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02.09.2022 19:20

How to quickly send a large file? Step-by-Step File Transfer Over the Internet

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Oftentimes you need to upload a large file? You do not know how to quickly share large-size materials for free over the Internet? We present the most popular of them and explain step by step how to upload a file that takes up a lot of space.

How do I upload a large file for free?

There are several ways to transfer a data file that takes up a lot of space. There are free sites that offer an online content sharing service. Many of them allow not only to efficiently send the file, but also to download it quickly, which undoubtedly becomes a plus when the time of data transfer is important to you.

In addition to online services, the function of which is limited only to fast data transfer, they are also popular internet cloud solutions. These are the so-called virtual disks where you can put files of various types, such as photos, text files, spreadsheets, videos and even programs.

How to quickly upload a file - cloud
The Internet offers many tools for transferring files

Platforms that offer a data storage service on external servers have free plans. After registering your account, you can put files there that you want to share. Then, the person who is going to pick up the file should have access to your disk.

Most often, file sharing in the cloud is done by generating an access link. The user who comes into possession of such a link may view and download files from the disk. Access to a given cloud can be set from the administrator level by creating an account for a selected user – then the link will not be needed. As the administrator of your cloud, you choose the people who can use the selected files.

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Coming back to online platforms that offer data transfer, it should be noted that their important feature is their short-term nature. The files you share through them are available for a maximum of a few days. Virtual drives allow you to store files much longer – they are stored on a given server and do not disappear from it for the entire duration of the subscription or until you delete them – as in the case of free clouds.


Basic information about fast file transfer

Fast online data transfer is a service used by millions of Internet users. Why were platforms created that allow the transfer of large files, since they are usually used for this purpose Internet mail? Unfortunately, many popular mailboxes in the free version allow you to send files up to about 25 MB.

Hence the need to create tools that will enable free sending of large attachments. Gmail, when trying to send more data, automatically asks whether to save the file to a virtual drive and share it with the selected person. The use of this type of solution, however, involves taking up space in the cloud. To avoid this problem, platforms have been created through which we transfer the selected file without saving it.

Online data transfer programs offer free packages that allow you to transfer files at a fairly high speed. We are talking about a transfer speed of 5 MB / s. Some applications allow you to transfer files as fast as 15 MB / s. And how large attachments can we send for free?

In the free packages offered by operators, you have the option to send from 2 to 7 GB. The files you share using the data transfer service will be available for download for a maximum of one week. If you need more transfer, you can use the available subscriptions.

File transfer – how to do it? Brief step-by-step instructions on how to transfer a large file

Most fast online file transfer applications work similarly. Sharing files is easy, usually without the need to create a new user account. This is a big plus, considering the fact that cloud computing, while having similar functions, often requires user registration.

To send an attachment, go to the website of the selected operator. There you will find a short form that looks similar regardless of the selected program. First select Add File. Select the content you want to share. After adding your attachments, complete the data.

You should enter the email address of the recipient of your message with the attachment and your e-mail address. You can also set an access password – remember to send it to the recipient via a different path than by email, for greater data security.

file transfer
Thanks to services that allow you to send files, we can also transfer data to and from the phone

In some programs, you can select the option of automatic file shredding after delivering it to the addressee. There is also a function that allows you to select the length of time the file is stored on the server. As a rule, it is a maximum of 7 days, so you do not have to worry that your private data will be stored on the virtual server.

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If necessary, enter a text message in your attachments. It really looks similar to the compose new email interface, so don’t worry – you’ll definitely handle it. When completing the operation, click Transfer and wait for the program to send your message.

The Best Sites for Transferring Files

You can find many sites on the web that allow you to transfer files quickly. If you want to send a large-size document to someone, use one of our proposals – we have selected the best online file transfer programs in terms of transfer speed and available options.


The portal offers free file transfer up to 5 GB. You choose the time of storing files on the server yourself, but there is also an option that allows you to destroy the file – deleting it from the server as soon as it is downloaded by the recipient (or several recipients, depending on whether you send the file to one person or many ). The download speed is up to 15 MB/s.


WeTransfer is a popular online data transfer platform. In the free program, you can send a file up to 2 GB. The process of sending a file is similar to writing an email with an attachment. The transfer speed of this operator is approx. 4.5 MB/s.


The TransferNow website allows you to transfer files up to 5 GB for free. If you need to send more, you can use a transfer of up to 50 GB in the Premium package. The transfer speed here reaches 5 MB/s.

BlueCloud Pro The BlueCloud

Pro cloud is a place where you can store files or use from within the website free transfer up to 7 GB with a transfer speed of approx. 5 MB/s. If you are interested in using a virtual disk, you will pay for plans from 100 to 500 GB of memory.

This is a good option if you need extra space for your files and you share them frequently with other people. Clouds are great for companies when working remotely, but also when your company works with the client on different files. This will save you space on your PC, and thus the money that you would spend on additional disks for storing liquid data.


How do I send a large file by email? What to attach?

If you do not want to use the services of portals dedicated to data transfer, you can also check how to send a large file by email. To make it possible, the selected attachment must be compressed before being added to the message. Such a procedure will reduce its size and it will be possible to send the file using the standard one email box.

File compression is also useful when we have a lot of attachments to send, e.g. photos or documents. Such materials are merged into one folder, which takes up less space than files attached to messages separately. You will need a data compression program to do this. A popular choice is the free 7-Zip.

How to quickly send a large file - e-mail
Sending large files via e-mail is often difficult

After installing the appropriate version of the program (32- or 64-bit version, depending on the system), select the files in Windows explorer and from the context menu, select the 7-Zip tab, then click Add to archive. The program creates a new folder with the files selected by you.

An important and useful feature of 7-Zip is the ability to set a password to access files. After selecting the Add to archive, the task window will appear. To set an access code, find the Encryption – enter the selected string of characters and confirm its use. You can also select an additional encryption method: ZipCrypto or AES-256.

After these steps, you can add a smaller data file to the email. To maintain the security of access to documents, make sure that the password is sent to the recipient through another information channel, for example by phone. Thanks to this, your files will not fall into the wrong hands.

Sharing large files can seem problematic if you don’t know what tools to use to facilitate the process. We have introduced you to a lot of possibilities for free file transfer. Now you can make the best choice for you and enjoy the quick sharing of data with your friends or employees of your company.


Remember that online file transfer is a safe choice – files are quickly deleted from external servers and you can additionally protect them with a password. Using this type of solution is really simple and makes your work easier. Find out how easy it is to share files and try our options.



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