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26.06.2022 23:04

No internet connection – what to do when your Internet connection is not working properly?


Is the Internet connection not working on your device? We advise what to do when the “No Internet Access” message appears on the phone or computer and how to fix it. Check our guide on how to resolve connectivity issues.

No Internet connection – how to check what the problem

Lack of Internet access is a fairly common affliction of devices that are connected to the network on a daily basis. The first logical reaction is to call the ISP’s hotline. However, often the problem lies with the user or with the devices itself. So let’s start troubleshooting first at the source.

Is our computer connected to the local network? If our laptop or desktop computer is connected to the router via an internet cable or WiFi network and we use Windows 10 on a daily basis, we should see the first clue in the lower right corner of the notification bar. 

no internet connection

If the network cable is disconnected or we are not connected to the WiFi network, such a message will be displayed to us. In this case, we should do an initial inspection of the router. Is it connected to electricity? Are all the LEDs lit? 

If there is no activity on the router (the LEDs are not lit), it is worth checking the power supply. It is possible that the device has been disconnected from the main power supply. It also happens that the router has been damaged. If the lights are on, you can perform a router reset. Often this action helps.

Router reset – a solution to many problems

A router is a device that is most often responsible for Internet transmission at home, apartment or office. It is a communication node that has access to the Internet from the provider (4G or 5G network, cable, fiber, radio provider) and distributes the signal to target devices within the network. 

You can connect to the router both with a network cable and (most often) through the WiFi network that the router has “created” around itself. Oftentimes, resetting the router is the solution we try when we have no internet access. However, the problem is not always with the router. This is a solution that is often used because it is easy to carry out. 


Disconnecting the router from the power supply for several seconds, switching the power switch, removing the plug from the router – all this causes the router to be “soft” reset, rebooting, restarting the Internet connection from the provider and re-distributing the Internet connection to the connected devices.

internet - router connection

More advanced users should try to log into the router’s interface (it is very often possible to log in via any browser, knowing the router’s IP address, login and password) and restart from the administration panel. 

In this way, the router will be closed and the system started in accordance with the procedure provided by the device manufacturer. Merely disconnecting the power supply should not damage the device, although such a fear may always exist.

A hard reset of the router is a reset to its factory settings. Is it worth resetting the router to factory settings? 

It depends. Be aware of the consequences of a hard router reset. The factory settings of the device will most often be different than those we use every day. It may be possible to change the name of the WiFi network used by devices connected to the router, which will have a problem with WiFi authentication after the reset. 

Therefore, you should restore the previous WiFi network settings with the same network name and password, or switch all previously connected devices to the new network. The advanced settings of the router will also change – parental control, if we control Internet access by children from the level of the router, guest network, IP addresses of the router and devices connected to it. If you feel you know what we are doing – it’s worth trying. 

Windows 10 – no access to the Internet – what could it be the result of?

Lack of Internet access in Windows 10 after resetting the router (the router is working, but there is no internet) may be due to damage to the cable connecting the laptop or desktop computer to the router. It is then worth checking the condition of the cable, testing the connection with a new cable, another device or in another LAN socket of the router – it may not be a faulty cable, but a port in the router. 

rj45 cable

If we have access to the Internet on the same cable and on a different device, the problem is most likely in the network adapter of the device without the Internet. Laptops and desktops can also work on a wireless network – you can connect to the router’s WiFi network for the duration of the repair.

On Windows 10, the lack of WiFi internet access may also result from the wrong password provided (message: no authentication, network unidentified or unable to connect to this network). When the device with Windows 10 is connected, but there is still no access to the Internet, despite being connected to the network and we are rather sure that the router is working properly – the problem may be on the provider’s side.

No internet on the phone – network or range problem?

In the absence of internet access on the phone, the cause analysis is quite simple. Do we use the Internet on the phone from the mobile network operator or via WiFi at home, office or apartment?

If the internet provider in the phone is the mobile network operator that we use to make phone calls, first of all, let’s check if we have data transmission turned on. It is also obvious that you need to turn off the flight mode in your phone, which we often forget. 

If you are abroad and you want to use the Internet there, you must additionally turn on data roaming. The next step is to check the signal strength of the cellular network on your phone. It often happens that the coverage is sufficient to make phone calls freely (3G network), and still too weak to use the Internet freely. 

If you find a weak signal, it is worth leaving the room to an open space, where the signal strength of the cellular network will be greater. The last element that may limit internet access on the phone are the terms of our contract with the operator.

There is a probability that the available data transfer limit in the settlement period has been exhausted and the operator has applied the so-called funnel – turned on the minimum data transfer, which prevents the free use of the Internet. 

If we use WiFi internet, the lack of internet on the phone will be related to WiFi network problems. So it makes sense to switch to the cellular network of your cellular provider and use your own data plan.

The computer, laptop or phone does not see Wi-Fi

When devices do not have access to the Internet after connecting to the wireless network, the problem may lie with the service provider. However, there are situations where your laptop or phone cannot see WiFi. In this case, the WiFi network adapter may be damaged, disabled, or the device may have airplane mode turned on. 

no internet connection

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You should also check if the airplane mode is turned off on a laptop in the Windows Help Center. Most often it is one button to be switched in the system administration panel and our device will connect to the Internet.

There is also a more prosaic reason why your phone or laptop cannot see WiFi. The network coverage may be too weak, the device may be far away from the router – so it is worth diagnosing the connection in a short distance from the router.

“Unable to connect to this network” – why do we see this message

This message sometimes appears when the advanced settings of the network adapter of the computer or laptop have changed. So it is necessary to find the settings of the wireless network adapter in the Windows 10 administration panel. 

Changing your network adapter settings (get IP address automatically, get DNS server address automatically), turn it off and on again can help. Or you can try to “forget the wireless network” and add it again – sometimes that helps. Of course, let’s not forget to restart the router.

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No access to the Internet despite being connected to the network

There are situations when the devices are connected to the WiFi network without the Internet. The local WiFi network is authenticated, but no internet access. In such a situation, we narrow down the problem to the device that creates the local network, i.e. the router. There is a high probability that the ISP is down and is not supplying the Internet to the router. So we see the local WiFi network, we can connect to it, but there is no internet access.

The router works, but there is no internet – it is not necessarily the fault of the operator

If the router is working, we can see the WiFi network, the internet service provider does not confirm any outage, meanwhile we still have a problem with the Internet, you can perform the following, more advanced activities:

  • updating the network card drivers,
  • updating the software router (firmware upgrade),
  • checking the filters blocked by the router of network card addresses – maybe some devices are intentionally blocked,
  • resetting the TCP / IP network connection in Windows 10.

The above actions only seem to be complicated. However, we recommend caution at each stage, as these actions may have a negative impact on the functioning of devices and the router.

How to turn on WiFi or turn off airplane mode on a laptop

Airplane mode is a phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop setting that turns off all wireless receivers. The wireless network receiver is not only a WiFi wireless network card, but also a bluetooth receiver card. 

Turning on the airplane mode is required, for example, during a passenger flight, so that computer devices do not interfere with the operation of complex airplane modules, as potentially such interference may cause a plane crash. 

In Windows 10, airplane mode can be switched in the Network and Internet menu or in the quick launch bar (most often in the lower right corner of the screen) in Network and Internet settings. Remember that disabling the airplane mode does not automatically enable the WiFi network adapter. It is therefore necessary to turn it on manually, most often from the same menu. 



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