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10.06.2022 17:05

Where is the trash on your Android phone? How to recover deleted photos and files?

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Where is the trash folder on my phone? How do I restore deleted photos and files from my phone? If these are the kind of questions you need answered, you came to the right place.

Trash folder – where are the deleted files on your phone?

It should be noted that this article only applies to phones with the Android operating system. The following tips do not apply to Apple smartphones. Remember that there are also many versions of the Android system, as well as a large number of custom overlays for this system, which are evolving very quickly.

On Android, unlike Windows, there is no such location as a “recycle bin” for deleted files. Android was designed for mobile devices, with a small amount of internal memory and the system recycle bin was never created. The limitation was the lack of space to store deleted data. 

where is trash on android
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Thus, “pure” Android does not have the possibility to recover deleted files by default. We’ve all managed to accidentally delete photos or videos from our phone. Perhaps while selecting photos on your phone to transfer them, you accidentally clicked on the “delete photos” icon? Maybe you were also cleaning up the system memory and accidentally deleted the entire folder with photos or the download folder with important files?

Fortunately, manufacturer overlays (Samsung, Xiaomi, LG and other companies), Android modifications, provide some options for recovering lost data. Starting from the eleventh version of Android, it has a system recycle bin for deleted files. 

It is not freely available (you will need to search for it in the settings) and it is also not organized (files placed in the Android recycle bin will not be sorted by type or size), but it allows you to recover accidentally deleted data. Files in the Android recycle bin are expected to be stored for up to 30 days.

How to restore deleted photos from your phone

The easiest way to recover deleted media – videos and photos. Recovering photos from an Android phone is possible via the “Recycle Bin” or “Recently Deleted” options in the Phone Gallery (click the recover files icon). 


This functionality was added by the phone manufacturer and it is not guaranteed that it exists on your model. Using Google Photos makes the task even easier – the deleted photos are still saved in the Google Cloud.

To check where the trash is on your Samsung or LG phone , click on the three dots or the three vertical bars at the top right corner of the screen in the Gallery app. There you will find our deleted photos with the restore icon next to them. 

The recycle bin on your Huawei phone is located in the “Albums” and “Recently Deleted” tabs. In LG and Samsung phones, we can recover deleted photos usually up to 7 days. The Android recycle bin on Huawei phones is available for 30 days, unless we clean this location ourselves. The above tips also apply to managing the files we want to delete permanently – we now know where to find the recycle bin on Android and delete files from it forever.

How to restore deleted files

Other deleted files are very difficult to recover. We can use external applications (often paid), but we will never have a guarantee that the files will be recovered. There is also no good method on how to recover deleted contacts from your phone. The most important thing is to try to recover your data as soon as possible. Files are overwritten by new data and after a few days we will lose deleted information forever if we don’t react early enough.

Prevention is also important. Let’s make sure that our data (not only photos and videos, but also documents, phone contacts) are synchronized in the cloud. The most popular and default cloud for data on Android phones is Google Drive, thanks to which we will be able to restore deleted files – their backup will still be available on external servers. 

app to restore data
You can find many programs on the web to increase the security of our data

Nothing prevents you from synchronizing your phone data with the cloud of another provider – Dropbox, Microsoft Onedrive, Ice Drive, Evernote – will also allow you to synchronize entire folders with the cloud. 

We can use a home NAS file server, if we have one, for this purpose. Synchronization of data from the phone with an external location is possible both for the entire phone and within one application. We have long been able to save a backup of conversations and media from WhatsApp and Viber messenger. It is worth using these options.

Phone photo recovery programs – should you use them?

There are a lot of photo recovery programs and applications on the web. Unfortunately, most photo recovery software can only recover thumbnails of deleted files. Many of them (as well as professional phone data recovery programs) should be installed on the phone before the file deletion event

It is usually unrealistic, because we are never interested in such programs until the data on the phone is deleted. To install Android data recovery, you may need to “root” your phone, that is, unlock it to administrator level. 

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Rooting the phone is a very useful solution as it gives you access to the hidden capabilities of your smartphone. On the other hand, however, the modification of the manufacturer’s software may result in the loss of warranty. Also, improper handling of such a phone can damage it, for example, by excessive load on the processor.

As always, be careful with installing third-party utilities – if they are not authorized by Google Play, there is a chance that a seemingly useful program that is supposed to help us recover deleted videos or photos from the phone is a malicious application that will be a virus and will steal our data.

How to recover photos from a memory card

The memory card from your phone has its own rights. It is an independent, portable data medium from which it is quite easy to restore deleted files. For this purpose, it is also recommended to use paid data recovery programs or transfer the memory card to a specialized service. We can never be sure that the deleted photos will be recovered. However, the sooner we start to be interested in it, the better our chances are.



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