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10.07.2022 17:27

League of Legends – which champion to choose?


The topic of League of Legends champions is extremely vast. The league owes its popularity to its unique and recognizable heroes. Currently, there are over 140 characters to choose from! Which one is the best to choose?

League of Legends champions – what options do we have?

In League of Legends, champions fight on the main map – Summoner’s Rift. Ranked matches are played there and the largest LoL tournaments are divided into 3 avenues – top, middle (Mid) and bottom (Bot) lanes. For over eleven years since the premiere, players have tested various configurations of the distribution of heroes on lanes. The most popular of them leads one champion on Top and Mid and two on Bot. The fifth player moves between the lanes, performing the function of the so-called jungler.

Each of the heroes of the League of Legends has different roles to play during the match. Some of the most important of them are AP and AD Carry. Their task is to deal as much damage as possible. Champions who perform this function usually have quite a few health points and need the constant protection of their companions. This role is mainly fulfilled by Supports, because they often have the ability to restore the HP of champions, or to support them with various buffs. Tanks play another important role in the match – their main task is to initiate fights and take most of the damage. They are helped by high defense stats and crowd control skills such as toss, stun, and immobilize. Each role also has its own subcategories that combine features of two or more other classes. An example of such a combination is e.g. Bruiser. This type of hero can deal quite a lot of damage (similar to AD Carry), while remaining difficult to kill (like Tank).

League of Legends heroes can be personalized with different skins
New illustrations of the heroes and their skins perfectly reflect the character of the champions

In addition to the roles mentioned above, champions are also divided according to the way they are played during team fights. There are five main categories: Assassins, Mages, Marksmen, Supporters, and Defenders. Of course, LoL characters can often perform well in many roles, but some of them are simply better suited to a specific role. So, is it possible to see which heroes were most often chosen by players? Yes! On the portal League of Graphs, you can find the percentage of popularity of each character on a given lane, and many other useful statistics. Based on this data, we have compiled a Top 5 LoL Champions list for each position.

League of Legends – champions for top lane


Graves stands out from other heroes with its unique attack mechanics. The hero is equipped with a powerful shotgun, which holds two rounds in the magazine, but after firing them, you cannot attack for a while during the reload animation. Graves now has a much greater percentage of matches won than other LoL characters.


Powerful damage and many crowd control skills make Yone one of the most vexing opponents Yone is currently the most banned champion playing Top. Worse, the skill “Soul Unbound” allows him to deal damage from a long distance with virtually impunity. If you don’t want to face him in the top lane, be sure to ban him or choose him.


Camile belongs to the group of highly mobile champions. Her aggressive style of play and fast movement around the map can be a real nuisance to her opponents. What’s more, the heroine is well adapted for duels, which means that she often ends up winning battles in the top lane. Camile is currently ranked second in the Top Laner ranking with the highest percentage of matches won.



Jayce is an extremely interesting character because of his abilities. His Ultimate is available from level one and allows him to completely change his style of play. Thanks to him, Jayce can switch from hand-to-hand combat to attacking enemies from a distance in a second, which keeps opponents in suspense at all times. The hero is, according to League of Graphs, the most picked champion in the top lane.


The heroine is brilliant in one-on-one combat, which makes battles with her in the top lane terribly difficult. What’s more, thanks to the Bladesurge skill, Irelia becomes one of the most mobile characters in the game. The constant movement along the lane makes the fighter extremely difficult to hit. Irelia is the second most banned champion for Top lane, which just proves how difficult she is to fight against.

League of Legends – Heroes on Mid lane


Samurai is a powerful damage dealer with a unique passive ability: Yasuo’s chances of a critical hit are doubled. Moreover, the champion has a large number of crowd control effects, which makes him a very difficult opponent. Yasuo is the second most popular Mid Laner according to the League of Graphs.

Yasuo – one of the more versatile heroes


LeBlanc is a typical AP Carry focused on dealing as much damage as possible in the shortest possible time. The most important element of her skill set is the “Imitator” which enhances one of the basic abilities. Thanks to this, her already strong damage is raised to an even higher level.


Zed is an assassin who wields forbidden spirit magic that allows him to control his shadow. Thanks to this, the hero can easily initiate a fight, deal massive damage and retreat to a safe place in just a few seconds. His great mobility and massive damage made Zed number one on the list of the most banned characters in general.


Once again, Yone was among the top five most popular characters. The hero works just as well on the Mid as he does on the top lane. The character’s style of play changes slightly as he enters the middle lane. Far more players then focus on developing his damage than on defensive statistics. However, this does not affect his popularity – Yone is the third most frequently chosen Midlaner.


This is one of the first characters that new players reach for. The fact that Lux is a relatively simple champion to learn is not a weakness. The magician’s skills not only deal a lot of damage, but also have a very low cooldown. The fact that Lux is a strong character is evidenced by her high, as much as 51%, win rate.

League of Legends – heroes for Bot lane


Nami is a support focusing both on strengthening its allies and stopping enemy attacks. Thanks to the skill “Tidal Wave”, the siren can throw an entire enemy team into the air, making it easier to kill them. The heroine is the third most popular supporting character according to League of Graphs.


Another support on the list is the sorceress Lulu. Her skill set is based on her synergy with the Pix fairy. The heroine can use the fairies power to help her companions and to attack enemies. Thus, instead of the standard four active abilities, Lulu has seven of them. However, her complicated style of play does not bother players – the sorceress appears on average in every seventh ranked game.

Skins often change not only the color, but also the character model


The Grim Reaper Thresh is one of the most beloved support heroes – the second most popular bot lane champion. Support skills are primarily crowd control effects. A good Thresh player can eliminate the opponent from the game for a solid two seconds!


Yuumi is one of the newer characters in this roster. The magical cat does not leave her companions behind most of the game. Her powerful healings and ultimate immobilization of enemies meant that you can meet her at least once in ten ranked matches.


Leona is a standard support type. With good defensive stats, she is very hard to beat. Moreover, the heroine has a lot of crowd control abilities. Playing against Leona on the bottom lane can be very tedious, which is why she is banned in as much as 15% of games.

Which AD Carry to choose? Top Bottom Lines Partners 


Jhin, similar to Graves, has a unique attack mechanic. The hero is equipped with a four-shot revolver, the last bullet of which deals increased damage. After firing all the bullets, the champion has to reload his weapons, which prevents him from attacking for a while. Keeping your distance is a key part of his style of play. Jhin’s picking as AD Carry is very common, we’ll meet him in almost every fourth game.


Sniper has always been a popular bot lane pick, but after the premiere of Arcane her pick rate increased visibly Caitlyn has the greatest base attack range, so she can wreak havoc on enemy lines from a really safe distance. As a result, many players find playing against Caitlyn annoying. This is evidenced by its second position in the ranking of the most blocked characters.


Lucian is quite a unique AD Carry. The marksman’s damage comes largely from using his passive skill wisely. Lucian can make two very quick attacks after using any of the active abilities. In addition, thanks to the “Relentless Pursuit” the character becomes extremely mobile. Lucian also performs well in the middle lane, which makes him a universal choice.

league of legends champions - Lucian
In the League, there is room not only for fantasy or steampunk styles – there will also be sci-fi


Jinx is another heroine whose popularity has skyrocketed thanks to the Arcane series. Equipped with a minigun and rocket launcher, the character can deal massive damage while moving at high speed. Its ultimate deserves special attention. When the player presses R, Jinx will fire a large rocket that can travel the entire map. The heroine is currently number one in popularity among AD Carry.



This champion is one of the hardest characters to learn. Each of his skills is called a skillshot. This means that the player must aim the projectiles himself, taking into account their speed and the movement of the opponent. However, whoever does not risk does not destroy the Nexus. Ezreal’s best players are almost unbeatable in the later parts of the game.

League of Legends – Jungle Champions

Lee Sin

Lee Sin has all the features of a good jungler: he can deal with forest monsters quickly, he can initiate a fight and use crowd control skills. Additionally, the hero does not need to use mana. Instead, his abilities consume energy that can be easily replenished. Thanks to these qualities, Lee Sin has been the most popular choice for the jungle for a long time.


Viego was added to the game at the beginning of 2021, which did not prevent him from quickly climbing to the top five junglers. What’s more, its popularity goes hand in hand with a good win ratio – the hero triumphs in 51% of ranked games. Thanks to his abilities, Viego can disappear from the sight of opponents, and after defeating them, he can take their form, stealing their abilities.


This Jungler is another character with unique mechanics. At the beginning of the game, Kayn collects orbs that drop after each encounter with opponents. Their color, depending on the type of enemy the hero has faced, testifies to the possible way of transforming the jungler. Red orbs will give the jungler a set of skills similar to that of the Tank. The blue orbs will make the character a full-fledged killer. This versatility put Kayn in the fifth place of the most banned junglers.


Jinx’s sister is a jungler focused primarily on excluding opponents Carry from the fight. Her skill set is full of tosses, and her quick melee attacks can take out enemies in no time. Thanks to her defensive stats, it’s also quite difficult to beat Vi, which makes her a solid champion to pick.

Kayn is one of the most interesting heroes – both in terms of mechanics and history


The last jungler on our list is Ekko. The hero bases his skills on the theme of turning back time. His strongest ability is “Chronobreak”, which allows the character to return to the previous position and the stats he had at that time. Ekko is the fifth most popular jungler in the game.


Although the list presented by us contains a lot of strong champions, there are many more in the game. However, choosing the right League of Legends champion is not just about a popularity contest or listing the strongest of them. The champion you are considering should be the best for you. Whether it’s design or mechanics, you’ll have the most fun and best chances of winning with a champion that suits your tastes.

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