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26.07.2022 19:52

Elon Musk – King of Twitter and ruler of Tesla. All about Elon Musk. Will his rockets take us to Mars?


Elon Musk, founder of Tesla, SpaceX and Starlink and… an active Twitter user. Who is the richest man in the world? What’s his story? Meet the greatest visionary and the controversial figure of the 21st century.

Elon Musk – who is the founder of Tesla? A Brief Biography

You’ve certainly heard of the multi-billionaire founder of Tesla. Are you wondering who he actually is and why he owes such a huge success? Elon Musk – because we are talking about him – is an entrepreneur and philanthropist from South Africa, born in 1971. From childhood, he showed an extremely high ability to assimilate knowledge, at the same time avoiding performing school tasks.

When he got his first computer at the age of 10, he quickly learned to program. Two years later, he sold his original program – the Blastar. You could say that this is how his adventure with technology began. The young man fantasized of space and solutions that many did not even dream of. In 1989, he moved to Canada, where his mother lived. It was not easy for him there – he took up heavy physical work cleaning the boilers in the sawmill and cutting down forests. 

Elon Musk
Elon Musk is a character, that arouses a lot of controversy

The next step in Elon Musk’s life is moving to Pennsylvania and studying economics and later physics. He planned further academic development, but after two days he gave up attending classes in order to establish his first company, Zip2. It was 1995, considered by many to be the best period for the development of technology. An innovative approach to business and an open mind allowed the company to achieve considerable success in the field of network software.

Elon Musk uses his potential to implement the craziest projects that he does not let go of and persistently strives to make his ideas come true. Thanks to determination, he is able to achieve what for many seems impossible. How much money does Elon Musk really have? In 2021, he was in the first position on the list of the richest people in the world by Forbes magazine – his fortune is estimated at nearly $ 200 billion. How did he come to this?

Humble beginnings? Elon Musk at PayPal

At the end of the 20th century, Elon Musk founded X.com, an email payment company. In 2000, the company merged with Confinity, striving to develop the PayPal platform, which is one of the most popular forms of financial operations in the West. Elon Musk was the largest shareholder of the company, he owned over 11.5% of shares, and therefore, after buying the site by eBay (2002), he made a lot of money on the transaction.

Tesla – Elon Musk’s treasure

As one of the founders of Tesla Motors, Musk is spreading the idea of ​​protecting the environment through the proliferation of affordable electric cars. It is he who is the originator of Tesla’s business philosophy, i.e. providing ecological automotive solutions for the mass market. Thanks to the ingenuity of the design team, the first Tesla went on the road in 2012 to break through the automotive king – Porsche in 2019.

Elon Musk - Tesla
Elon Musk made the electric car a real dream come true for many people

The idea of ​​the company needed an element to drive production, which is why, at first, all-electric car models went to wealthy customers who financed research on the construction of cheaper models. Elon Musk is Chief Vehicle Architect and CEO of Tesla Motors. Undoubtedly, the innovative approach to the automotive business makes the company very successful.

One of the ideas for better functioning of the automotive industry is the introduction of electric propulsion systems for sale, thanks to which other manufacturers of means of transport may skip the stage of designing their own solutions. Does this model of enterprise functioning work? For now, it works well, and in some countries, such as Norway, due to the implementation of environmental protection programs, the government encourages citizens to use Tesla through large subsidies.

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SpaceX – Elon Musk’s rocket takes people to Mars

Elon Musk and his dreams of conquering extraterrestrial space is not only imagination – the visionary decided to revolutionize space flights and in 2002 he founded his third company, SpaceX (Space Exploration Technologies). The main idea of ​​the company is to create reliable launch rockets for means of space transport with the possible minimization of costs. Musk aims to reduce the amount of money spent on space flights by a hundred times.

Madman – this was how the entrepreneur was referred to in relation to his announcement of the colonial conquest of Mars. Unflattering opinions did not impress him much, and after the first private rocket in history was finally launched into orbit, the designers caught wind in their sails and intensified their research. SpaceX is currently working on the construction of the Starship spacecraft, which will provide the possibility of creating a permanent colony on the Red Planet.

SpaceX is undoubtedly the most spectacular undertaking of Elon Musk

Musk’s actions have been recognized by NASA. The company has entered into a $ 1.6 billion contract to carry out 12 supply flights to the International Space Station. It is worth noting that the SpaceX project made the work of the NASA team easier, because human activities in orbit (and beyond) turned out to be too expensive using existing technologies. Will Musk’s dreams save mankind? As he says, it is important to ensure the survival of humanity in the face of threats, and the colonization of other planets can be the key to success.

In addition to space travel, the SpaceX company is working on a project to expand the Starlink satellite network to provide satellite Internet connection world over. The current fleet of 1,800 machines covers the entire planned orbit area, but ultimately, in order for the network coverage to be uniform everywhere on our planet (and not only because Starlink provides a good quality connection also in airplanes), the satellite constellation will consist of at least a dozen thousand points.

The satellite Internet is supposed to make us catch the network all over the world

Internet Starlink is quite an expensive option. However, if you want to use it, a connection with a speed of 50-150 Mb / s requires about $600 for a network reception set, about $50 for the delivery of equipment and around $100 a month in the form of a subscription fee. It cannot be denied that although this form of Internet delivery is expensive, it still remains the most future-proof solution, and will provide access to the network in the farthest corner of the Earth in its full potential.

An engineer, designer, inventor – a man who constantly develops himself and starts with new technologies. How is Elon Musk changing the future? In addition to innovative automotive technologies, fulfilling mankind’s dreams of colonizing distant planets and facilitating Internet communication, Musk is working on projects that were so distant a few years ago that they are even impossible to implement. 

The Boring Company is worth attention – a company that in a modern way…digs tunnels. Not just any – they are ultimately to be used to launch future-oriented, fast urban transport. The project is carried out in the basement of Las Vegas. Connectors are to ensure relatively short distances to be moved using dedicated Tesla electric vehicles at a speed of approx. 200 km/h. The solution aimed at eliminating the transport problems of large cities is very popular in the United States and Canada. 

In addition to technologies that facilitate everyday life, the entrepreneur also invests in the latest versions of artificial intelligence. Neuralink, a company dealing with neurotechnology, has set itself the goal of creating a data carrier that, when implanted in the human brain, will allow you to control machines. Nanodevices are to ensure human safety in the use of the benefits of the new era. This huge step will positively affect our lives and will reassure those who do not trust technology.

Elon Musk and Twitter – Weapons of Mass Destruction?

Genius or madman? Certainly a man who makes dreams come true. He finds time to manage large projects and support new technologies. An inventor who surprises with his approach to science and engineering. It would seem that people of this type do not have free time for such absurd things as social media – but not in the case of Elon Musk. Although he is a serious entrepreneur and changes the world with his actions, he does not lack a sense of humor that he shares on the Internet.

He publishes posts on his Twitter, often with content that differs from his professional life. An example may be the commentary on the flat Earth theory, popular in some circles. Musk only asks one question: If there is a Flat Earth Society, why is there no Flat Mars Society? Elon Musk writes that he also supports the Concave and Hollow Earth Society, protecting himself against all eventualities.

Elon Musk - king of Twitter
Elon calls himself a Martian, if only because he plans to take people to the Red Planet

A businessman uses Twitter to conduct broadly understood marketing. His satirical approach gains many fans, which favors sales. Even when someone “accuses” Musk of living in a different space-time, he admits that he is enthusiastic about many terms, but if it were not for his faith in the rapid development of things, he would not be able to design innovative solutions. Elon Musk is often called a nerd, but his attitude in life is extremely effective – he does not pretend anything, which makes him credible.

The popularity of a businessman has a significant impact even on the economy. While Elon Musk spoke about Cyberpunk 2077, CD Projekt’s shares rose sharply. Recently, he posted a short entry on his profile, in which he describes his admiration for the artistic graphics of the game – it cannot be denied that it is impressive. Will Musk “help” Polish producers to rise to the stock exchange again?

Only Elon Musk could name his child so

Some time ago, the world knew about the new descendant of Elon Musk. There would be nothing extraordinary about it if it were not for the name chosen for the youngest son. X Æ A-12 – a name that is a mystery. Internet users immediately began to decode them, and the news about little Musk became the most popular information in the world. What does the code X Æ A-12 actually mean? The baby’s mother explains that X defines the unknown, Æ – love or artificial intelligence, while the A-12 is an Archangel model, which is “a great machine in combat, but without violence.”


Elon Musk is not only a multi-billionaire, entrepreneur and visionary. Above all, he is a strong personality who believes in the power of making dreams come true, as well as in the development of science. Thanks to his unusual approach to science, he implements newer and newer technologies, and his career is developing every year. Some call him an alien, he himself – a Martian, but this man’s character is best reflected in the words of Musk’s first wife: This is the world of Elon, and all the rest of the people just live in it.



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