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09.06.2022 16:21

How do I use image search? – 5 easy ways for computer and phone


Want to try Google Image Search? If you don’t know yet what Google Lens can do with searching for images and photos, read how it works and check out ways to easily use the search engine with an image.

Image search on Google – for what purpose?

Searching for information by image on Google involves querying through the image file instead of typing a phrase. Thanks to this feature, you can quickly identify items and images and check if your artwork has been stolen. All you need to do is use the Google Lens application to take a photo of the thing you are interested in, which you would like to learn more about or use a photo that has already been saved.

If you would like to find a product you like in an online store, you can use the image search function. The results of such a search may include similar photos, information about a given image or objects or places it contains. You will also be able to search for selected objects from a given image file, thanks to which the search results will be much more accurate.

Image Search – 5 Easy and Quick Ways

Searching on Google with a photo is quick and effective. There are several ways to search with an image, and each of them is just as simple. Check what options you can try and start using them now.

image search
There are several different ways to search for an image on Google

Search with an image using the drag and drop method

Using the web browsers on your computer, you can use the search option with an image using the drag and drop method. To do this, just open your browser (NOTE: this method will only work in Firefox and Chrome) and select the Google Images search engine. You can make the window smaller to make it more comfortable for you.

Then select the graphic file you are interested in and click on it. While holding down the mouse button, drag the selected image into the Google search field and “drop” the file. This way, Google Images will find related and similar images.

Search with an image by right-clicking

If you found on the Internet, on any page, the image you are interested in, to get more similar results, you can right-click it and select “Search for an image on Google” from the context menu. This feature is available in Chrome, but if you’re using a different browser, try to find the Search by Image. After activating it, you will be able to use this method of image search.


Searching with an image saved on the disk

If you want to search for graphics related to an image saved on your computer, from the level of a web browser go to “Google graphics”. Select “Image Search” and click Upload “Image”. Then select the graphic file you are interested in from your computer and click “Open” or “Send”.

For this method of image search, you will need the URL of the selected image. Copy it by right-clicking on the image and select “Copy image address” from the context menu. Go to “Google Images”, select “Image Search” and “Paste Image Address”. Then paste the copied URL into the text box.

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Search with an image on an Android or iOS

phone Searching with an image on your phone is even easier. If you find a graphic on a given webpage, you can click and hold the picture and a context menu will open. Searching with an image will start the “Search with Google lens” option. If you’re using an iPhone, after holding the image, select “Visually search this image”.

In this case, you can choose how to search – either by image elements – by clicking the selected circle icon, or by an area of ​​the image that you can select by stretching the search box. Then scroll down the page – you’ll find the search results at the bottom.

If you want to search for images that you have stored on your smartphone, check out Discover. You’ll find it at the bottom of the Google search interface. Select “Google Lens” in the search bar. Now you can either take a new photo or upload a saved photo by selecting it from your gallery. When selecting this function, you can also decide whether you want to search by area or by element in the image. This option is identical for Android and iOS devices.

Image Search – Additional Tips

Google image search is flexible with regard to the type of files. Works freely for JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP and SVG images. However, it is worth remembering that if the file used for the search turns out to be too large, Google will not execute the request. This is because posting images for SEO requires authors to add files that weigh less than 0.5MB.

Image search is a great simplification as it uses the technology of querying the image content and searching for visual information with the help of graphics. Thanks to this, you bypass typing the appropriate phrases, which becomes extremely useful if, for example, you are looking for a product that interests you and you have no idea how the author of the website could describe it. If you are on time, image search is the most effective way to find the results that are right for you.

image search
Looking through the search results, we can get basic information about the image we are interested in

To achieve the best search results, it is worth using the option of associating selected image elements. In this case, if you mark the element you are interested in on a given graphic, the search engine will allow you to find specific parts, e.g. if you found a photo of a model wearing interesting shoes, you can select this element and find the pair of shoes you are interested in – perhaps you will go directly to the store that offers them.

Searching for images on Google allows you to keep your data safe – the images you use are stored for 7 days and are not included in the search history, so you protect your privacy on the web.

If you are interested in capturing graphic data as quickly as possible and looking for information about it, you can use the applications available in Google Play or App Store. In most of them, the search does not require saving images – often you just need to point the camera lens on your smartphone at the object you are interested in, and the application will automatically search for related results on Google.

When else can image search be useful?

Searching for images using Google Lens becomes useful when you need to get information on the origin of a given photograph or drawing. When you use graphics to create presentations or use them to publish on websites, you should be aware of copyright. After searching for a given image, you will have access to the necessary data to include information about the author and publication date of the original image file.

If you need to get informative data on a given item, you can use image search instead of thinking about appropriate phrases. Google will show you the websites where you will find the data you need.

You can also use this option if you would like to find more pictures on a similar theme – in the same or a similar style. The search results will show related photos and you will surely find something you like.

Image search allows you to find the information and images you are interested in faster and more accurately. Try this option and you will find that you do not need to spend a lot of time and attention to find the elements that are difficult to describe. Check for yourself how simple it is.



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