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28.08.2022 12:18

What is the best program for a video editing lover? Free Movie Editing Software

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Are you looking for a proven movie editing program? And one for free? The web offers quite a lot of tools that will prove useful in this task. Which ones will be most useful to you? We advise!

What should a good movie editing program offer?

A good program offers the user a multitude of functions and comfort of use. Your decision on which one is best for you should be dictated by your personal needs and requirements. Every video editing enthusiast may have a different view of what a “good show” means to him. Are you looking for a simple tool or maybe something for the more advanced? You can find many helpful programs on the Internet, and they are absolutely free. Creating and editing movies is an interesting hobby that can turn into a professional occupation over time – the basis is a good program. Video editing software doesn’t have to be expensive!

Free video editing software - possibilities
Free video editing programs offer so many possibilities that even professionals use them

Wondershare Filmora is a movie editing program that is one of the most popular in this category. The clear interface in the version for both Windows and Mac OS allows you to get acquainted with interesting functionalities. It is a frequently chosen program for editing videos on YT (YouTube) by novice vloggers. Would you like to prove yourself as a creator? Record material, download the basic version of Filmora and test your editing skills. If you start to miss something after some time, you can get a commercial version, which also works. Filmora is one of the iconic proposals on the film processing market – many novice filmmakers have had contact with it.

OpenShot Video Editor – a completely free program with tons of options

Here’s a free software project, OpenShot Video Editor. This completely free video editing program works thanks to the work of volunteers and optional donations. There are versions compatible with Windows, Linux, Chrome and Mac OS X. Editing of frames, subtitles, soundtrack and advanced animations – this is waiting for you in the OpenShot editor, among others.

Free video editing programs - perfect editing
The tools described by us differ slightly in capabilities and functions, but all of them will allow you to assemble the perfect video

Blender – a powerful, free 2D and 3D animation editing tool.

Blender is also open-access software that allows you to model and render images and 3D animations. While not a classic movie editing program, it comes in handy for post-production and for creating interactive presentations. With proper use, Blender will help you prepare high-quality animations.

In addition to traditionally available options such as Windows, Mac OS or Linux, Blender also works with less known operating systems and Steam. The last proposal appears for a reason – Blender is also perfect for graphic processing of computer games.

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Shotcut – Shotcut’s multi-platform video editor

Shotcut is another proposal for a completely free video editing program. A free license also allows you to use the program for commercial production, such as creating marketing videos for your brand or YouTube videos. The constantly improved software allows for basic processing (editing, trimming, adjusting the tempo), creating subtitles, adjusting the soundtrack, etc. It works on various hardware platforms, thanks to which it has an extremely universal character. 

The community around Shortcut on the website offers a lot of interesting tutorials, thanks to which you have the opportunity to learn from more experienced people. How to start? What is the best way to prepare? What mistakes can you avoid? You should learn all of this when you want to seriously deal with film editing.

iMac from Apple
Apple hardware comes with very good video software – it’s worth trying it out

iMovie – software for Mac and iPhone

What makes iMovie different from other free video editing software? First of all , it is not software available on all operating systems. However, if you are the owner of Apple hardware, perhaps this is a proposition worth your attention in the first place. As the producer convinces – thanks to iMovie you can turn your recordings into film magic. The easy-to-use program offers a number of interesting possibilities that are mastered even by beginners.

The program allows you to create recordings of high resolution and very good quality. Complement your professionally edited videos with an effective soundtrack, subtitles, add special effects and – if necessary – visual filters. Use your favorite equipment: If you’re on the move and don’t have access to a computer, you can do some of the movie work from your iPad or even your iPhone, and then complete your movie from another device. Have fun making it the most comfortable and satisfying for you.

DaVinci Resolve – the program chosen by professionals

The DaVinci Resolve is so eagerly used by beginners and professionals for a reason. It is used primarily for color correction and non-linear video editing in all three of the most popular operating systems. It belongs to Blackmagic Design, a large Australian company dealing with digital cinema.

Free software such as DaVinci Resolve is in no way inferior to expensive professional solutions

Very advanced color processing tools allow you to achieve unbelievable results. It works well not only in home games for creating family recordings, but also in TV productions and on a film set, for example when you want to synchronize shots from several cameras. Users praise DaVinci Resolve for its flexible interface that offers the ability to adapt to user preferences, which is especially important if you want to use advanced options. One of the versions resembles the interface of the Avid program, which includes such hits as Guardians of the Galaxy 2, The Hobbit or Star Wars.

Lightworks – One of the Best Free Movie Editing Software on the Market

Professional Free Movie Editing Program? Meet Lightworks, the icing on the cake of this list. It is Lightworks that has the reputation of being one of the best programs of this type. Creative work on high-quality videos, export to YouTube or Vimeo websites, the ability to adjust dimensions and use precise tools that allow you to work with high accuracy – it is here. There are two versions: the basic version, completely free, and the premium version, for people who decide to take their creative struggles to an even higher level.

Free video editing programs - camera, action
Do you already know everything? Well then: lights, camera, action

It is worth adding that the Lightworks program was used, among others, by the creators of the famous cinema blockbuster Wolf of Wall Street or the cult Pulp Fiction, as well as many other Hollywood productions. The home version will be compatible with your computer, whether you’re using Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux. Choose it if you are not afraid of complicated mechanisms and you enjoy learning new things. 

Movie editing software is a real river theme. If you are just starting your adventure with home editing, learn about the determinants of each of the most popular titles to achieve the best results. The indicated software does not contain the so-called tricks – in the basic version you will use them completely free of charge and legally, without fear of having to provide your credit card number at the end of hard and intensive work. Importantly, you don’t have to “reinvent the wheel” – applications of this type often gather a very helpful community around them. Enjoy its benefits!



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