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09.11.2022 12:30

How to unsend a message on Messenger? The easiest ways

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Want to delete a message on Messenger? Made a mistake in your message and realised only after sending it? Or simply changed your mind and want your message to disappear? Thanks to one of the functions available in the Messenger app, you can quickly and effortlessly unsend messages that have already been sent. How do you do that?

Unsending messages on Messenger – a few things to keep in mind

To meet the needs and expectations of millions of users around the world, Facebook (now Meta) is constantly upgrading their apps, including Messenger. One of the functions recently made available on the app is the possibility to delete messages that have been sent in the Messenger chats without a time limit – unlike the previous versions that restricted this function to up to 10 minutes only after sending the message. With that being said, the function itself and the process of deleting unwanted messages remains the same, regardless of the platform and the device you are using.

how to delete message on mobile phone
This is what the message deletion feature in Messenger looks like | source: galaktyczny.pl

It’s worth mentioning that the Messenger app allows you to delete not only the messages sent by you, but also those sent by other users to you or to a group you are in. Remember though, that if you want to make sure that the deleted message disappears for all of the other chat participants, and that nobody is able to see it any longer, it will only be possible when deleting your own message (sent by you). In other words, if you decide to delete a message sent to a group chat by someone else, it will disappear for you, but not for everyone else in the chat who received it, and they will still be able to see it.

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It’s important to keep in mind as well that the person or people you are talking to, who managed to see your message before you delete it, might have saved it, for example by taking a screenshot or by copying or forwarding it. They may have also reported the message if they found it inappropriate, in which case Facebook will keep access to the message and will be able to investigate it, even if and when the message is deleted by the author.

deleting a message in messenger app
Deleting a message on messenger is super easy!

Want to delete a message on Messenger? Find out how!

Deleting an unwanted message on the Messenger app is super easy. The exact way to do that will depend on the platform and device you’re using while chatting on Messenger. Here is how to delete a message or even a whole conversation on Messenger both on the mobile app and on a browser.

How to unsend a message on the Messenger mobile app

To retract a message while on the Messenger mobile app, first choose the chat you want to edit and find the message you wish to delete. Tap and hold on the message until you see a menu popping up at the bottom of the screen. Then, choose ‘Unsend for you’ or ‘Unsend for everyone’, depending on whether you want it to disappear just from your chat or everyone else’s. Once you tap unsend, you will see a pop-up notification to confirm the message has been unsent.


Want to delete the entire chat content with someone? Simply delete the conversation. To do that, scroll through the messages to find the chat you want to delete, then swipe it to the left and tap on ‘More’. In the menu that pops up, tap ‘Delete’, then ‘Delete’ again to confirm.

deleting a message on browser
Deleting messages on Messenger through the browser is also possible | Source: businessinsider.com

How to unsend a message on Messenger via browser

To unsend a message on Messenger while using a web browser, log in to your Facebook account and click on the Messenger icon in the top-right corner of the screen. Then, select the chat you want to delete messages from. In case you can’t see the chat you want right away, try scrolling down, use the search bar or click on the ‘See all in Messenger’ option at the bottom of the window.

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Once you open the chat, find the message you want to unsend, scroll over it and click on the three dot icon next to it on the left. Select ‘Remove’ from the list of options, and then ‘Unsend for everyone’ or ‘Remove for you’. Once again, you’ll see a notification confirming that the message has been unsent or removed.

What if you want to delete the entire conversation? Click on the Messenger icon in the top-right corner on Facebook and choose the chat you wish to delete. Click on the three dots icon, this time on the right side of the chat preview, and select the ‘Remove chat’ option from the menu. Then, simply confirm.

vanish mode on facebook
The disappearing messages mode allows you to have private conversations that will be erased when you disable this feature | source: about.fb.com

Vanish Mode on Messenger – send disappearing messages to your friends

Vanish Mode is a feature in the Messenger mobile app that lets you send temporary messages which will disappear on their own after a while. What is this function’s purpose, you may ask? And how exactly does it work?

Activating Vanish Mode opens a special chat window that only you and the person you’re talking to have access to. All of the messages sent in the chat on Vanish Mode are only temporary, that means, they only stay in the chat until the recipient reads them. They disappear automatically as soon as they are read or when you leave the chat, and they cannot be recovered. The Vanish Mode feature does not let users copy the messages either, so it may look like enhanced privacy protection.

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Keep in mind though, that using the disappearing message feature does not actually offer 100% privacy guarantee to neither of the participants. The person you are talking to will still be able to use the screen recording function or to simply take a screenshot. However, if they do that (or if you do), the app will sensor it and both persons will receive a relevant notification.

On top of that, there are many other, sneakier and more discreet ways of registering the contents of an online chat conversation, such as recording the screen with the use of another device. Thus, we suggest being both mindful and cautious while using Messenger, even in Vanish Mode.



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