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09.06.2022 15:23

What is an IP address? How to find it? Definition and guide


You don’t know what is an IP address? Knowing the IP address can sometimes come in very handy, so find out how to check the IP address of your computer, router, and phone.

Do you know what is the IP address of your PC, smartphone or router? Of course, nobody tells you to learn them by heart, but it’s certainly useful to learn how to check your IP. In this article, we will try to explain to you what is an IP address and how to check it. 

How to find IP address on Windows 10?

How to find the IP address on your computer? Whether you are using a PC or a Mac you can do it really quickly. Since most people are using Windows devices, so we explain how to do that on Windows 10.

Method 1

  1. Look for the Wi-Fi icon on the taskbar and right-click it.
  2. Click Open Network and Internet Settings > Change Connection Properties.
  3. Scroll down until you find the IPv4 address, there will be your IP address.

Method 2 

  1. Click on Windows Menu > System > Command Prompt.
  2. type ipconfig.
  3. in the IPv4 Address line you will find your IP address.

Method 3 

Another way is to activate the router’s interface. There you will find information about all devices connected to the network with their names and IP addresses.

Method 4

  1. Look for the search bar on taskbar on in the Windows Menu,
  2. Type „run” and click enter,
  3. It would open an window with a bar – now typecmd” and click enter.
  4. Type „ipconfig” and confirm it with enter
  5. Search for the IPv4 Address line – that’s where your IP address is.

Method 5

The last method is to use the external website. How to check the IP number using a website? These are websites like: whatismyip.com, whatismyipaddress.com or ipaddress.my, which display the public IP of your computer. You do not have to enter anything. Immediately after entering the site, you will see the number that identifies your device in the network.

Sometimes you may want to track someone’s IP and find out who is using it. How to find out who the IP belongs to? There are websites that offer such an geolocation services, but you should not trust them too much. Even if you manage to determine in which area the device with the searched IP is located, you still have no information about who exactly owns it. Besides, the data are not precise enough to draw any conclusions about the owner of a given IP number.

How to find IP address on smartphone?

Since you already know what is an IP address and how to find it on your PC then maybe you are looking for an guide how to find IP on your smartphone? How to do that on android devices? That’s actually really simple. Just click on Settings > System > Phone Info > Phone Status > IP Address. Your IP would be displayed there.


And how to do that on iPhone devices? There are two ways to do that. The first method is to get into Settings > Wi-Fi and now click on the „Info” icon next to your Wi-Fi network. 

If you will see there the number 192.168.x.x or 10.0.0.x there, that is the IP address of your network, not the device. If that happens then use the second method. Visit the WhatIsMyIp.com and check your current IP number there.

How to check your router’s IP?

When you need to configure your router or there are some problems with it, you will need its IP address. How to check the IP address of a router? Fortunately – it’s not so difficult in this case as well.

How to check your router’s IP on Windows devices:

  1. Click the Windows Menu > System > Command Prompt.
  2. Typeipconfig” and confirm by clicking enter.
  3. Look for the Default Gateway line, where you find the IP of your router.
router's ip address

How to check your router’s IP on Mac devices:

  1. Go to System Preferences > Network tab > Advanced.
  2. Your router’s IP address is listed next to the word Router.

What is an IP address and why should You check it?

An IP address (Internet Protocol Address) is a unique number assigned to devices that connect to a network. It enables proper communication between network users and the transmission of data. Most IP addresses are written in the IPv4 standard. They consist of 4 dot-separated numbers between 0 and 255. However, since the pool of such IP addresses is already being depleted, a new standard has emerged – IPv6.

Why look up an IP? Knowing the IP address can be useful, for example, when verifying equipment connected to the Internet.

This knowledge is also very useful when you want to impose transfer speed limits for individual devices. It is worth using this possibility so that your children do not watch movies on their laptops or tablets when they should be studying. Just set a transfer limit on their learning computer so that it is enough to browse the Internet and search for materials, but not to download or stream movies.

An IP address is used to block specific sites from accessing your device. This allows you to protect your children from pornography and violence on the internet.

Public and local, dynamic and static IP – what’s the difference?

IP addresses can be divided into static and dynamic, local and public. What’s the difference between them?:

  • Static IP – means that the IP address does not change even after resetting the device,
  • Dynamic IP – means that the IP address is changeable, assigned each time you connect to the Internet or after a specified period of time (e.g. 24 hours).

Today, most Internet users have dynamic IPs. ISPs rather rarely offer nowadays static IP. Usually the biggest operators decide on it and only with the best Internet connections). A static IP address is especially important for business people who, for example, host their own website or file server.

  • Local  IP – also called a private IP address is one that is assigned to local area network (LAN) users. It is invisible to others, so they cannot join the network. Such addresses are usually assigned by a DHCP server. Its number usually looks like: 192.168.0.XXX. The first three characters identify the network to which the device is attached, the next ones identify the equipment itself, and the last ones change depending on whether you are connected to a home or business network.
  • Public IP – this is the one that everyone can see. Thanks to it, your device can connect to any network and is visible in it. The record of such IP address is different than the local one. Often people who enter the phrase “How to check the IP of the Internet” in a search engine are looking for this exact address.
public ip
Source: avast.com

It is also worth mentioning that you can hide your IP. Why should you do it? Because if you share your IP data with any site, it could jeopardize your security and anonymity online. For example, did you know that airlines and travel agencies can change airline ticket prices based on your IP location? Some sites make their content available differently based on location. If you want to get around region-based restrictions, you can hide your IP.

The easiest way to hide your IP is to use a VPN, or virtual private network. Paid programs like VPN Express work best. They offer the best encryption while maintaining fast transfer speeds. Some softwares allow free trials for 7 or 30 days. However, you can also use free online VPN sites or VPN plugins, although they are not as effective.

Can you track someone by IP address?

Threats like “I’ll find you by your IP address” are often seen online, especially when there are arguments on social media platforms or during online games. Is an ordinary citizen able to do this? Is there really anything to fear?

Assuming that your comment does not break the law in any way, such a possibility does not exist. Assuming even that you do not try to hide your IP, e.g. by using VPN services. All data concerning your connection with a given website is in the possession of the website administrator and the Internet provider. And only them, on demand of appropriate services (police or prosecutor’s office) can share your IP address for further analysis in hypothetical proceedings – as evidence.

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Every device you use to browse the Internet or within your home network has a unique IP number. Knowing it can be very useful in various situations. We are sure that with our tips you already know how to check the IP of your computer, router, and phone.



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