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28.07.2022 03:13

HAARP – what is it and how does it work? History, destiny and secrets related to HAARP


The HAARP project has been an object of both interest and controversy continuously for 30 years. What is this program about and is it really as mysterious as it might seem?

What is HAARP – the most important information

The HAARP project (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) is a research program initiated in the early 1990s. It was created as a result of collaboration between the Air Force, the United States, the Navy and scientists from the University of Alaska in Fairbanks, supported by DARPA. BAE Systems is responsible for building the infrastructure of the main research center. The aim of the program was to study the processes taking place in the ionosphere.

HAARP installations in Alaska | Source: af.mil

The program was approved in 1990, and the construction of the first station facilities near the town of Gakona in Alaska officially began in 1993. In 2014, it was decided to close the project, but a year later it was decided to continue it under the supervision of the University of Alaska in Fairbanks. In 2021, the facility is still operational and scientists can officially use it.

What technology does the HAARP program use?

180 radio antennas were deployed at a research facility in Alaska, covering an area of ​​12-15 hectares. They make up the most important element of the facility infrastructure, which is the IRI transmitter. It emits radiation with a net power of 3.6 MW, and the frequencies in which it can transmit are in the range from 2.7 to 10 MHz. It energizes (heats) the ionosphere in a spot, and the waves received from this process provide information about the properties of the analyzed area.

On board the station in Alaska, we can also find many other devices whose task is to provide additional information on the observed effects of energizing the ionosphere.

The mission of the High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program – what exactly is the HAARP project investigating?

HAARP is one of the most important research centers dealing with the topic of the ionosphere. The research carried out there mainly concerns the basic properties of this layer, which is a kind of boundary between the Earth’s atmosphere and the vacuum of outer space. Scientists observe how signals emitted from the Alaska facility behave in the ionosphere and how these waves are influenced by the conditions prevailing in it, constantly changing dynamically.

Within the framework of HAARP, how geomagnetic storms and solar flares flow into the ionosphere. The facility’s infrastructure was also used in work on projects related to the imaging of structures below the earth’s surface. An example of using HAARP to improve military technologies can be the improvement of communication with a fleet of submarines, within which radio signals of various frequencies were sent over very long distances.


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In 2005, the media circulated information according to which a group of scientists created artificial aurorae. The researchers working under the HAARP program were responsible for this remarkable achievement. To this day, it is considered one of the greatest successes of the program.

Conspiracy theories around HAARP

HAARP has been the subject of numerous conspiracy theories for years. The popularity of viewing the program in this way is influenced by many factors, including the initial secrecy of the entire undertaking, the involvement of US military forces in it, or the use of experimental technology within it.

It is difficult to find convincing evidence to support these sometimes very exotic-sounding theses, but conspiracy hunters are not prevented from venting their creativity. Here are the most popular and bizarre conspiracy theories that have grown up around the project.

Weapons of the world government

Hunters of conspiracies see HAARP as the cause of all sorts of catastrophes, in the eyes of some it even becomes an omnipotent machine that would help an organized group of the most influential people in the world (the world government) in taking control of the globe. For this reason, they often refer to the IRI as a weapon.

HAARP antennas
The grid of antennas located near the city of Gakona covers 40 ares | Source: news.uaf.edu

Weather control

The most popular HAARP census theories revolve around the subject of remote weather control. The technology used in the project would be able to influence atmospheric and seismic phenomena, and thus be able to cause various natural disasters, such as hurricanes, tsunamis, floods, droughts and earthquakes.

Why would the programmers want to do this? The supporters of the theory offer various explanations, one of the most frequent is the view that the HAARP program should be about preventing certain regions of the world from gaining independence from the United States by causing natural disasters that effectively weaken, inter alia, economic development.

A common reason for claiming that HAARP is responsible for a given situation is also misunderstanding or ignorance of rare but natural phenomena. For example, the interference of program technology has been seen in rows of thin, regular stripes of clouds appearing in the sky from time to time (in fact, this phenomenon is due to the action of atmospheric gravitational waves).

Influence on the human psyche

Another conspiracy theory assumes the possibility of influencing the waves emitted by the device on the minds of people. In this way, project managers would remotely control the brains of individuals, instilling in their heads, for example, a desire to buy an item or specific political and social views. Military centers with HAARP technology enriched with such “functionality” would also use it to issue orders to enemy troops or to otherwise cause confusion in their ranks.

Some even saw in HAARP…the causes of politicians’ stupidity. The waves emitted by the devices were to significantly weaken the intellectual powers of state leaders. In this way, it was to lull them into obedience to the US, world government, or any other force that wields this powerful technology.

Effects on the Human Body

Some conspiracy hunters go a step further and claim that the emitted waves can have a direct, observable and most often harmful effect on the human body. The activities of the program were seen as the causes of various diseases in previously healthy people – the project was to be responsible for the entire spectrum of ailments, from periodic migraines to cancer.

According to some, HAARP was also supposed to be the source of the phenomenon known as The Hum (“Noise”). Victims experiencing The Hum report that their hearing constantly or frequently registers a low, sustained sound, described as a buzzing, ringing, or just humming. Many people were prone to associate the phenomenon with HAARP, claiming that the sounds came from the waves emitted from 180 antennas. Meanwhile, hearing noise can be explained by many reasons, from neurological disorders to the sounds of industrial machinery operating near the affected person’s place of residence.

Is HAARP really that mysterious?

Proponents of conspiracy theories related to the program often refer to the alleged inaccessibility of data on HAARP and the urgent protection of project details by the people and institutions involved. This picture, however, is completely untrue. The discoveries and research carried out with the use of the facility’s infrastructure have been and are widely described in various journals and scientific papers.

The facility is open to visitors once a year as part of an open day. The antennas and other on-site infrastructure can also be used by researchers not involved in the program. The Institute is open to new opportunities for cooperation, it also encourages people to submit proposals for new experiments.

Main picture source: wikipedia.org



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