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30.04.2023 15:55

Where is Clipboard on Android? Quick ways to find and access Clipboard on Android

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Where is Clipboard on Android? Clipboard is without a doubt an extremely practical and handy tool used by most smartphone users. Wondering where it is and how to access and use it? We bring answers!

Where is Clipboard and what purpose does it have? 

You might have noticed a notification on your phone saying a file, a text message or a picture has been copied to Clipboard. Well, what is this mystical Clipboard location? Clipboard on your smartphone is a very useful tool located in the RAM memory that functions as a virtual short-term storage and transfer within and between applications. In the majority of smartphones it is accessible through keyboard or apps. This virtual space is usually able to store only one object at a time, such as a link, short text, an image, etc. What does it mean in practice? Any newly copied content will automatically replace the previous one. However, there are ways to store more content within Clipboard – to do that, you’ll need a specific type of application offered by some app creators. 

clipboard on android

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How to access Clipboard on Android through keyboard? 

How to open Clipboard on Android? As previously mentioned, Clipboard may be accessed through using the keyboard on your smartphone. To do that, you will need to simply open any app or tool that will cause the keyboard to appear on your screen. The easiest way is to simply open your Messages, an Internet browser, or any messaging app such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, or similar. If your smartphone uses the SwiftKey keyboard, look for an icon with three dots or the + symbol (depending on the smartphone model, Clipboard will be found under different icons). Those symbols are usually located in the top-left corner of the screen. If your device uses a different type of keyboard, such as Gboard, all you need to do is click on the G symbol, and then the icon that resembles a notepad. You should be able to find the G symbol also in the top-left corner of the keyboard. In order to paste the copied content in the text box, once you open the keyboard, you can also click on the text field and select ‘Paste’ from the options. That will paste the recently copied content into the text field. 

Though all of these processes may vary depending on the smartphone model and the type of keyboard your device uses, the above solutions are those which are the most common and will apply in most of the cases.                                     

Recovering content from Clipboard through apps

Other ways exist to access Clipoard while giving you more options to manage the content there. There are several useful applications available that serve as Clipboard. If you are using an Android smartphone, head to Google Play and download, for example, the free Clipper app which offers plenty of additional functions. It lets you store significantly more copied content (up to 20 items) than the default Clipboard available on all smartphones. Clipper allows you to also browse the copied items, edit them, and share. There is an extended paid version too: Clipper Plus, which gives you even more access to numerous extra features, such as further increasing the amount of copied and stored content. 

where is clipboard on android
The clipboard on the phone that is, the place where our copied texts, links, etc. are located.

Other interesting apps to make a better use of Clipboard on Android are Clipboard Manager – an easily accessible app which allows you to categorise the copied items; Clipt – an app with a clean, attractive interface with which you will be able to share and transfer your copied items across different devices; or Clipto, equally visually appealing with options to clearly organise the content, and sync and share it across various devices.


How to clear Clipboard on Android? 

Are you wondering how to clear the content of your Clipboard on Android? If you want to delete the content currently stored on Clipboard, if you are using the default Clipboard tool, all you need to do is simply copy any other content. As mentioned before, the default Clipboard usually saves and stores only one item at a time, so by copying anything, the previously copied content will be automatically deleted. You can also clear the Clipboard by opening it through the keyboard and selecting ‘Delete all’ from the options. 

Now that you know what Clipboard is, where it is located, and how much content it is able to store, you should be able to decide if that’s enough for you. If not, it might be a good idea to download one of the apps that serve as Clipboard while offering many more additional functions and features. Let us know in the comments whether you are planning to download an extra Clipboard app!



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