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28.01.2023 17:53

Meet the strongest Pokémon in Pokemon GO! The ultimate list of most powerful Pokémon to help you win every battle


Wanna know Pokémon Go best Pokémon? Which of the Pokémon are the bravest, most steadfast and staminous? Which ones excel in attack, which in defense, and which enjoy the highest overall strength? Read our guide to find out the Pokémon of the highest Combat Power and special skills, and choose the right ones to guarantee you winning every battle in Pokémon GO.                                    

Strongest Pokémon overall – top 10 of the best Pokémon

Pokémon GO doesn’t cease to surprise the fans of the unique fantasy creatures with extraordinary capabilities. The players are constantly discovering more and more battle style cards and moving up the so-called Levels. Achieving a high level of Trainer experience and expertise stems undeniably from catching new Pokémons, evolving and developing them, but also from taking part in raids and battles. The higher your Pokémon Go Trainer level, the more items you can use, and the more powerful your Pokémon Go can become. That also means more opportunity of gaining strong Pokémon that will demonstrate advanced effectiveness in battles. Which Pokémon are the strongest, most suitable, and most likely to lead you to victory?

The most powerful Pokemon, Mewtwo, from the first generation.
Pokemon from the first generation, Mewtwo is still holding high | Source: bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net

The strength of a Pokémon is determined by several important characteristics. One of them is the overall strength rating of Combat Power (CP), the most critical statistic in the game. The Combat Power stat is a combination of the values for Stamina, Attack, and Defense for a given type of Pokémon. A Pokémon’s maximum Combat Power level is influenced by their species, size, and the Trainer Level. 

Here is the list of the top 10 most powerful Pokémon with the highest Combat Power in Pokémon Go.

  1. Slaking – 4431 Max CP.
  2. Eternatus – 4429 Max CP.
  3. Mewtwo – 4178 Max CP.
  4. Groudon – 4115 Max CP.
  5. Kyogre – 4115 Max CP.
  6. Zekrom – 4038 Max CP.
  7. Reshiram – 4038 Max CP.
  8. Dialga – 4038 Max CP.
  9. Meloetta – 3972 Max CP.
  10. Garchomp – 3962 Max CP.

The initial Combat Power value can increase as your Pokémon evolves, as well as with the resources of Stardust and Candy in the Power Up mechanics. These elements will help you develop skills and abilities of your Pokémon, rendering it significantly stronger and more efficient during battles.

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Pokémon with the highest Attack stats

Among all of the Pokémon in your Pokédex, it might not necessarily be the one with the highest CP that will guarantee you won battles. What is equally important is the set of skills and specific moves the Pokémon is using during the attack against their opponent. The Attack value is measured based on another indicator – DPS, which stands for Damage Per Second, or, in other words, a metric referring to the average level of damage a given Pokémon inflicts on the opponent using a certain move during a battle. Pokémon use two different types of moves: Fast Moves and Charged Moves. The Attack value of a Pokémon is thus determined on the basis of the combined DPS value from their best set of moves.                                     

Strongest Pokémon, Lucario
Lucario | Źródło: bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net

Here are the Pokémon with the highest Attack stats:                                            

  • Mewtwo – Fast Move: Confusion (15 DPS); Charged Move: Psystrike (47 DPS).
  • Rayquaza – Fast Move: Dragon Tail (16.4 DPS); Charged Move: Outrage (33.8 DPS).
  • Deoxys – Fast Move: Zen Headbutt (13.1 DPS); Charged Move: Hyper Beam (39.5 DPS).
  • Salamence – Fast Move:: Dragon Tail (16.4 DPS); Charged Move: Draco Meteor (50 DPS).
  • Reshiram – Fast Move: Fire Fang (16 DPS); Charged Move: Overheat (48 DPS).
  • Dragapult – Fast Move: Dragon Tail (16.4 DPS); Charged Move: Shadow Ball (40 DPS).
  • Chandelure – Fast Move: Fire Spin (15.3 DPS); Charged Move: Shadow Ball (40 DPS).
  • Metagross – Fast Move: Bullet Punch (12 DPS); Charged Move: Meteor Mash (46.2 DPS).
  • Dialga – Fast Move: Metal Claw (13.7 DPS); Charged Move: Draco Meteor (50 DPS).
  • Lucario – Fast Move: Counter (16 DPS); Charged Move: Aura Sphere (60 DPS).

Pokémon with the highest Defense stats

If you are looking for a Pokémon to guard and protect a gym, your defense strategy must be on point: you want a Pokémon with the highest possible Defense stats. Just as in the case of Attack Pokémon, the Defense value is calculated based on movesets performed by the Pokémon in order to ward off the attacker. The best defenders among Pokémon are distinguished by a high DPS in contrattack and their attack stats multiplied by their Hit Points (HP) value.

Best Pokémon in defense, Ho-OH
Ho-OH | Źródło: bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net

The most reliable Defense Pokémon are:

  • Ho-Oh – Fast Move: Incinerate (15.1 DPS); Charged Move: Brave Bird (78 DPS); Base Defense Stat: 244; Max HP: 180.
  • Lugia – Fast Move: Extrasensory (13.1 DPS); Charged Move: Aeroblast (63.5 DPS); Base Defense Stat: 310; Max HP: 197.
  • Melloetta – Fast Move: Confusion (16 DPS); Charged Move: Hyper Beam (47.4 DPS); Base Defense Stat: 225; Max HP: 189.
  • Mewtwo – Fast Move: Confusion (15 DPS); Charged Move: Psystrike (47 DPS); bazowa Base Defense Stat: 182; Max HP: 180.
  • Victini – Fast Move: Confusion (15 DPS); Charged Move: V-create (40.7 DPS); Base Defense Stat: 210; Max HP: 189.
  • Volcanion – Fast Move: Incinerate (15.1 DPS); Charged Move: Hydro Pump (47.3 DPS); Base Defense Stat: 216; Max HP: 162.
  • Rhyperior – Fast Move: Mud-Slap (15.4 DPS); Charged Move: Rock Wrecker (36.7 DPS); Base Defense Stat: 190; Max HP: 210.
  • Eternatus – Fast Move: Dragon Tail (16.4 DPS); Charged Move: Dragon Pulse (30 DPS); Base Defense Stat: 192; Max HP: 223.
  • Zekrom – Fast Move: Charge Beam (8.7 DPS); Charged Move: Outrage (33.8 DPS); Base Defense Stat: 211; Max HP: 173.
  • Garchomp – Fast Move: Dragon Tail (16.4 DPS); Charged Move: Outrage (33.8 DPS); Base Defense Stat: 193; Max HP: 200.

Pokémon with the highest Stamina

The final metric that contributes to the overall Pokémon strength is stamina, found in all of the base stats of every Pokémon. High stamina positively impacts the ability to succeed in a battle, and combined with a high level of defense can guarantee a win during efforts to defend a gym.

Here are the top Pokémon with the highest Stamina:

  • Blissey – stamina: 496.
  • Chansey – stamina: 487.
  • Regidrago – stamina: 400.
  • Wobbuffet – stamina: 382.
  • Wailord – stamina: 347.
  • Alomomola – stamina: 338.
  • Snorlax – stamina: 330.
  • Drifblin – stamina: 312.
  • Hariyama – stamina: 302.
  • Wigglytuff – stamina: 295.

In the case a Pokémon is attacked, a high Stamina value will enable them to tank a hit, and to perform a slower, yet precise and powerful strike themselves. This metric, much like Attack and Defense, contributes to the general Combat Power stats for each Pokémon. 

Best Pokémon for defense, Lugia
Lugia | Źródło: bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net

Types of Pokémon, their strengths and weaknesses – how to properly plan a battle?

Every Pokémon in Pokémon GO is classified as one of the types indicating the strong and weak points of each Pokémon. Altogether, eighteen different types of Pokémon are distinguished, which helps determine what other types a given Pokémon will be more or less effective against in the case of a battle. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your Pokémon, you will be able to easily appoint the best, most suitable one to successfully face an opponent of a given type. Find out all the Pokémon types here, the types they are the most effective against and their weaknesses based on the type they represent.

Pokémon typeStrong against:Weak against:High resistance to:Vulnerability to:
NormalRock, Steel, GhostGhostFighting
BugGrass, Dark, PsychicFighting, Poison, Flying, Ghost, Fire, FairyFighting, Grass, GroundFlying, Fire, Rock
GrassWater, Ground, RockFlying, Grass, Poison, Bug, Steel, Fire, DragonGround, Electric, Grass, WaterFlying, Bug, Poison, Ice, Fire
FireSteel, Bug, Ice, GrassDragon, Water, Fire, RockSteel, Fire, Bug, Ice, GrassWater, Ground, Rock
WaterRock, Fire, GroundDragon, Water, GrassFire, Water, Ice, SteelElectric, Grass
ElectricWater, FlyingGround, Grass, Dragon, ElectricElectric, Flying, SteelGround
PoisonFairy, GrassGround, Poison, Rock, Ghost, SteelGrass, Fairy, PoisonPsychic Ground
GhostFairy, GhostNormal, DarkFighting, Bug, Normal, PoisonDark, Ghost
GroundSteel, Rock, Poison, Electric, FireBug, Grass, FlyingRock, Electric, PoisonIce, Water, Grass
RockFlying, Bug, Ice, FireGround, Steel, FightingFlying, Normal, Poison, FireGround, Fighting, Grass, Steel, Water
PsychicFighting, PoisonPsychic, Dark, SteelPsychic, FightingBug, Dark, Ghost
FlyingFighting, Grass, BugElectric, Rock, SteelFighting, Ground, GrassElectric, Rock, Ice
FightingNormalPsychic, Flying, Poison, Bug, Fairy, GhostRock, Dark, BugFlying, Fairy, Psychic
FairyDragon, Fighting, DarkSteel, Poison, FireDragon, Fighting, Bug, DarkSteel, Poison
DragonDragonFairy, SteelWater, Grass, Fire, ElectricIce, Fairy, Dragon
IceGrass, Ground, Flying, DragonFire, Water, Steel, IceIceFighting, Steel, Fire, Rock
SteelRock, Fairy, IceElectric, Steel, Fire, WaterFlying, Normal, Rock, Poison, Bug, Steel, Ice, Grass, Dragon, Fairy, PsychicGround, Fire, Fighting
DarkFairy, GhostFighting, Fairy, DarkPsychic, Dark, GhostFighting, Fairy, Bug

Pokémon individual values

The overall Pokémon strength is influenced also by so-called individual values (IV), a Pokémon equivalent of genes, appearing within a given species. Not every Pokémon of the same species will be capable of reaching its maximum strength, due to its contingency upon its genetics. Drawing on the individual values you will be more confident in deciding which Pokémon is worth either investing Stardust and Candy or evolving in order to obtain a high Combat Power. 

Now you know which Pokémon are the strongest, most powerful, and bolstered with reliability. Catch ‘em all and beat even the most challenging and dangerous opponents in Pokémon GO!



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