is also easy to use. 


Giphy is a place that not only offers free GIFs, but also allows you to create your own. If you are satisfied with the effect – you can share your creations with other users.

Source: helpx.adobe.com

Paid GIF making programs

One of the most popular advanced GIF making programs is Adobe Photoshop. It is a kind of tool intended for users with high demands and professionals. It enables detailed work at every stage – from retouching a single photo or sketching a drawing, to defining the final display parameters. To legally use this program, it is necessary to purchase an Adobe package.

Regardless of whether you want to create a GIF from your own photos or a video from the site, with the use of free tools, you can do it in an easy and extremely fast way. Apply motion-in-picture and create your own animations to add color to your online interactions.



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