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03.06.2022 12:16

Locked keyboard – how to unlock it? Repairing a malfunctioning keyboard

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If your laptop’s keyboard doesn’t work, don’t panic – you can fix this problem in seconds. How do I turn on a locked keyboard? See the answer to this question!

The keyboard does not work – reasons why the laptop keyboard could be locked

There are many reasons for a laptop keyboard not working, in most cases it is a lock. You can turn off the keyboard inadvertently during work, for example by a key combination. A common reason is also an accidental use of a function button. Check how to get rid of keyboard problems, including keyboard shortcuts.

How to unlock the keyboard on a laptop?

If you want to enable the keyboard, take into account the fact that the ways to do so are different for different manufacturers. You may have to try several options for resolving the problem. If your computer doesn’t write language specific characters or changes the letter Z to Y, the problem is usually much simpler. In such a situation, usually it is enough to press Shift + Ctrl to revert the keyboard layout to the previous one.

Locked keyboard picture

Function key on the computer keyboard

Click the Fn key (it is usually located on the bottom left side of the keyboard). See if your computer keyboard is working again. If the problem persists, try pressing the function button followed by the series of keys F1 through F12. Select the combinations: Fn + Shift and Fn + NumLock.

Restarting Your Laptop

Perhaps in your case it is enough to try restarting your laptop. Check that turning off and on helped and the device keyboard is working properly. There can be several reasons for the blocked keyboard, but if it is not mechanical damage, we can easily deal with it.

How to turn on the locked keyboard?
There may be several reasons for the locked keyboard, but if it is not mechanical damage, we can easily handle it

Enable Windows System Restore

Laptop Keys Still Not Working? Software settings may be to blame. In Windows, simply go to Control Panel> Backup and Restore or Start Menu> Programs> Accessories> System Tools> System Restore.

If the problem persists – how to unlock the laptop keyboard?

If none of the methods worked, visit a trusted service point regarding this issue – you will be able to rule out possible physical damage to the keyboard and learn how to fix the problem on your laptop. In some cases, you need to press the correct key combination, and in others, you may need to unfortunately replace your hardware.



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