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03.06.2022 12:37

How to record a phone call? Best call recorder apps

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Recording phone calls is something that Android users consider often for multiple reasons. Are there applications that would allow you to do so? Is recording phone calls legal? Find out below!

The most important question is whether you are recording a conversation that you are a part of. The interpretation of the law in force usually allows you to presume that you can record the conversations that the interlocutor wants to have with you, and its content is not confidential. But how to do it? Are there any built in solutions?

In practice, if someone calls you and wants to talk to the owner of the number (who is the user), recording the phone call should be considered legal. However, it is often that the interlocutor must not be recorded without their consent.

There is no uniform legal interpretation that would answer the question whether the recorded telephone conversation could be used in the Court of Law. It depends on many circumstances. Each case is treated individually by the judiciary.

Despite so many question marks, many people are still interested in how to record a phone call. Lots of users are aware of dishonest hotline consultants, so this could be a way to defend your best interest. Additionally you may want to preserve a conversation with your loved ones that would bring back pleasant memories.

Recording phone calls Android
The possibility of recording phone calls raises some doubts of the legislative nature

How to record a call?

There is no universal method for all Android devices. A few years ago the situation was completely different, but Google significantly limited the ability to record calls, which forced both companies creating specialized applications and users to look for new solutions:

Through an app

You can still find a few tools in the Play Store that are trying to “work around” Google’s restrictions. The solutions will not work with every phone, but for many people even a replacement that offers lower quality recorded material is still worth its weight in gold.


Via the hands-free mode

There are two ways to record calls with the use of this mode. First, you can turn on the background video recording mode. The directional microphone should “pick up” the sound, thanks to which we will be able to replay the conversation later. This mode can be used in the simplest possible way: they put the device next to the recorder and thus bypass the restrictions imposed on Android. However, this is a half-measure rather than a real solution to the problem.

Recording phone calls Android - microphone and camera
The use of additional devices in addition to the smartphone itself can be sometimes troublesome and uncomfortable

Dedicated software for some Android overlays

Huawei smartphone users – as one of the few – do not have to enter phrases such as Android call recording in the search engine to download external applications. The manufacturer did not agree with the policy imposed by Google and in its overlay – EMUI – you just have to press the sound option. Then in the settings we activate the native call recording mode and that’s it. We can enjoy a sound recording mode fully integrated with the operating system. Files are saved in the device memory, from where they can be quickly transferred, for example, to a data cloud or sent by email as an attachment.

Android call recording apps

The Google Store offers various call recording applications. Most of them are free. Which of them are worth installing and how to record a call on a smartphone?

ACR – Another Call Recorder

The most popular application is ACR – Another Call Recorder. It is free and has many additional features. In the settings, you choose the option of recording outgoing or incoming calls. After a certain period of time, the recordings are automatically deleted. You can also prioritize their importance so they won’t be archived. Additionally, recordings can be password protected. The application offers recording formats such as MP3, M4A, OGG, WAV, AMR, 3GP, FLAC, MP4 and filters for recording (e.g. by phone numbers or contacts). You can also buy the pro version that allows you to share files in cloud services.

Cube ACR

The Cube program is integrated with other calling applications such as WhatsApp, Skype, Slack. The application is easy to use, intuitive and compatible with Android. Recording of calls also works automatically, and you can select the exceptions list that you do not want to record. The application also works on tablets. With a paid subscription, you can access more audio formats, and you also get the option to back up your recordings in the cloud.

Recording phone calls Android - suspicious people
If some “strange” people call us, it is worth recording suspicious conversations for safety

Call Recorder

You will also find a Call Recorder app in the Google Store. In this program, saving is also automatic. You can also save files on an SD card, which will save your phone’s internal memory space. Using the application, you also have access to the so-called blacklist, thanks to which calls from unwanted numbers will be ignored.

What else to remember when recording calls?

The most important issue worth paying attention to is the GDPR, i.e. care for the proper storage of data that may be considered sensitive. If we put a recording on the web that clearly identifies our interlocutor, who does not have the status of a public figure, we run the risk of serious legal problems.

It is also worth remembering that dedicated applications will not be able to record calls from, for example, Messenger or WhatsApp. This is because both of these programs are encrypted, which in practice makes it impossible to record the audio track in the traditional way.

Despite the fact that the restrictions on Android irritate many people, you should know that Apple approaches this issue even more strictly. Recording calls from an iPhone using dedicated applications is almost impossible.



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