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18.12.2022 15:13

No internet connection. What to do when the internet doesn’t work as expected?

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No access to the Internet? This situation happens often! What to do when the message “No Internet connection” appears on your phone or computer?

No Internet connection – how to check what is the problem 

Lack of Internet access is a fairly common affliction of devices that are connected to the network on a daily basis. The first logical reaction is to call the Internet provider’s hotline. However, it is not uncommon for the problem to be with the user or the devices we use. So let’s start troubleshooting at the source first.

Is our computer connected to the local network? If our laptop or desktop is connected to the router via an Internet cable or WiFi network and we use Windows 10 on a daily basis, we should see the first clue in the lower right corner in the notification bar

If the network cable is disconnected or we are not connected to the WiFi network, such a message will be displayed to us. In this case, we should make a preliminary inspection of the router. Is it plugged in? Are all the LEDs on? 

If there is no activity on the router (no LEDs are lit), it is worth checking the power supply. It is possible that the device has been unplugged or the power supply has been damaged. It also happens that the router has been damaged. If the LEDs are on, you can perform a reset of the router. Often such action helps.

Router reset – a solution to many problems

The router is a device that is most often responsible for the transmission of the Internet in a house, apartment or office. In a sense, it is a communication hub that accesses the Internet from a provider (4G or 5G network, cable, fiber optic, radio network provider) and distributes the signal to target devices within the network. 

You can connect to the router either through a network cable or (most often) through the Wi-Fi network that the router has “created” around it. Often, a router reset is the solution we try when we suffer from a lack of Internet connection. However, the problem is not always with the router. It is a solution that is often used because of its ease of execution. 

no internet connection
Connection problems often occur when using the Internet

Unplugging the router from the power supply for a few seconds or so, toggling the power switch – all of this will cause the router to “soft reset”, reboot, re-initiate the Internet connection from the provider and start distributing the Internet connection to connected devices again.

No Internet connection – more about resetting the router

More advanced users should try to log in to the router’s interface (very often there is such a possibility to log in through any browser, knowing the router’s IP address, login and access password) and perform a reboot from the administration panel. 

The router will thus be shut down and rebooted systematically according to the procedure that the device manufacturer has provided. Simply disconnecting the power should not damage the device, although such a concern may always exist. A hard reset of the router is a restoration of its factory settings. Is it worth restoring the router to factory settings? 

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It depends. You should be aware of the consequences of a hard reset of your router. The factory settings of the device will most often be different from those you use every day. The name of the Wi-Fi network used by devices connected to the router may change, which will have problems with Wi-Fi authentication after the reset. 

So you will need to restore the previous Wi-Fi settings along with the same network name and access password, or switch all previously connected devices to the new network. The router’s advanced settings will also change – parental control, if it is from the router that you control your youngest’s access to the Internet, guest network, IP addresses of the router and devices connected to it.

If we feel we are advanced enough and know what we are doing – it is worth a try. Above all, when we are sure that the fault lies with the router and the Internet was lost after changing its settings ourselves, and we can not remember which setting was changed.

internet - router connection
The problem may not always lie with the operator

Windows 10 no internet connection – what to blame?

Lack of Internet connection in Windows 10 after a router reset (the router works, but there is no Internet) may be due to a defective cable connecting the laptop or desktop computer to the router. It is then worth checking the condition of the cable, testing the connection on a new cable, another device or on a different LAN socket on the router – it may not be a faulty cable, but a port on the router. 

If we can access the Internet on the same cable, but a different device, the problem most likely lies in the network card of the device without Internet connection. Laptops and desktops can also work on a wireless network – you can connect to the router’s W-iFi network for the duration of the repair.

On Windows 10, the lack of connection to WiFi Internet can also be due to the wrong password provided (message: no authentication, network unidentified or cannot connect to this network). Once the Windows 10 device is connected, but there is still a lack of Internet access, despite the connection to the network and we are rather sure that the router is working properly – the problem may be on the provider’s side.

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No internet on the phone – a problem with the network or coverage?

No Internet access on the phone and the analysis of the cause is quite simple. Do we use the internet on the phone from a mobile network provider, or via Wi-Fi at home, office or apartment? If the Internet provider on the phone is the mobile network operator we use to make phone calls, let’s first of all check whether we have data transfer enabled. Also obvious is the need to turn off airplane mode on the phone.

If you are abroad and want to use the Internet there, you should additionally enable data roaming. The next step is to check the signal strength of the mobile network on the phone. It often happens that the range is sufficient to make phone calls freely (3G network), and still too weak to use the Internet.

internet cable
Let’s prophylactically check the connection of cables to the router, as well as their condition

If you find a weak signal, it’s a good idea to leave the room for an open space, where the mobile signal strength will be higher. The last element that can limit Internet access on the phone is the terms of our contract with the operator. It is likely that the available data transfer limit in the billing period has been exhausted and the operator has applied the so-called funnel – turned on the minimum data transfer, which prevents use of the Internet

If you use Wi-Fi internet, the lack of internet connection on your phone might be related to Wi-Fi network problems. So the sensible solution is to switch to the cellular network of the mobile provider and use your own data transfer.

Computer, laptop or phone can’t see Wi-Fi network

When devices cannot access the Internet when connected to a wireless network, the problem may lie with the service provider. However, there are situations in which a laptop or phone can’t see Wi-Fi. In this case, the Wi-Fi network card may be faulty, turned off, or airplane mode is enabled on the device. 


How to disable airplane mode on a laptop is checked in the Windows Help Center. Most often it is one button to toggle in the system administration panel and our device will connect to the Internet. There is also a more mundane reason why your phone or laptop can’t see Wi-Fi. The network coverage may be too poor, the device may be far away from the router – so it’s a good idea to diagnose the connection a short distance from the router.

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“Unable to connect to this network” 

Such a message sometimes appears when the advanced settings of a computer or laptop’s network card have been changed. So it is necessary to find the wireless network card settings in the Windows 10 Administration Panel. 

Changing network card settings (get IP address automatically, get DNS server address automatically), disabling it and turning it back on may help. You can also try “forget the wireless network” and add it again – this sometimes helps. Of course, do not forget to restart the router.

No access to the Internet despite connection to the network

There are situations when devices are connected without Internet to the Wi-Fi network. The local Wi-Fi network is authenticated, but there is no Internet connection. In this situation, we narrow down the problem to the device that creates the local network, namely the router. There is a good chance that it is the ISP that has a failure and is not delivering Internet to the router. So we see a Wi-Fi local network, we can connect to it, but there is no Internet access.

no internet connection
I don’t think anyone likes the lack of internet

The router works, but there is no Internet – it is not necessarily the operator’s fault

The lack of Internet access is irritating. If the router works, we can see the Wi-Fi network, the Internet operator does not confirm the failure at home, meanwhile we still have a problem with the Internet, you can do the following more advanced steps:

  • update the network card drivers,
  • update the router’s software (firmware upgrade),
  • check the router’s blocked network card address filters – maybe some devices are intentionally blocked,
  • resetting the TCP/IP network connection in Windows 10

The above steps only seemingly look complicated. However, we recommend caution at every stage, as these actions can negatively affect the functioning of devices and the router.

How to turn on WiFi or disable airplane mode on your laptop

Airplane mode is a setting on a phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer that disables all wireless receivers. A wireless receiver is not only a Wi-Fi wireless network card, but also a Bluetooth receiver card. 

Enabling airplane mode is required, for example, during a passenger flight, so that computing devices do not interfere with the aircraft’s complex modules, as such interference could potentially cause a plane crash. 

In Windows 10, airplane mode can be toggled in the Network and Internet menu or in the Quick Launch bar (usually the bottom right corner of the screen) in Network and Internet Settings. Keep in mind that disabling airplane mode does not automatically turn on the Wi-Fi network card. It is therefore necessary to turn it on manually, usually from the same menu. 



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