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03.06.2022 15:47

What is YouTube Vanced? Is Vanced the best way to watch YouTube content?

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YouTube Vanced is the way to watch YouTube content in the background! How does YouTube Vanced work and can it replace YouTube Premium? What features does the mobile app offer? Learn more about the pros and cons of this app.

What is YouTube Vanced?

YouTube Vanced is a mobile application that is a modified version of the popular music and video playback service – YouTube. Users of the original YouTube application can use the services offered for free with unlimited access to the media library, but only premium users with paid subscription can listen to background music without ads. YouTube Vanced provides similar functionalities for free.

youtube vanced
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YouTube Vanced is not an official application available on the Google Play Store, and was created thanks to the work of Team Vanced developers. The team developed a free alternative to YouTube, ad-free and background playback for Android systems available for download from their official website. To use the enhanced version of YouTube is legal as the app only renders the library via the YouTube API, providing users with more useful features.

Ad blocking, background music, and other YouTube Vanced features

What makes YouTube Vanced different from the basic version of YouTube available on the Google Play Store? The biggest advantage is the ability to listen to your favorite songs after minimizing the application to the notification bar. The music can be listened to in the background also during the preview (PIP), as well as after locking the screen of the phone or tablet. A great convenience is the ability to block all ads appearing between successive songs, as well as during them – a feature called AdGuard. Users of the original YouTube app don’t have the option to disable nuisance ads (except, of course, with a Premium subscription). The only way to get rid of ads for free is to install AdBlock in your web browser, but it does not solve the problem with the application.

Youtube Vanced Features
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YouTube Vanced users can set the background color of the application, as well as enable HDR mode which is responsible for a more realistic image while watching a video. On the plus side, you can set the maximum image resolution and adjust the volume and brightness by sliding your finger across the screen. With gesture control, you can also enlarge the size of the player to fill the entire screen.

Vanced – a way to YouTube on phones without Google services?

YouTube Vanced works without agreement with Google services, so you won’t find it in the Google Play Store, however Team Vanced has found a way to easily install the enhanced version of YT and take advantage of its additional features. This is a great alternative for people who completely abandon Google services in favor of other Android-based programs. Some users choose this option also due to the longer battery life, as well as greater security of their data. The YouTube Vanced application was created for such people and all those who do not like advertising and want to listen to music while performing other activities for free.

YouTube without Google services
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If you want to use your Google account on YouTube Vanced, it is also possible. For this purpose, before the proper installation of the application, it is enough to download the MicroG application, which allows for the systems that do not support Google services to operate freely. Installing this app will allow you to use applications that require Google profile confirmation. In the settings, find the YouTube application, uninstall the last update, and then turn off the application. Now you can start the YouTube Vanced installation process.


YouTube Vanced – where to download and how to install?

The installation process of the YouTube Vanced application has been simplified since the release. The Vanced Manager was created, which will help you install two apps – MicroG and YouTube Vanced. If you want to have the application outside of the Google Play Store, download the Vanced Manager Apk. When installing APK files for the first time, you need to change the settings for permission to install from unknown sources. This change varies depending on the version of Android on the mobile device. If you are using Android 7.0 or earlier, go to the device settings panel, select Security, find application sources and activate them. After selecting the downloaded APK file, a settings window will appear. You will need to allow the installation of apps from this source, and then follow the Vanced Manager installation.

Launch the Vanced Manager app and the first screen will show you two installation options – MicroG and YouTube Vanced. Start with the first application. For devices with Android 8.0 or later, again confirm installations from an unknown source. Once done, go to the YouTube Vanced installation, and when the process is complete, select your language and theme color on the screen. That’s it, you can now enjoy YouTube Vanced on your device!

Opinions about the application – is it worth using YouTube Vanced?

The YouTube Vanced application has become a great discovery of Internet users who were looking for a way to get rid of intrusive ads while using the most popular music service. Accessibility, despite the lack of Google services, is often perceived as one of the advantages – the user does not have to log in, thanks to which the viewed video materials do not appear in the history of his Google account.

However, if you care about all the functionalities of the application, and at the same time you want to have quick access to your favorite songs and suggested songs, additionally download MicroG. With this method of installation, you can log in with your Google profile, which allows you to use YouTube Vanced in accordance with your preferences.

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Is YouTube Vanced the best way to listen to music and watch videos? Certainly, not everyone will be convinced by the demanding installation method, but this proposal is an interesting alternative to YouTube Premium and it’s free of charge. What’s your opinion on the subject? Share with us in the comment!

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