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09.06.2022 17:18

YouTube Music and YouTube Premium – Everything you need to know


YouTube Music and YouTube Premium are services dating back to 2015. What are they? Can the aforementioned proposals compete with other services available on the market? How are these platforms different from Spotify, Apple Music or Tidal?

YouTube Music – what is it and how does it work?

YT Music is a free application that collects licensed music content. You will find albums, recordings from concerts, single songs and music videos representing various genres. The rich offer will surely appeal to the tastes of a fairly wide audience of all ages.

Are you wondering how the platform works and what to do to use it? All you need to do is download and install the dedicated software on your desktop computer, laptop or mobile phone. The entire process usually takes a few minutes. The users have three tabs at their disposal:

  • home page – the tab contains information about stations and music content, personalized to fit the interests and preferences of a particular user. These recommendations are based on his previous activity on Google and YouTube.
  • discover – the tab is used to search and view content posted on the platform. Thanks to it, you can quickly and easily find your favorite song, music video, concert, etc.;
  • library – here you will find all previously saved content. For better management, they are divided into categories (playlists, downloads, songs, albums, artists and subscriptions). You can add new items to them or delete existing ones at any time.
youtube music
YouTube Music allows you to access YouTube songs, grouped by genres and recommendations

YouTube Premium – what is it and how does it work?

YouTube Premium is a paid, and therefore an extended version of the “classic” YouTube. Contrary to the free version, it does not contain advertising. In addition, it allows the user to listen to their favorite music while using other applications or when the phone screen is locked. In addition, you can download saved materials and play them at any time, even without internet access (for example, on a plane). Moreover, Audio Only allows you to listen to music without having to play a music video. Thanks to this, you gain full freedom of action.

The YouTube Originals Library is where original movies and series are collected. When you become a user of the paid version of YouTube, you can watch them ad-free, and you also have access to content known only to YouTube Premium owners.

It should also be noted that YouTube Premium gives users the opportunity to test the experimental features that the American giant is currently working on, before these functions are made available to a wider audience. So you have a real influence on the direction in which the website will develop further. The presented “bonus” is a real treat not only for music lovers, but also for enthusiasts of new technologies with a flair for reviews.

Youtube Premium
YouTube Premium – if you have enough ads on YouTube

YouTube Music and YouTube Premium – price

As mentioned earlier, YouTube Music in the basic version is free, but the extended version costs $9.99 per month. However, if you buy YouTube Premium you’ll get access to YT Music too. For access to YouTube Premium you have to pay $11.99 per month, and new users can take advantage of the trial period without incurring any additional costs. The YouTube Premium price list also includes the so-called family subscription, for $17.99 per month (it can be used simultaneously by five people living in the same household, including children over 12 years of age). It is worth paying attention to the fact that you have the right to cancel the subscription at any time.


Comparing YouTube Music to Spotify, Tidal and Apple Music

The question arises about the differences and similarities between YouTube Music and other streaming platforms that include music content, such as Tidal, Amazon Music, Apple Music and Spotify. All the mentioned websites operate on similar principles. However, they offer a slightly different range of services. YT has two paid packages: standard (intended for individual users) and family (one subscription can be used by many people). Meanwhile, the number of subscription options in the case of other services is slightly higher. It also includes proposals for students and couples and gaming enthusiasts (Spotify).

The price for using these platforms starts at just a few dollars. Amazon Music charges $14.99 per month for regular customers in US currency, so the final cost of the service depends largely on the current dollar exchange rate. So which of the presented proposals is the best? It is difficult to give an unambiguous answer. One point is beyond doubt – YouTube Music can easily compete with the largest streaming applications.

youtube music application

The biggest advantages and disadvantages of YouTube Premium and YouTube Music – a short review

To sum up, does YouTube Music and YouTube Premium have a chance to be remembered by users and stay in their homes for good? Surely. The biggest advantage of the described platform is high recognition, ease of use and a wide offer. You will find a lot of different singles, albums, videos, covers, etc. You can search for songs that interest you by entering not only the name or artist, but also the lyrics of the song. Music posted on the site will provide you with many hours of high quality entertainment. 

Probably YouTube Premium will be the most popular among those who appreciate continuous video viewing and ad-free access to the rich resources of the Originals library. The price that has to be paid for using the service in the extended version can be considered a disadvantage, because using it is not the cheapest (compared to other music platforms). However, it is worth remembering that most websites of this type charge fees for additional functionalities, and the choice itself is a matter of an individual assessment of a specific user.

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YouTube Premium is paid monthly, so you can test its options according to your individual needs and preferences, and then stay with it for longer or opt out if it doesn’t meet your expectations. Please note one very important issue – the platform is constantly evolving and expanding the range of functions on offer. Perhaps it will surprise its audience more than once.



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