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26.07.2022 20:49

WhatsApp – what is it and how does it work?

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Mobile application used by 2 billion users – WhatsApp has been conquering the world for several years. Is it worth using this messenger? How to run WhatsApp online? We compare it with Messenger, Signal and Skype.

WhatsApp – the perfect messenger for your phone

WhatsApp is a messenger that uses an Internet connection to send messages – mobile data transfer or simply Wi-Fi. Thanks to this, you can send messages from anywhere in the world to any WhatsApp user for absolutely free. So you don’t have to worry about high costs of sending messages abroad.

Green calms down

All the features of a good messenger in one mobile application, in addition no ads? It is possible. WhatsApp, in addition to text messages, facilitates the transfer of multimedia in the form of photos, videos or text files. An unquestionable advantage of the communicator is the possibility of direct recording and sending voice messages. WhatsApp also offers easy video calling.

Are there any WhatsApp fees? The application allows you to make phone calls free of charge. So if you have friends who live abroad and you don’t want to pay for extra calling plans, choose WhatsApp. The cost is limited to the consumption of the mobile data package that you choose from your operator.

By using WhatsApp, you can share your location data with friends. Just select the appropriate option for sharing attachments by clicking the paperclip icon and you’re done. You don’t have to waste time translating how to reach you, because the application will do it for you.

If you are using an iPhone, you must be familiar with these features from the popular iMessage service. You may not be satisfied with the capabilities of WhatsApp alone, but note that WhatsApp allows for extended communication with all functions between any devices, regardless of the operating system. Apple’s services are characterized by the fact that they are closed in the circle of users of the company’s services.

WhatsApp therefore paves the way for free communication between users, no matter what operating system they use. You can enjoy the freedom to chat with non-iPhone friends.


Installing the WhatsApp application – how to download the messenger for Android and iOS.

Would you like to test the WhatsApp application? Here are a few steps how to download one of the most popular online messengers to your phone. Whether your smartphone is based on Android or iOS, installing WhatsApp is just as easy.

You just need to find the title in the application store (Google Play, App Store) and download the program to your phone. After opening the messenger, enter your phone number. You will receive a text message with a verification code.

After this operation, WhatsApp retrieves the contact list from your phone book. From now on you can see which friends also use this messenger. It is with them that you can chat via WhatsApp. If you want, you can also use the option to download contacts from Facebook. The application allows you to create chat rooms. This allows you to create any groups of recipients within which the conversation will take place.

WhatsApp web – a great communicator for your computer

Since 2015, WhatsApp is also available in the browser version. To use this option, go to web.whatsapp.com from your web browser and follow the login instructions. Note: you will need an app on your phone for this.

The program will automatically open your contact list. You can use WhatsApp Web on any device, such as a desktop, laptop or tablet. From the browser application, you can transfer files that you have saved on the selected device. Unfortunately, WhatsApp does not offer video calling or voice calling in web version. All other functions, however, work fine.

If you want, you can easily download the application to your computer. After logging in to WhatsApp Web, before choosing the conversation option, there is a link to download the program at the bottom of the page. The application automatically selects the system you are using. You can install WhatsApp on Windows or MacOS computers.

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WhatsApp on the computer – are there better solutions?

Until recently, the drawback of the computer version of WhatsApp was the inability to make voice and video calls. Now it is possible and it works quite well – it works flawlessly, all you need to do is have an efficient Internet. Does it make WhatsApp stand out from other messengers?

Surely you are familiar with Skype – the application that allows VideoCall. Skype has a mobile and a desktop version, and so does WhatsApp. However, to use Skype, you need to create an account with more details. WhatsApp for PC is compatible with the mobile application. After scanning the QR code with your phone, you have access to the entire conversation history and to all your contacts. This is a very easy and quick solution if you need to make a call immediately from your computer.

Using the application on a PC also allows you to quickly transfer any files – both text and multimedia. You can quickly send a spreadsheet, presentation, or any other document without the restrictions of using traditional email. WhatsApp allows you to send a file of up to 100 MB, which is quite a lot for an app.

Certainly, there are several similar solutions, but the WhatsApp application itself combines the most necessary and advantageous functions of messengers. You don’t need to use e-mail, phone and video calling programs separately – you can do it all with WhatsApp.

The confusion with the new privacy policy is a big blow to WhatsApp’s popularity

Is WhatsApp safe?

Wondering if WhatsApp is safe? A messenger that allows you to transfer confidential data, private conversations and multimedia files should be well secured. You wouldn’t like your messages to fall into the wrong hands, right? You don’t have to worry about privacy. WhatsApp cares about the security of using its services.

The developers of the application took care of the most important thing – the protection of private data. Each call and message is fully encrypted so that only the people in the conversation can see and hear your messages. Apart from them, no one has access to this content. The application also backs up data, contacts and messages that you can easily recover from Android or iOS devices.

Logging in to WhatsApp without a phone number

Would you like to use your WhatsApp account without a phone number? There is a way. By default, the application needs a phone number to verify the user account. If you don’t want to enter your number, check out a few tricks to make the verification successful.

The easiest way is to generate a number in the Textnow application. It is a program that allows you to make free voice and text calls. As soon as you log in, you will receive your number which you need to use to verify your WhatsApp account.

After installing WhatsApp on the selected device, proceed to the account verification process. Enter the number from the Textnow app. At this point, the check will fail, but WhatsApp will offer to verify by connection.


In the Textnow app, pick up a call from WhatsApp and write down the code. Enter the code in the WhatsApp verification process and you’re done – you have access to the application without entering your phone number. Now you can enjoy WhatsApp features in Incognito mode.

What do WhatsApp and Facebook have in common?

With the purchase of WhatsApp in 2014, Facebook began giving away hints about the further development of the app. The presence of the Zuckerberg service was not particularly noticeable until early 2021. It was then that a new privacy policy was announced, which received a powerful reaction from users. The changes were supposed to concern the issue of sharing confidential information with Facebook (we will focus on it soon), however, general dissatisfaction among users and problems with violating European Union law (the new policy violated the provisions of the GDPR), led to the fact that the implementation of the changes was postponed until May 2021 year. It just postponed the inevitable.

However, are there any reasons for concern? Calling WhatsApp as a Facebook spy app may be a slight abuse, but the outflow of users is real. What is this caused? The excessive amount of information transmitted from the communicator to the giant from Menlo Park. By accepting the new regulations, the user agrees to be sent information about the time and length of the session, IP address, location, pictures and avatars, settings and information about the device on which WhatsApp is installed. Quite a lot for a communicator.

The data is to be collected in order to personalize advertisements and content in all services belonging to Facebook. It is worth noting that our conversations remain encrypted – Zuckerberg’s company will not have access to this information. Which does not change the fact that the trust in WhatsApp, which was considered to be a messenger that appreciated the privacy of its users very much, suffered a great blow.

Whatsapp vs Messenger, Signal and Skype

Which instant messaging application is the best? What distinguishes WhatsApp from competing applications? We compare WhatsApp with similar programs – Messenger, Signal and Skype. Let’s check the strengths and weaknesses of each of them.

Is WhatsApp equal to Messenger? Or maybe he is better than it? Messenger is compatible with your Facebook account. Therefore, if you do not block this option, every Facebook user who reaches your profile can send you messages. Of course, you can block unwanted conversations, but you can never be 100% sure that the same person will not try to contact you from another, fake account.


WhatsApp only works for users who have you on their contact list, and vice versa. This gives you more control over who can speak to you. After all, you don’t share your private phone number publicly with everyone.

Whatsapp in India
An example of Facebook’s efforts to restore trust among Indian users | Source: theconversation.com

Sending multimedia files in Messenger is associated with the risk of quality loss – unfortunately, this is a major drawback of the application. Sending photos via WhatsApp is much better if you want to preserve the value of your photos.

Signal is a popular messenger, especially used by those who value privacy. Messages are exchanged using the Signal Protocol encryption process. As a result, users can be sure that their conversations are safe. Unfortunately, Signal does not have a standalone computer program. You need an app to use Signal on PC, just like WhatsApp.

Skype is another popular instant messenger. By using it, you can easily make voice and video calls with other users. To set up a Skype account, you will need to enter your e-mail address. Is Skype better than WhatsApp?

If you want to compare instant messaging, you should take into account a factor not related to the functionality of the application. It’s all about social coverage. For instant messaging to have a chance of success, it must be used by as many people as possible. For example, Skype is used by hundreds of millions of people, and WhatsApp is used by 2 billion. This simple example shows which messenger has the most penetration power. This strength lies in the users.

Will WhatsApp replace text messaging and traditional calls?

Instant messaging allows you to freely transfer content between users, basically free of charge. However, is it possible to say that it replaces SMS messages and traditional telephone calls? Yes and no.

WhatsApp breaks records of the popularity of online messengers, but it still works mainly in the private sphere. For business calls and sending public messages, we more often choose SMS and phone calls. Traditional methods are still more reliable – all you need to do is have a phone and no external application is needed to make the call.

If you would ask me at the end of 2020 if WhatsApp is a good choice, I would certainly answer without hesitation. Unfortunately, everything has changed with the new privacy policy that allows Facebook to collect even more information about us. Bearing in mind that our conversations are still encrypted, we must consider whether we want to continue using the green messenger or look for an alternative. That aside, WhatsApp is a fantastic app.



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