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10.06.2022 15:38

Instagram without an account – how to view other people’s profiles, photos and stories?

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How to view Instagram photos anonymously without setting up an account? This question is asked by many Instagram users who do not want to leave any traces when browsing profiles. We know the way!

Using Instagram without an account – is it possible?

Not everyone has an Instagram account, and still sometimes they would like to have a look at the content posted on the platform. This is possible when browsing users with public profiles. However, this option is only possible from the browser level on the phone or computer. How to view Instagram photos without logging in? To do this, enter www.instagram.com/name in the search engine. The name should be changed to a nickname of a specific person or brand. Another option is to enter the user’s login and the phrase “Instagram” in Google.

Unfortunately, after a long time spent on a person’s profile, the website will show notifications that ask to log in or register. Messages can irritate many people, so log in to avoid them. If you do not want to show your image, create an account and do not provide your details or upload any photo. This is the only way to deal with intrusive notifications. 

How to view someone’s Instagram photos and stories anonymously? Why would you want to do this? 

Willingness to view photos or reports anonymously does not necessarily mean that you are trying to stalk someone and keep track of their actions. Browsing users anonymously is a great solution for well-known brands that want to establish some cooperation, but are just looking for potential partners. Observing companies anonymously is also a great option for companies that want to secretly check the actions of their competitors or be inspired by their content. 

instagram without account
Instagram is a real mine of interesting photos

Of course, viewing profiles anonymously is a good way to track former partners or people who, for example, blocked your main profile. There are many reasons why you can look at someone’s Instagram without logging in, and if you aren’t cyberbullying, there’s nothing wrong with that

How to view photos and stories without an account? Viewing the profile anonymously should not be a major problem (apart from the annoying notification we wrote about earlier), but how to watch Instagram stories without logging in? The app itself doesn’t provide this option, but there are some sites that have been created specifically for this purpose! The most popular are www.insta-stories.com or www.picuki.com. Just enter the username and if it is a public profile – you can easily view their InstaStories! 

Sometimes the only way to see users’ profiles or their relationships on Instagram without logging in is to create an anonymous account. There is no law that says this would be illegal. If you do not use virtual violence or hate speech, and you want to remain completely anonymous, use this method. 


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You do not need to use your real name and surname, and the username can be anything you like. Also, you don’t have to decide to insert any photos. Your account may be completely empty and only be used to check other internet users.

Private Instagram account – can it be viewed?

Some Instagram users make their content available to everyone, then their profile appears public. Other users choose to make their account private. In this case, the published content is only available to approved followers. 

How to view photos on Instagram without logging in for a private account? Unfortunately, it is impossible to view Instagram accounts anonymously without the consent of the profile owner. The only option that you can use is to create a fake profile and ask to observe the user you want to track on the website. If the internet user accepts your request, you can go ahead and browse the profile. If not, you will not be able to view the person’s account. There are many offers available on the Internet that provide access to private data of users, although this is against the law. 

private account
Source: screenrant.com

To summarize, many people or businesses sometimes have a need to check Instagram photos or stories without logging in. This can be used, for example, to find out about trends, look for inspiration or business partners. There are several ways to check someone’s publication in this unobtrusive way. Such a solution may be to set up an anonymous account or use special websites that offer the possibility of secretly seeing stories. However, there is no method of how to view photos from private profiles. Setting up this type of account is a conscious decision of the user and should be respected.



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