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20.08.2022 01:57

eSIM card – what do you need to know about the virtual SIM card?

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eSIM card is a modern virtual solution that offers many benefits to users of smartphones, tablets and smart watches. It is comfortable and safe. What are its other advantages? Which cellular network allows you to switch to this technology?

eSIM card – what is it?

Everyone who has a mobile phone knows what a SIM card is – this necessary element of the device takes the form of a small card with a chip, and its task is to recognize the user and store data such as information about the network operator or the subscriber’s telephone number.

esim card
Source: plblog.kaspersky.com

It is well known that traditional SIM cards have evolved to take the form of ever smaller components in mobile phones. The first and largest Mini SIM cards were replaced by Micro SIM, and these in turn gained their successor – Nano SIM. The latest version of the module, however, is eSIM – a virtual SIM card that has no physical form.

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Traditional SIM cards and eSIM cards – basic differences

This service was presented in 2016, but this technology was not introduced by all mobile network operators at once. How does the eSIM work and how does it differ from a traditional chip? First of all , this type of module is only available in digital form – the user does not have to add any additional elements to the device. It is enough for him to download a virtual card and save it on his smartphone with a built-in module intended for this purpose.

eSIM card – advantages and where can it be activated?

To use a virtual card with an operator offering this service, you must have a compatible device. Older models of smartphones or tablets will not be able to handle this technology. The equipment must have a special module built in that is able to save the downloaded digital version of the SIM card.

The first manufacturer to introduce devices that supported the eSIM card to the market was Apple. IPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR owners could already get support. Other brands offering modern smartphones, tablets and smartwatches are successively implementing appropriate modules for their products.


Modern eSIM technology offers users many benefits. Subscribers can, inter alia, use the solution of a second card with the same number. People who have two devices at the same time do not have to choose separate, physical cards. If at least one of the devices is compatible with eSIM, you can activate an additional virtual card with the same number.

The eSIM virtual card is an ecological solution – you do not need plastic to create it. The eSIM card also provides protection for the user – it makes it easier to locate the smartphone in the event of loss or theft, and a thief will not be able to remove it from the device as easily as a standard card. A PIN would be needed for that, and this one is known only to the subscriber.

How to purchase and install an eSIM card?

Activating the eSIM card is not complicated. It is not even necessary to visit the salon of the mobile operator – just use the mobile service. Typically, the provider sends the user a QR code that needs to be scanned from the phone’s settings. You can also activate the virtual card manually by entering the activation code provided by the operator. After registration, the subscriber can use the network as if he had a traditional SIM card in his device.

ESIM card - from mini-sim to eSIM
Over the years, SIM cards have been getting smaller and finally disappear – eSIM is a module built into the smartphone

The eSIM card provides convenience especially to those users who use several devices at the same time. Thanks to innovative technology, this solution ensures safety and comfort in everyday duties.



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